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Reply #7: geraldo is holding up babys and yelling at the camera. [View All]

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skiptomidew Donating Member (19 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Sep-02-05 11:10 PM
Response to Reply #2
7. geraldo is holding up babys and yelling at the camera.
Shepard says they are locked in the center and they won't let em walk out to the end of the bridge where they have hope. He is yelling at hannity now that that is PERSPECTIVE!! They are locked in here and the government won't let em go.

This is all F@cked up.
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  -WOW, I was at friends and Faux was on. skiptomidew  Sep-02-05 11:02 PM   #0 
  - I heard that somewhere else on TV.  aquart   Sep-02-05 11:05 PM   #1 
  - I donated to the Red Cross and I'm getting pretty pissed  ccbombs   Sep-02-05 11:05 PM   #2 
  - geraldo is holding up babys and yelling at the camera.  skiptomidew   Sep-02-05 11:10 PM   #7 
  - Hi skiptomidew!!  newyawker99   Sep-03-05 08:14 AM   #34 
  - Molloy just said Red Cross was kept out of N.O.  bbgrunt   Sep-02-05 11:12 PM   #8 
  - OMG, AFRAID they WOULDN'T evacuate??? What BS  Sugarbleus   Sep-02-05 11:27 PM   #22 
  - Check this  achtung_circus   Sep-02-05 11:13 PM   #10 
  - I am proud of the Red Cross for making this public.  mom cat   Sep-02-05 11:17 PM   #14 
  - More links here  Eloriel   Sep-02-05 11:26 PM   #20 
  - Ok I feel better now about the Red Cross and that much more pissed  ccbombs   Sep-02-05 11:26 PM   #21 
  - Here is the reason they were not in NO, by order of Homeland  Spazito   Sep-02-05 11:13 PM   #11 
  - See, I know people who work for the Red Cross  ccbombs   Sep-02-05 11:29 PM   #24 
     - I couldn't figure out where all the concern about the Red Cross  Spazito   Sep-03-05 08:24 AM   #35 
  - The claim is that Homeland Security wouldn't let the Red Cross into NO  txindy   Sep-02-05 11:13 PM   #12 
  - You've hit on something I've been worried about..RED CROSS  Sugarbleus   Sep-02-05 11:22 PM   #17 
     - Addendum: I read other posts and now I get it...  Sugarbleus   Sep-02-05 11:32 PM   #25 
     - Here are a couple of alternatives:  Eloriel   Sep-02-05 11:37 PM   #29 
        - Thanks much Eloriel.... eom..  Sugarbleus   Sep-03-05 01:50 AM   #33 
  - I just heard the audio of Shep Smith shouting down Hannity.  quiet.american   Sep-02-05 11:07 PM   #3 
  - Do you have that link?  nytemare   Sep-02-05 11:08 PM   #5 
  - Just checked back in to the board ---  quiet.american   Sep-03-05 01:38 AM   #32 
  - Would you mind sending me a link of that?  gatorboy   Sep-02-05 11:12 PM   #9 
     - Listen to Mike Malloy's archive at the White Rose Society  Swamp Rat   Sep-02-05 11:23 PM   #18 
  - Welcome to DU, Skiptomidew!  nytemare   Sep-02-05 11:07 PM   #4 
  - Amazing how when people deal with people, one on one...  spuddonna   Sep-02-05 11:08 PM   #6 
  - Thanks all for the nice welcome.  skiptomidew   Sep-02-05 11:14 PM   #13 
     - Sorry I don't have a link.  skiptomidew   Sep-02-05 11:18 PM   #15 
     - Yeah, I heard that earlier and thought I should look out...  spuddonna   Sep-02-05 11:20 PM   #16 
        - LOL  skiptomidew   Sep-02-05 11:25 PM   #19 
           - I believe it...  spuddonna   Sep-02-05 11:35 PM   #27 
  - welcome to DU skiptomidew - and here's a link for ya...  bpilgrim   Sep-02-05 11:28 PM   #23 
  - I just saw this myself.. Crooks and Liars has the clip  walldude   Sep-02-05 11:33 PM   #26 
  - They've had VIP flights today -- pulled a Spanish diplomat out of the  Ms. Clio   Sep-02-05 11:37 PM   #28 
  - Supreme Court Justice? Who's that? Scalia?  TheDebbieDee   Sep-02-05 11:57 PM   #30 
     - no, must have been state supreme court  Ms. Clio   Sep-03-05 12:01 AM   #31 
  - Video at crooksandliars  crispini   Sep-03-05 08:56 AM   #36 

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