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Lecky Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-12-05 06:08 PM
Response to Original message
45. ...but I am angry
Edited on Sun Jun-12-05 06:15 PM by Lecky
Not at individual DU members but at the fact we can't seem to come together on what's important.

It's disgusting to me that we have let the GOP walk all over this nation. Do any of you for one second think that the republican voters are going to hold their party accountable? I have republican friends who just shrug off the war in Iraq even when they admit to me that it probably wasn't a good idea.

The only group that is going to fight the GOP fascists is US! All this "well...Dean should have said blah blah blah", you guys don't get it! Republicans bash the democrats over and over, they spread lies and we sit down and take it. Dean just said "republicans are pretty much white Christians"...which is the TRUTH. That's all the republican party cares about! Dean used to be a republican and IS A WHITE CHRISTIAN, the man knows who he's dealing with. I can understand his frustration and anger and I'm sick of the "polite police" pooping all over our party.

If we don't end the petty bickering we will lose focus...then we might as well just hand over the next elections to the republicans. If you are going to fight about this crap then who do YOU represent? I am a democrat b/c we are NOT a selfish party, we cater to everyone...yes, even the white Christians!

I know I'm pretty new here so sorry for the rant but I just wish everyone would wake up and see what's really happening before our eyes. The few democratic "leaders" in DC are not helping either, meanwhile republicans are using THAT against us. I wish this country wasn't so extremely polarized I really do, fact is that it IS and not in our favor!

Do you think we can really win this fight with love and tolerance, especially when the rethugs just use it against us to further their support? Has anything ever been won in this country w/o fighting for it?

EDIT: I'll shut up now, b/c I just realized we were talking about tasers and I feel like an idiot LOL.
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  -DU members....Please Stop the Hate! liberalnurse  Jun-12-05 05:30 PM   #0 
  - I hate you  Mitt Chovick   Jun-12-05 05:32 PM   #1 
  - I love to laugh!!!!  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 05:34 PM   #4 
     - Laughter is the best medicine  Mitt Chovick   Jun-12-05 05:35 PM   #5 
  - Very well said n/t  whatgives   Jun-12-05 05:33 PM   #2 
  - Great post, libnurse!  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 05:33 PM   #3 
  - I'm still at work, and have to run out  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 05:36 PM   #6 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 05:36 PM   #7 
  - Ha!  converted_democrat   Jun-12-05 05:48 PM   #20 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 05:52 PM   #26 
        - Ha!!! I'm just lucky I got to see it before it was removed! Thank you for  converted_democrat   Jun-12-05 05:56 PM   #29 
        - I saw it, too.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 05:56 PM   #31 
           - It was *******, ***** ***** **********  Tom Yossarian Joad   Jun-12-05 06:00 PM   #34 
              - It was pitiful. That's what it was.  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #58 
                 - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 06:18 PM   #75 
                    - The subject of your posts today have embarrassed me as a...  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 06:28 PM   #96 
        - I have yet to see a post before it gets deleted  kliljedahl   Jun-12-05 06:18 PM   #77 
  - this is the interent...... i hear what you are saying  seabeyond   Jun-12-05 05:36 PM   #8 
  - What's up with you, you grouchy old bitch!  kliljedahl   Jun-12-05 05:36 PM   #9 
  - Oh, you know me sooo well....  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:05 PM   #41 
  - Between ourselves I agree,  four more wars   Jun-12-05 05:37 PM   #10 
  - I remember a thread with you quite a while back  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 05:38 PM   #11 
  - Yea, one of the nastiest replies I've ever received is from LiberalNurse..  converted_democrat   Jun-12-05 05:51 PM   #23 
  - I remember that now.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 05:52 PM   #24 
  - No trigger was needed  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:17 PM   #72 
     - I did?  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:19 PM   #78 
  - Likewise, I'm afraid  Bluebear   Jun-12-05 06:10 PM   #51 
  - No, I'm not a psyche nurse  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:07 PM   #44 
     - I'm only smouldering from the tasering I've been receiving.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:11 PM   #53 
        - That's good!  XanaDUer   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #57 
        - BB, we've gotten into it before  buddyhollysghost   Jun-12-05 06:13 PM   #60 
        - OUCH STOP IT!!  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:14 PM   #63 
           - Best news I've had all day, BB  buddyhollysghost   Jun-12-05 06:15 PM   #65 
        - Ha,,,,,,,,,,  converted_democrat   Jun-12-05 06:21 PM   # 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 05:38 PM   #12 
  - Doesn't That Cat Ever Get Enough Beer? It Must Have A Hollow Leg  cryingshame   Jun-12-05 05:40 PM   #13 
  - You should see  OldLeftieLawyer   Jun-12-05 05:41 PM   #14 
  - Is that a joke? n/t  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 05:43 PM   #15 
     - Oy,,,,,,,,,,,,  OldLeftieLawyer   Jun-12-05 06:02 PM   #38 
        - No joking allowed  buddyhollysghost   Jun-12-05 06:14 PM   #64 
           - What?  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:23 PM   #88 
  - And you would be critical of which republican policies  cornermouse   Jun-12-05 05:44 PM   #16 
  - What? I am confused  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 05:47 PM   #19 
  - Huh? n/t  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 05:49 PM   #21 
     - To Uppity and Tx_Dem  cornermouse   Jun-12-05 06:01 PM   #35 
        - Yes....everyone must be questioned.  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #56 
           - No. I've had a rather nasty encounter with her also.  cornermouse   Jun-12-05 06:18 PM   #73 
              - I don't know her that well, so I'm not bringing anything personal into  tx_dem41   Jun-12-05 06:20 PM   #80 
              - Try the ignore control....  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:24 PM   #91 
                 - wow  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 06:26 PM   #93 
                    - ...  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:26 PM   #95 
  - Whah,...I can't HATE the BushCO/neoCON cabal?  Just Me   Jun-12-05 05:46 PM   #17 
  - Hate is in the heart of the beholder  sweetheart   Jun-12-05 05:47 PM   #18 
  - taser the haters!  KG   Jun-12-05 05:49 PM   #22 
  - YEAH!!! TASER 'EM!!!  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 05:52 PM   #25 
  - Yup. The younger or older, the better!  XanaDUer   Jun-12-05 05:54 PM   #28 
  - delete  merh   Jun-12-05 05:56 PM   #30 
  - But police officers  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 05:58 PM   #33 
     - I understand.  merh   Jun-12-05 06:01 PM   #36 
  - You make my case clear to all  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   # 
     - Yeah. Right.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #59 
  - I thought everyone just hated me  OhioBlues   Jun-12-05 05:53 PM   #27 
  - malicious intent  Rich Hunt   Jun-12-05 05:58 PM   #32 
  - Are you Mike's brother?  kliljedahl   Jun-12-05 06:02 PM   #37 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 06:03 PM   #39 
  - WTF are you two talking about?  Just Me   Jun-12-05 06:09 PM   #47 
     - Look at my post.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:10 PM   #48 
  - LOL  Tom Yossarian Joad   Jun-12-05 06:06 PM   #43 
  - why yes  Rich Hunt   Jun-12-05 06:24 PM   #90 
  - There is open "malicious intent" and covert maliciousness.  Just Me   Jun-12-05 06:04 PM   #40 
  - yep  Rich Hunt   Jun-12-05 06:10 PM   #50 
  - Well spoken....  liberalnurse   Jun-12-05 06:20 PM   #84 
  - respect me in the morning  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 06:05 PM   #42 
  - ...but I am angry  Lecky   Jun-12-05 06:08 PM   #45 
  - I don't think she's angry about that.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #55 
     - I am a moron  Lecky   Jun-12-05 06:16 PM   #69 
        - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:18 PM   #74 
  - Best just to ignore certain people....  SouthernDem2004   Jun-12-05 06:08 PM   #46 
  - I agree  Rich Hunt   Jun-12-05 06:14 PM   #62 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 06:10 PM   #49 
  - You shall not disagree with LN....  Tom Yossarian Joad   Jun-12-05 06:16 PM   #67 
  - Or I'll taser you!  leesa   Jun-12-05 06:10 PM   #52 
  - Such dark humor,  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:13 PM   #61 
  - ZZZZZT!  Bluebear   Jun-12-05 06:12 PM   #54 
  - Ha!!!!  converted_democrat   Jun-12-05 06:16 PM   #70 
  - someone found "alert", countdown to locking  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 06:16 PM   #66 
  - I have long been an advocate for civility  salin   Jun-12-05 06:16 PM   #68 
  - Pot, meet kettle  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 06:19 PM   #79 
  - Good post.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:20 PM   #81 
     - tried to practice what I am preaching  salin   Jun-12-05 06:26 PM   #94 
  - Kum Ba Yah m'Lord, Kum ba....  Bluebear   Jun-12-05 06:17 PM   #71 
  - Would you STOP TASERING PEOPLE!!!  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:20 PM   #83 
     - It's being done with a lot of love though.  Bluebear   Jun-12-05 06:21 PM   #85 
        - Your kind of love hurts.  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:22 PM   #87 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-12-05 06:18 PM   #76 
  - I don't know.....  Tom Yossarian Joad   Jun-12-05 06:20 PM   #82 
  - I think you get a PM from one of the admins  Bouncy Ball   Jun-12-05 06:21 PM   #86 
  - I think you get a personal message from the moderators first  uppityperson   Jun-12-05 06:23 PM   #89 
  - All Republicans should be Tazered immediately  Joey Liberal   Jun-12-05 06:26 PM   #92 
  - Locking.  Moderator   Jun-12-05 06:29 PM   #97 

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