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Reply #1: Bin Laden & Bush Business (A Kick for Future History) [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-21-03 08:26 AM
Response to Original message
1. Bin Laden & Bush Business (A Kick for Future History)
Strange no one seems to want to talk about an important issue directly addressing 9-11 and the Bush Organized Crime Family. It's no onder why, since its successful prosecution will involve the work of my horse, the candidate with the credentials to bust the BFEE. Octafish

Bush & Bin Laden George W. Bush Had Ties to Billionaire bin Laden Brood

The unexplained death of Salem, Osama bin Laden's oldest brother, in 1988, brought to an abrupt end a long and intriguing relationship between President Bush and the head of the bin Laden family fortune.

By Roger Miller

The world now associates the bin Laden name with Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect be hind the terror atrocities of Sept. 11. As President George W. Bush leads an intense international manhunt for Osama, few Americans realize that Osama's eldest brother, Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners.

A photograph from 1971 has surfaced and been printed in English papers showing Osama, age 14, and his brother Salem, age 19, enjoying a summer holiday at the Astoria Hotel in Falun, Sweden. Christina Akerblad, the hotel owner, told the Daily Mail, "They were beautiful boys, so elegantly dressed. Everybody loved them."

Osama embraced Islamic fundamentalism and is now the world's most wanted man. "Salem went on to become a business partner of the man who is leading the hunt for his brother," the Daily Mail's Peter Allen said. "In the 1970s, he and George W. Bush were founders of the Arbusto Energy oil company in Mr. Bush's home state of Texas."

President Bush and the bin Laden family have been connected through dubious business deals since 1977, when Salem, the head of the bin Laden family business, one of the biggest construction companies in the world, invested in Bush's start-up oil company, Arbusto Energy, Inc.

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  -Kissinger & BCCI spells BUSH & 9-11 Octafish  Sep-20-03 11:48 PM   #0 
  - Bin Laden & Bush Business (A Kick for Future History)  Octafish   Sep-21-03 08:26 AM   #1 
  - BCCI opens a can of  Minstrel Boy   Sep-21-03 08:49 AM   #2 
     - Looting S&Ls was a revenue source for BFEE  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:16 AM   #4 
  - one word -- Octopus  protect freedom impeach bush n   Sep-21-03 08:53 AM   #3 
  - I'll never forget Danny Casolaro or his work.  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:22 AM   #6 
     - More from "The Outlaw Bank"  Aries   Sep-21-03 09:58 AM   #10 
        - BCCI gives us the means to bust BUSH and BFEE!  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:22 PM   #12 
        - Understanding that they might be one step ahead at certain times  nolabels   Sep-22-03 01:26 AM   #24 
        - I'll never forget reading of his death in The Washington Post  cosmicdot   Sep-21-03 10:33 PM   #18 
           - Jack Brooks investigated Inslaw/PROMIS.  Octafish   Sep-22-03 01:13 AM   #23 
           - Jim Keith wrote about CasolaroOctopus and died ...  Octafish   Sep-22-03 10:40 PM   #29 
  - Never mind Kissinger Associates  MetaTrope   Sep-21-03 09:20 AM   #5 
  - AIG is big money.  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:30 AM   #7 
     - Both Greenberg and Kissinger sit at the top of The Nixon Center  cosmicdot   Sep-21-03 10:25 PM   #17 
  - I am still sure many people don't know how much this guy has to....  nolabels   Sep-21-03 09:33 AM   #8 
  - Soros is a player.  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:42 AM   #9 
     - A little note though, you cannot always follow the money  nolabels   Sep-21-03 10:02 AM   #11 
     - Kerry, Ollie North, and Drugs ... through BCCI  Octafish   Sep-21-03 09:34 PM   #13 
     - in March 2001, I did a short research piece for  cosmicdot   Sep-21-03 10:09 PM   #15 
        - Great work, cosmicdot! Much, much obliged.  Octafish   Sep-22-03 01:05 AM   #21 
  - KICK for Octafish!  catzies   Sep-21-03 09:54 PM   #14 
  - BCCI is the tip of just ONE tentacle!  Octafish   Sep-22-03 12:59 AM   #20 
  - Kissinger and Associates  9215   Sep-21-03 10:13 PM   #16 
  - Oil business as usual for the connected and greased...  Octafish   Sep-22-03 09:08 AM   #25 
     - In essence, the setup for the dismantling of Saddam  nolabels   Sep-22-03 12:14 PM   #28 
  - Never Forget  proud patriot   Sep-21-03 10:35 PM   #19 
  - Yes we CAN!  Octafish   Sep-22-03 01:09 AM   #22 
  - The BCCI-bin Mahfouz-bin Laden Intelligence Nexus  Minstrel Boy   Sep-22-03 09:36 AM   #26 
  - When it comes to Nixon's "Texans," Peter Dale Scott is the man.  Octafish   Sep-22-03 10:53 PM   #31 
  - Tentacles: BAe and BCCI affiliate First National Bank of Washington  bobthedrummer   Sep-22-03 11:26 AM   #27 
  - UK-US Sphere of Influence  Octafish   Sep-22-03 11:10 PM   #32 
  - marvelous, octafish  frank frankly   Sep-22-03 10:49 PM   #30 
     - It's a "Free" university course, like Eloriel said...  Octafish   Sep-22-03 11:17 PM   #33 

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