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Reply #64: If America did not participate in WWI and WWII the globe would be run [View All]

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AP Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-25-05 11:32 PM
Response to Reply #61
64. If America did not participate in WWI and WWII the globe would be run
by fascists. Perhaps there'd be no war bringing it to America, but there would have been a great deal of misery, and perhaps death in resisting it after it was imposed.

Thousands of people died in the Philipines after America's imperialist war ended because people generally don't like to work hard (or not work at all) in order to make wealthy people thousands of miles away even wealthier.

Pacifism and isolationism have a huge cost. Make no mistake: I do not think Iraq was a war of liberation or a war to replace facism with democracy. But I think it's pretty clear what would have happened had the US not participated in WWI and WW2.

If America's views that it's enforcing is that genocidal, imperialist fascism is bad, I can't tell you how down I am with that, because, in WW2, it was not going to stop at America's borders if we listened to Prescott Bush's plea for isolationism. With isolationism, it was either going to come by way of the military, or it was going to come by way of political change, and either way, it would have been brutal.

Have you read Philip Roth's book about what might have happened if FDR lost to Lindbergh and America became fascist after WW2? I haven't finished it yet, but I presume this is a book about how, if you don't fight fascism, it will come, and in this book, it is through politics. And I suspect it is not going to work out well. Please tell me that pacifism isn't such a high ideal that you would have prefered the sort of velvet fascist revolution in America that Roth fictionalized in his book to FDR policing the world an imposing his view that democracy is good and fascism is bad.

Fascism is war without end. It might start with army vs army, but it finishes with state vs citizen (which is what the Holocaust was, or the first few days of the Bolivian water riots, before the army decided that it was on the citizens' side, and not Bechtel's). It seems to me that people who are adverse to war without end would be willing to nip fascism in the bud at the army vs army stage, as in WW2, or at the political stage (which is the solution to the problem with American action in Iraq, right now, I suspect).
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