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Reply #7: don't mean to hijack the thread but.. [View All]

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minkyboodle Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-30-05 12:24 AM
Response to Original message
7. don't mean to hijack the thread but..
since I know some DC/NOVA/MD radio listeners are in on this badboy, who here hates Chris Core like I do.... Honestly, he bugs me more than Hannity with his "reasonable act". He is a right wing whore who tries to disguise his typical arguments with a moderate cloak. How the hell did he get to be the local DC AM talk show host??
Sorry but the dude pushes my buttons.
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  -1260 AM in Washington, DC abernste  Apr-29-05 10:26 PM   #0 
  - we're having the same problems in Minnesota too....  loveable liberal   Apr-29-05 10:29 PM   #1 
  - I agree 100 percent  minkyboodle   Apr-29-05 10:32 PM   #2 
  - I'm in Howard County, MD. The signal up here is near impossible  Husb2Sparkly   Apr-29-05 10:51 PM   #5 
  - agreed  minkyboodle   Apr-30-05 01:01 AM   #9 
     - seriously, Ninety Percent of the district voted Kerry. nt  Donailin   Apr-30-05 03:37 PM   #12 
  - you must be in the LOWER part of Alexandria...I hear it FINE up here  diamond14   Apr-30-05 09:49 PM   #19 
  - I'm starting to feel lucky here in Atlanta.  onehandle   Apr-29-05 10:41 PM   #3 
  - Yes, DC does deserve better  journalist3072   Apr-30-05 09:42 PM   #18 
  - No signal, no good ratings...  fairfaxvadem   Apr-29-05 10:46 PM   #4 
  - The Air American line-up...  laura888   Apr-30-05 04:27 PM   #15 
  - I feel the exact same way  Ashy Larry   Apr-29-05 11:53 PM   #6 
  - ashy?  minkyboodle   Apr-30-05 12:27 AM   #8 
  - don't mean to hijack the thread but..  minkyboodle   Apr-30-05 12:24 AM   #7 
  - I live in Alexandria and agree with much of what you say  laura888   Apr-30-05 03:23 PM   #10 
  - Didn't even know it existed, but I live in Silver Spring MD and prefer  Donailin   Apr-30-05 03:35 PM   #11 
  - Agreed that we have other choices  laura888   Apr-30-05 03:43 PM   #13 
     - What do you mean by progressive?  Donailin   Apr-30-05 10:28 PM   #20 
        - Do you need to listen to the American Enterprise Institute ...  laura888   Apr-30-05 11:13 PM   #23 
           - I'm familair with all think tanks left and right  Donailin   May-01-05 05:55 PM   #28 
              - sorry - you still don't address the issue of...  laura888   May-01-05 06:45 PM   #29 
  - 1260 AM in DC  journalist3072   Apr-30-05 04:12 PM   #14 
  - What's really annoying about the whole Imus thing  abernste   Apr-30-05 05:57 PM   #16 
     - Yep, that's exactly right....but I have an idea here....  journalist3072   Apr-30-05 08:58 PM   #17 
        - email sent  minkyboodle   Apr-30-05 10:30 PM   #21 
        - I love  DaveinMD   Apr-30-05 10:31 PM   #22 
           - Randi  journalist3072   Apr-30-05 11:53 PM   #24 
              - I understand what you are saying  DaveinMD   May-01-05 09:40 AM   #26 
                 - Imus  journalist3072   May-01-05 10:48 AM   #27 
  - Links to Coverage Maps  Unforgiven   May-01-05 12:18 AM   #25 

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