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firefox Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-24-05 08:32 PM
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14. China
Edited on Thu Mar-24-05 08:35 PM by firefox
You can tell people over and over again about hemp and they just zone out. But if you really read on it over the years, you really understand how great a thing it is.

For me there is no more desirable a food than hemp seed or hemp oil. A big part of why people are sick is because they do not get enough omega-3 and/or they get to much omega-6.

But really what made me say China, is what they have already done with research. You have to realize that the stuff they say about hemp overgrowing everything and not needing pesticide like cotton is a great benefit and that it is not just BS.

The Chinese have an extensive research program on breeds so that they can grow the best crop for purpose and location. China cannot afford to be a throw away society and long lasting hemp clothes are going to be big in China. And with the limit on quotas and all tariffs removed on textiles between WTO countries, I was hoping that we would see some cheaper hemp clothing. Every comment I have ever heard boast on hemp clothes, but they really are rather pricey, just like hempseed and oil- /

I have no idea why people keep thinking about burning the oil. It is $50 a gallon- It will always be expensive and it is too valuable as food. The problem with hemp in clothing is the fiber has to be cured and Canada is looking for an enzyme that will help with this and lower manufacturing cost.

The answer to your question is China, for real.
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