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Reply #72: I believe the affiliate was WGNX Channel 05 [View All]

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SF Bay Area Dem Donating Member (394 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-11-05 08:22 PM
Response to Original message
72. I believe the affiliate was WGNX Channel 05
They (WGNX) were interviewing a local attorney and he mentioned that O'Reilley said something to the effect that I originally posted. When the attorney said it the newscasters who were interviewing him tried to cut him off with disbelieving comments. I know what I heard and once MMFA gets on it this will be easily verified via a Lexus database query... If I misconstrued this I will say so on this thread. However, I know what I heard and saw. This interview happened perhaps 20 minutes before I originally posted this today.

I do understand the hesitation by some members to take this with a grain of salt until verified. Believe me if this was reversed the Freepers would be crapping all over themselves to get something like this on Drudge Report...
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  -Local Atlanta station just reported O'Reilley said murdered judge deserved SF Bay Area Dem  Mar-11-05 01:40 PM   #0 
  - Hope it's true...  ewagner   Mar-11-05 01:42 PM   #1 
  - It will NEVER happen!  itzamirakul   Mar-12-05 12:46 PM   #106 
  - No comment until proof.  RandomKoolzip   Mar-11-05 01:42 PM   #2 
  - What? I guess I am crazy then Random?  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 01:44 PM   #7 
  - Maybe he meant truth of what O'Reilly said  DinoBoy   Mar-11-05 01:50 PM   #13 
     - I want independent verification that O'Reilly said that.  RandomKoolzip   Mar-11-05 01:55 PM   #15 
        - Fair enough random...  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 02:09 PM   #30 
        - You are brilliant!I* Welcome to DU!!!  autorank   Mar-11-05 08:35 PM   #75 
        - I doubt it is true.  H2O Man   Mar-11-05 07:33 PM   #70 
  - Wow, we have an O'Liar fan here!  vpigrad   Mar-11-05 01:59 PM   # 
     - Please  WilliamPitt   Mar-11-05 02:00 PM   #22 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-11-05 02:07 PM   #27 
        - Are you shittin'? *LOL* Oh, you forgot your /sarcasm thingy.  Just Me   Mar-11-05 02:48 PM   #46 
        - War profiteering? Did I miss a really interesting thread or something?  Zhade   Mar-11-05 03:10 PM   #49 
           - Yeah, interesting would be one word for it  LynzM   Mar-12-05 07:00 AM   #92 
              - Someone sent me the link. Seems pretty ridiculous to me.  Zhade   Mar-12-05 02:10 PM   #119 
              - I recall...  IthinkThereforeIAM   Mar-12-05 04:00 PM   #124 
     - Yeah, totally.  RandomKoolzip   Mar-11-05 02:00 PM   #23 
     - i call bullshit  chimpsrsmarter   Mar-11-05 02:03 PM   #25 
     - No, I think we have a fan of evidence and proof.  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:40 AM   #103 
     - Not an O'Reilly fan, but someone that doesn't start screaming when  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 02:26 PM   #122 
  - O'Reilly will never be asked to resign  FreedomAngel82   Mar-11-05 01:42 PM   #3 
  - Although it is consistent with behavior displayed by O'Reilly  Walt Starr   Mar-11-05 01:43 PM   #4 
  - Not yet, but there is a judge in Atlanta that he's been crusading against  blm   Mar-11-05 02:07 PM   #28 
     - Rowland Barnes, the same judge that presided over the Ashe case  johnaries   Mar-11-05 02:44 PM   #45 
        - Well, then, O'Reilly SHOULD be nervous. Words have consequences.  blm   Mar-11-05 03:07 PM   #48 
           - I think all Repugs need to think twice about their constant ranting  WatchWhatISay   Mar-11-05 04:39 PM   #60 
  - Was that the Quake in sanfran? I can stean that one  chimpsrsmarter   Mar-11-05 01:43 PM   #5 
  - Huh? What quake?  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 01:48 PM   #11 
     - it's a radio station in the bay area that broadcasts Ed Shultz.  chimpsrsmarter   Mar-11-05 01:59 PM   #19 
  - No friggin' way!!  frictionlessO   Mar-11-05 01:43 PM   #6 
  - O'Reilley's comment had to do with a ruling the judge made...  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 01:47 PM   #10 
  - Oh to be a fly on the wall at Fux non News  jdots   Mar-11-05 01:57 PM   #17 
  - O'Lilly is Crack  stepnw1f   Mar-11-05 05:54 PM   #62 
  - O'Reilly defines the word "spewage".  glitch   Mar-11-05 01:45 PM   # 
  - I wouldn't be surprised. Media Matters will be on it, if so.  sonicx   Mar-11-05 01:45 PM   #8 
  - Sounds like something he would say!  liberal N proud   Mar-11-05 01:45 PM   #9 
  - link a dink please? n/t  lonestarnot   Mar-11-05 01:50 PM   #12 
  - chiiiiiiiiiirrrrruuuuuuup, chiiiiiiiiiirrrrruuuuuuup, chiiiiiiiiiirrrrruuu  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:43 AM   #104 
  - What are the political leanings of these judges?  higher class   Mar-11-05 01:51 PM   #14 
  - Hey ....  doublethink   Mar-11-05 01:56 PM   #16 
  - We need verification of what he said; no judgments beforehand if at all  Selatius   Mar-11-05 01:57 PM   #18 
  - O'Leilly has complete immunity to say anything  rniel   Mar-11-05 01:59 PM   #20 
  - He's even allowed to use a loofa as a weapon of terror. n/t  Kurovski   Mar-12-05 02:09 AM   #82 
  - I guess this would be from O'Lielly's radio show?  Roland99   Mar-11-05 01:59 PM   #21 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-11-05 02:02 PM   #24 
  - What's wrong with MAXTOR hard drives?  PROGRESSIVE1   Mar-11-05 02:04 PM   #26 
     - They suck beyond belief, and love to lose all your data  DS1   Mar-11-05 02:08 PM   #29 
        - Mine have been rock-solid for one WD, though.  Roland99   Mar-11-05 02:09 PM   #31 
        - Oh yeah...  Salviati   Mar-11-05 03:32 PM   #55 
        - My two Maxtors have been great.  DenverDem   Mar-11-05 02:30 PM   #41 
        - For what it's worth I concur  depakid   Mar-12-05 04:37 AM   #87 
           - Weird...  Bark Bark Bark   Mar-12-05 05:13 AM   #88 
              - hehe- as I've said many times about O'Reilly  depakid   Mar-12-05 06:42 AM   #91 
  - O'Reilly did criticize this judge, in the past.  TwoSparkles   Mar-11-05 02:10 PM   #32 
  - Interesting! I will try and find links also...  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 02:15 PM   #35 
  - Here is the link to the story...  TwoSparkles   Mar-11-05 02:19 PM   #37 
  - And another link that changes the story....  Staph   Mar-11-05 05:47 PM   #61 
  - Another Link--to O'Reilly's coverage of the case  TwoSparkles   Mar-11-05 02:27 PM   #39 
  - I heard his comments this morning  tishaLA   Mar-11-05 02:11 PM   #33 
  - Ok... that is good info...  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 02:16 PM   #36 
  - The funny thing is that O'Reilley always acts so tough, like a street-  mistertrickster   Mar-11-05 03:21 PM   #52 
  - he is a bully, he mouths off to guests  seabeyond   Mar-11-05 03:32 PM   #54 
  - If Ward Churchill Said This  otohara   Mar-12-05 01:52 PM   #112 
  - Ye gods!  wryter2000   Mar-11-05 02:13 PM   #34 
  - Sorry. I don't think O'Reilly would say something like that.  cat_girl25   Mar-11-05 02:23 PM   #38 
  - Well You're Right...  DirtyDawg   Mar-11-05 02:38 PM   #43 
  - How pro-life, huh?  ih8thegop   Mar-11-05 02:28 PM   #40 
  - I think this is the ruling O'Reilley might have been referriing to.  napi21   Mar-11-05 02:36 PM   #42 
  - Here was one freeper comment about the situation that I saw earlier  Fuzz   Mar-11-05 02:41 PM   #44 
  - i doubt he would say that  Callboy   Mar-11-05 02:48 PM   #47 
  - I'd hate to live anywhere near Atlanta if I drove a green Honda.  ktowntennesseedem   Mar-11-05 03:22 PM   #53 
  - Damn these freepers are stupid  4dsc   Mar-11-05 06:03 PM   #65 
  - I need a shower - I've been on O'Lielly's site looking.....  johnaries   Mar-11-05 03:12 PM   #50 
  - Wanna bet if a Republican judge handed the same sentence,  Old and In the Way   Mar-11-05 03:21 PM   #51 
  - ya Know? I'm really surprised,  MsTryska   Mar-11-05 04:03 PM   #58 
  - It doesn't matter anyway because  grace0418   Mar-11-05 03:56 PM   #56 
  - BINGO!!  bush still has to go   Mar-12-05 07:12 AM   #93 
  - Well that's irony coming out of Dildo reilly's mouth....  MsTryska   Mar-11-05 04:00 PM   #57 
  - If he did say that  stanwyck   Mar-11-05 04:07 PM   #59 
  - I believe he might have said it, READ THIS!  Riding this Donkey   Mar-11-05 05:57 PM   #63 
  - Or read his own words bashing this judge....  Riding this Donkey   Mar-11-05 06:00 PM   #64 
  - The "Right Wing Noise" machine is creating a hostile atmoshere...  PROGRESSIVE1   Mar-11-05 07:25 PM   #68 
  - Is this why Fox is ignoring the story while it's  medeak   Mar-11-05 06:42 PM   #66 
  - OReilly just said "Barnes was a stand up guy"  medeak   Mar-11-05 07:09 PM   #67 
  - Suggestion that could put this all to rest....and then some  DemocracyInaction   Mar-11-05 07:27 PM   #69 
  - Because there is zero chance  H2O Man   Mar-11-05 07:37 PM   #71 
     - Why is DU making a big deal of this...  truthpusher   Mar-11-05 11:32 PM   #81 
        - I agree completely. This does not belong on the DU home page.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 04:28 AM   #86 
           - There is ZERO chance  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 05:56 AM   #89 
           - Thank you for the wisdom. I can't believe the reactionary  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:10 AM   #99 
           - I'm going to post in ATA asking that it be removed from the Home Page.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 02:00 PM   #116 
           - Yeah, it has that certain slimy feel of a Rethug dirty trick to me too.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 09:48 AM   #105 
              - I saw Bill O'Reilly yesterday.  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 01:12 PM   #109 
                 - Why do you think this craziness about what he *might* have said  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 01:32 PM   #110 
                    - It may not be intentional  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 01:38 PM   #111 
                       - No, I don't think they go by votes only. This was CHOSEN for home page.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 01:53 PM   #113 
                          - Well, I don't think  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 01:57 PM   #114 
                             - It's no longer on the DU Home Page  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 02:19 PM   #121 
           - totally agree  medeak   Mar-12-05 12:49 PM   #108 
              - I think we should go to the ATA forum and write to Skinner about it.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 01:57 PM   #115 
                 - done  medeak   Mar-12-05 02:03 PM   #117 
                 - I think it gets  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 02:04 PM   #118 
  - I believe the affiliate was WGNX Channel 05  SF Bay Area Dem   Mar-11-05 08:22 PM   #72 
  - I'd love to find out if it's true  Walt Starr   Mar-11-05 08:26 PM   #73 
  - we're supposed to believe an attorney?  medeak   Mar-11-05 08:31 PM   #74 
  - Hey now.... n/t  lonestarnot   Mar-11-05 10:45 PM   #79 
  - There is no indication on any Atlanta TV news site of this.  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:17 AM   #100 
  - If you are Atlanta now, call the station and confirm it, then  msongs   Mar-11-05 08:44 PM   #76 
  - Related to the case, I found this  progressoid   Mar-11-05 08:48 PM   #77 
  - Uh.. if it hasn't been confirmed...  IceOwl   Mar-11-05 09:52 PM   #78 
  - That's right.  H2O Man   Mar-12-05 06:16 AM   #90 
  - He's using the air waves to promote terrorist acts!! This should be  NVMojo   Mar-11-05 11:28 PM   #80 
  - I agree with the peeps who implied  swag   Mar-12-05 03:06 AM   #83 
  - It's been removed, thank whomever was responsible.  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:02 AM   #97 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-12-05 03:18 AM   #84 
  - so it's okay to kill people who aren't "angels"  imenja   Mar-12-05 04:01 AM   #85 
  - self-delete.  blondeatlast   Mar-12-05 09:03 AM   #98 
  - Wonder what one of their hate mongers has to say or to do for the  patricia92243   Mar-12-05 07:13 AM   #94 
  - Here is an interesting link to one thing O'Reilly said about the judge  CindyDale   Mar-12-05 07:40 AM   #95 
  - There's a way to rid ourselves of Faux  DarleenMB   Mar-12-05 08:58 AM   #96 
  - That only works when the station has done something  grace0418   Mar-12-05 09:37 AM   #102 
  - i call bullshit  SlavesandBulldozers   Mar-12-05 09:35 AM   #101 
  - That judges name rang a bell for me but I just could not place it--now  rodeodance   Mar-12-05 12:46 PM   #107 
  - I'm glad to see this thread has been removed from the DU home page.  Nothing Without Hope   Mar-12-05 02:11 PM   #120 
  - Substantiation?  paineinthearse   Mar-12-05 03:58 PM   #123 

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