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Reply #3: I was always from the Camus school. [View All]

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RUMMYisFROSTED Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Sep-11-03 05:16 PM
Response to Original message
3. I was always from the Camus school.
Edited on Thu Sep-11-03 05:17 PM by RUMMYisFROSTED
I think Sartre would have reiterated that "Freedom requires total responsibility."

edit: clarity.
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  -Jean Paul Sartre HawkeyeX  Sep-11-03 04:57 PM   #0 
  - His No Exit hell would be a cabinent meeting  soupkitchen   Sep-11-03 04:59 PM   #1 
  - Being and Nothingness  molly   Sep-11-03 05:13 PM   #2 
  - I was always from the Camus school.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Sep-11-03 05:16 PM   #3 
  - I'm a Camus fan as well  Isere   Sep-11-03 05:28 PM   #7 
  - I'm a huge fan of JPS  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-11-03 05:17 PM   #4 
  - never read him, therefore his opinions do not exist.  kodi   Sep-11-03 05:21 PM   #5 
  - your loss. nt  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-11-03 05:27 PM   #6 
  - good gracious has detection of satire dropped dramatically recently?  kodi   Sep-11-03 06:13 PM   #9 
     - No, but correct interpretation of Sartre has apparently dropped  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-11-03 06:27 PM   #11 
        - Frankly, I find your deconstruction of his comments modernistic  Character Assassin   Sep-11-03 06:48 PM   #12 
        - It's either a piss-poor algorithm  markses   Sep-11-03 11:21 PM   #22 
        - but, he was recognized as a leader of existentialism & the argument.  kodi   Sep-11-03 07:00 PM   #14 
           - but that wasn't his main focus  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-11-03 07:26 PM   #15 
              - rudely rushing to point out apparent ignorance in others has little value.  kodi   Sep-11-03 08:31 PM   #17 
                 - much better  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-11-03 09:00 PM   #19 
                    - thus as i said before, according to satre his opinions dont matter to me,  kodi   Sep-11-03 10:44 PM   #21 
                       - If only you'd spell his name correctly I could take you more seriously  NewYorkerfromMass   Sep-12-03 09:11 AM   #24 
  - LOL.  Raenelle   Sep-11-03 05:32 PM   #8 
  - Yes, and he was a frightful misogynist!  Isere   Sep-11-03 10:34 PM   #20 
     - I liked both Sartre and de Beauvoir  Raenelle   Sep-11-03 11:29 PM   #23 
  - Okay, Descartes....  Billy_Pilgrim   Sep-11-03 06:54 PM   #13 
  - Is the current situation in the US a scene from NO EXIT?  Terwilliger   Sep-11-03 06:17 PM   #10 
  - Sysyphus  pippin   Sep-11-03 08:02 PM   #16 
  - ? Haven't Seen The Film  CHIMO   Sep-11-03 08:57 PM   #18 

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