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Reply #14: Global Warming & Tsunami's [View All]

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NickofTime Donating Member (102 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-29-04 07:34 AM
Response to Reply #13
14. Global Warming & Tsunami's
Edited on Wed Dec-29-04 07:37 AM by NickofTime
Look, it's not just me, here's a University of Michigan professor who believes the same thing, see his December, 27 posting Tsunami a Foretaste of Global Warming. The post is about halfway down the page.

Prof. Cole says: "But everyone should realize that global warming contributes to extreme weather events, causing more hurricanes and typhoons and stronger ones. Even in the year 2004 extreme weather events caused on the order of $100 billion in damage-- an unprecedentedly high figure and one due to rise. Giant waves are only one potential problem with global warming....As Naomi Oreskes pointed out in the Washington Post on Saturday, the scientific literature for the past decade has expressed no doubts about the reality of global warming or of human responsibility for some large portion of it. Although not all scientists are convinced, the scholarly literature where this matter is debated technically is characterized by broad consensus. The main doubts that are raised are in the mass media, for ulterior motives, by non-scientists. Moving to cleaner energy as soon as possible is the only way to prevent future tsunamis that will hit closer to home for Americans."

Also, the Hindustani Times agrees. They say: "But global warming, poorly planned coastal development and other threats over which humans have some control are weakening natural defences ranging from mangrove swamps to coral reefs that help keep the oceans at bay."

Those Repugnant's driving SUV's are killing people with tsunami's!

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