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Reply #29: G&L want to know what goes well with... [View All]

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TrustingDog Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-25-04 08:17 PM
Response to Reply #1
29. G&L want to know what goes well with...
the ermine brains they have and Gorge's purple nose. Apologies to ermines.
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  -Why on earth would the King & Queen of Spain go to Crawford, TX? Pachamama  Nov-25-04 01:55 PM   #0 
  - George and Laura probably hired them to give them king and queen lessons.  ocelot   Nov-25-04 02:00 PM   #1 
  - Seems to be the only explanation that makes any sense....  Pachamama   Nov-25-04 02:03 PM   #3 
  - G&L want to know what goes well with...  TrustingDog   Nov-25-04 08:17 PM   #29 
  - I wonder if Laura will have to sweep the front steps there too  auntAgonist   Nov-25-04 02:02 PM   #2 
  - What about the WH?  quiet.american   Nov-25-04 02:06 PM   #4 
  - Afraid of bugs.  Cleita   Nov-25-04 02:10 PM   #9 
  - Didn't they recently redecorate the Lincoln Bedroom in Purple?  gordianot   Nov-25-04 02:06 PM   #5 
  - To see an actual breeding pair  Career Prole   Nov-25-04 02:07 PM   #6 
  - Are the Moronis Redneckus actually native to Crawford, TX?  Pachamama   Nov-25-04 02:10 PM   #8 
     - Oops! Adopted habitat!  Career Prole   Nov-25-04 02:14 PM   #10 
  - Probably disgusted  impeachthescoundrel   Nov-25-04 02:08 PM   #7 
  - They're part of REAL world power. Bush, House of Saud, the Bin Ladens  blm   Nov-25-04 02:23 PM   #11 
  - Friendship based on what????  Pachamama   Nov-25-04 02:48 PM   #15 
  - Shared goal of fascism.  blm   Nov-25-04 03:03 PM   #19 
  - yes, of course they want fascism in Spain like everywhere else  jdj   Nov-25-04 02:58 PM   #17 
  - Most importantly, WHY was POPPY BUSH part of the Laura, Junior and POPPY  flordehinojos   Nov-25-04 02:27 PM   #12 
  - Has the White House moved to Texas?  jdj   Nov-25-04 03:01 PM   #18 
  - I posted spme time ago that it seemed really odd (to me)  WarNoMore   Nov-25-04 02:35 PM   #13 
  - "Why on earth would the King & Queen of Spain go to Crawford, TX?..  Conservativesux   Nov-25-04 02:40 PM   #14 
  - What? Did they want New Spain back?  Jack_DeLeon   Nov-25-04 02:51 PM   #16 
  - calculated insult against Zapatero  Kellanved   Nov-25-04 03:06 PM   #20 
  - For the sex party  dkofos   Nov-25-04 03:06 PM   #21 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Nov-25-04 03:11 PM   #22 
  - In my opinion ...  chicagiana   Nov-25-04 07:38 PM   #24 
  - "Monarch"  fugue   Nov-25-04 03:14 PM   #23 
  - authoritarians like to stick together. Zapatero is a Socialist-Democrat  Postman   Nov-25-04 07:59 PM   #25 
  - That's Really Not Fair...  DemocratSinceBirth   Nov-25-04 08:12 PM   #27 
  - Maybe the weed that would be king is giving the Spanish monarchs  merh   Nov-25-04 08:00 PM   #26 
  - They want Texas back?  Taxloss   Nov-25-04 08:14 PM   #28 
  - This is my response to Mr Bush on this holiday  The Zanti Regent   Nov-25-04 08:19 PM   #30 
  - why? my guess: Solanas 7 plan for mideast peace  wordout   Nov-25-04 09:33 PM   #31 
  - according to conspiracy friend, Spanish King is the anti Christ.  DebJ   Nov-25-04 09:36 PM   #32 
  - Maybe that's the penance they got at confession.  CBHagman   Nov-25-04 09:45 PM   #33 

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