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Reply #26: we didn't prove you wrong. [View All]

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selmo7 Donating Member (275 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-10-04 02:04 AM
Response to Reply #16
26. we didn't prove you wrong.
Edited on Wed Nov-10-04 02:04 AM by selmo7
So what? you had Herod - macho badass kickass man of faith and certitude. the one that loves to slaughter the innocents.

We had Jesus - intelligent, rational, strong, courageous, caring for people and with a healing bent.

Same old story.

Herod won this round. Did I say same old story?

Jesus has been trying to win for 2,000 plus years, but he pops up with his wins now and then and he never said the Creator doesn't like to challenge us to a duel. It's called free will and the Creator says: Choose YE well. doo doo doo doo DOOOOOO.

Hey at least we can agree we've all been fighting this battle on the planet for at least the last 2000 years...Herod vs. Jesus, South vs. North, Red States vs. Blue States. History repeats itself, and the Song remains the same.
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