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Reply #2: I would seriously edit out the c-word, if I were you. [View All]

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Beware the Beast Man Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Oct-14-04 08:17 AM
Response to Original message
2. I would seriously edit out the c-word, if I were you.
"See U Next Tuesday" is a major bone of contention around here.
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  -Lynne Cheney's "Outrage" SkipNewarkDE  Oct-14-04 08:14 AM   #0 
  - Don't forget Lynne's Lesbian Sex Novel.  displacedtexan   Oct-14-04 08:16 AM   #1 
  - I would seriously edit out the c-word, if I were you.  Beware the Beast Man   Oct-14-04 08:17 AM   #2 
  - As well it should be  bryant69   Oct-14-04 08:21 AM   #4 
  - "If you see Kay, tell her 'hi'."  Dhalgren   Oct-14-04 08:22 AM   #5 
  - Edited  SkipNewarkDE   Oct-14-04 08:26 AM   #10 
  - Cheney is the one that brought her into this campaign!  kerryin2004   Oct-14-04 08:18 AM   #3 
  - Righto -  libhill   Oct-14-04 08:25 AM   #9 
     - That's right - they were MERCILESS to poor Chelsea  Mad_Dem_X   Oct-14-04 08:44 AM   #17 
  - It is important to note the context in which Mary Cheney's name was  KlatooBNikto   Oct-14-04 08:23 AM   #6 
  - Cheneys response  marshall   Oct-14-04 08:32 AM   #12 
  - Don't hold back now, say what you really feel  mjf3   Oct-14-04 08:23 AM   #7 
  - Mary is a pawn in this?  SkipNewarkDE   Oct-14-04 08:35 AM   #15 
     - A self-loathing individual who will inherit Billions!  Chelsea Patriot   Oct-14-04 09:17 AM   #22 
  - I don't care for your adjectives about women. C-word unacceptable  Edwardsgroupie   Oct-14-04 08:24 AM   #8 
  - Apologies  SkipNewarkDE   Oct-14-04 08:30 AM   #11 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Oct-14-04 08:33 AM   #13 
  - Derogatory Terms...  SkipNewarkDE   Oct-14-04 08:41 AM   #16 
  - ((applause))  Mad_Dem_X   Oct-14-04 08:50 AM   #18 
  - Hear, hear! I heartily agree that Lynn Cheney is the abuser here.  TahitiNut   Oct-14-04 08:56 AM   #20 
  - Your emotions... and reactions... are not without good reason...  Medialize   Oct-14-04 08:56 AM   #21 
  - ROFL!  pjeffrey4444   Oct-14-04 10:26 AM   #26 
  - How About "Slime"?  ProfessorGAC   Oct-14-04 09:34 AM   #24 
  - I'm outraged at her outrage!  HootieMcBoob   Oct-14-04 08:33 AM   #14 
  - Noting that Mary's a lesbian  charlie   Oct-14-04 08:54 AM   #19 
  - The "lady" doth protest too much, methinks. . .  frankzappa   Oct-14-04 09:22 AM   #23 
  - Is Lynn offended because her daughter was born gay?  GloriaSmith   Oct-14-04 09:40 AM   #25 
  - I'm locking this thread  Moderator   Oct-14-04 10:29 AM   #27 

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