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Reply #9: I agree that we aren't doing the right things to stabilize the country. [View All]

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jjmalonejr Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-17-04 07:20 PM
Response to Reply #6
9. I agree that we aren't doing the right things to stabilize the country.
I also agree that Bushco invaded Iraq to occupy, pacify and make boatloads of cash rebuilding Iraq.

Unfortunately, they've been stymied on the "pacify" part because they stupidly believed that we'd be greeted as liberators.

That said, I don't think the "if we pulled out now" argument is necessarily BS. Granted, stabilizing Iraq MAY prove impossible, but I hope not. In my opinion, creating a huge gaping wound right smack dab in the center of the Middle East and then just leaving it to grow hopelessly infected would be a disastrous result.
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  -Why are we in Iraq? madfloridian  Aug-17-04 06:41 PM   #0 
  - WMD! Wait, no... Torture! Ummm.... Fight them there or fight them here!  MercutioATC   Aug-17-04 06:44 PM   #1 
  - Oil and control/power "As private parts to gods are we, they play  lastknowngood   Aug-17-04 06:46 PM   #2 
  - Because Bush rushed in where wise men may have feared to tread  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 06:54 PM   #3 
  - That isnt why we are still there.  K-W   Aug-17-04 06:56 PM   #6 
     - I agree that we aren't doing the right things to stabilize the country.  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 07:20 PM   #9 
        - You are being suckered by your idealism.  K-W   Aug-17-04 07:24 PM   #10 
           - Easier Said Than Done  Xipe Totec   Aug-17-04 07:28 PM   #11 
           - If we are obsessed with 'winning' like 'nam, then yes.  K-W   Aug-17-04 07:32 PM   #14 
              - Right Thing to do, No Doubt  Xipe Totec   Aug-17-04 07:45 PM   #21 
                 - I have been a big Kerry defender. I agree completely. n/t  K-W   Aug-17-04 07:47 PM   #23 
           - I'm not an idealist, and I'm not being suckered.  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 07:39 PM   #18 
              - Im sorry, but you are living in a dream.  K-W   Aug-17-04 07:43 PM   #20 
                 - Well, our conversation is over  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 07:59 PM   #25 
                    - How could someone have knowledge of Latin American History  K-W   Aug-17-04 08:45 PM   #35 
                       - People like me? Very nice.  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 09:17 PM   #39 
                          - What do you want me to say?  K-W   Aug-17-04 09:30 PM   #42 
                             - OK, now you're talking!  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 10:00 PM   #43 
                                - My attitude rarely does me good.  K-W   Aug-17-04 10:13 PM   #44 
                                   - Well, attitude aside, thanks for hanging in with me.  jjmalonejr   Aug-17-04 10:49 PM   #46 
  - Because We Have A Madman In The White House  Xipe Totec   Aug-17-04 06:55 PM   #4 
  - really? OIL.  maxsolomon   Aug-17-04 06:55 PM   #5 
  - Too get a foot hold in the Middle East, for Christ sake were  0007   Aug-17-04 07:01 PM   #7 
  - Well, at least four (14 wouldn't surprise me)  RUMMYisFROSTED   Aug-17-04 09:02 PM   #36 
  - Some reasons:  The Crazy Canadian   Aug-17-04 07:02 PM   #8 
  - The Hand-Over That Wasn't:  Disturbed   Aug-17-04 07:30 PM   #12 
  - hail PNAC!  MisterP   Aug-17-04 07:32 PM   #15 
  - I think it's the MultiBillion Dollar War Machine for Profits  spanone   Aug-17-04 07:30 PM   #13 
  - Right now, or in the first place?  kiahzero   Aug-17-04 07:32 PM   #16 
  - Why have we liberated any country with valuable natural resources?  shance   Aug-17-04 07:33 PM   #17 
  - This War Was NOT FOR OIL. It Was For CORPORATE PROFITS.  The Nation   Aug-17-04 07:42 PM   #19 
  - Applause! Ding, ding!  madfloridian   Aug-17-04 07:45 PM   #22 
  - Oil = Corporate Profits. They are interchangeable.  shance   Aug-17-04 08:29 PM   #30 
  - a simple explanation of why it is now imperative to deal with iraq ...  Pepperbelly   Aug-17-04 07:48 PM   #24 
  - Geopolitics.  LynnTheDem   Aug-17-04 08:00 PM   #26 
  - To Promote Soccer  louis c   Aug-17-04 08:07 PM   #27 
  - And when the RWWs...  LynnTheDem   Aug-17-04 08:19 PM   #28 
  - PNAC  Amaya   Aug-17-04 08:24 PM   #29 
  - Aren't we there  Seabiscuit   Aug-17-04 08:30 PM   #31 
  - Now that is funny. I would laugh but it is too sad.  madfloridian   Aug-17-04 08:34 PM   #32 
     - You're right - I hesitated before posting that joke -  Seabiscuit   Aug-18-04 01:42 AM   #48 
        - I understood what you meant.  madfloridian   Aug-18-04 12:29 PM   #49 
  - We may not have invaded Iraq for the Oil, but we aren't leaving without it  0rganism   Aug-17-04 08:34 PM   #33 
  - I don't know why we are there, but it is a shame  SunDrop23   Aug-17-04 08:36 PM   #34 
  - Assume Cheney wasn't lying then...  LynnTheDem   Aug-17-04 09:03 PM   #37 
  - I don't know...we were suppose to be there to  Tight_rope   Aug-17-04 09:12 PM   #38 
  - 3 Reasons - OIL OIL OIL n/t  guajira   Aug-17-04 09:19 PM   #40 
  - YES! YES! YES!  serryjw   Aug-17-04 10:54 PM   #47 
  - I don't know, you tell me.  LiberalManiacfromOC   Aug-17-04 09:21 PM   #41 
  - So that  stranger_with_candy   Aug-17-04 10:14 PM   #45 
  - Oil, and to defend Israel, but mostly oil.  truthspeaker   Aug-18-04 12:43 PM   #50 
  - Empire. That's why Franken drives me nuts when he complains that  Cat Atomic   Aug-18-04 12:54 PM   #51 
  - For politicians to show that they're "tough on terror".  bandera   Aug-18-04 01:03 PM   #52 
  - we had to find out how much oil is left in the hole  klyon   Aug-18-04 01:54 PM   #53 
  - Here's my conjecture.  JHBowden   Aug-18-04 02:06 PM   #54 

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