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Reply #56: That's where I quit reading his post and scrolled down to see what [View All]

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Kimber Scott Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jun-26-04 11:51 PM
Response to Reply #6
56. That's where I quit reading his post and scrolled down to see what
everybody else had to say. Kerry didn't beg and plead with McCain to be his VP.

Something about lies just hit me the wrong way. Especially since I've been being lied to, at least 500 - 600 times a day by people in the Bush administration and all their cheerleaders for the last 3 years.

Want to make a point? Don't lie, I'll listen.
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  -What's going on here? Newcastle  Jun-26-04 02:00 AM   #0 
  - Get Kerry in then we start the REAL work  Moonbeam_Starlight   Jun-26-04 02:01 AM   #1 
  - There's a Big Time Shift going on  Slickriddles   Jun-26-04 02:43 AM   #21 
     - As long as you ignore the...  JayS   Jun-26-04 04:44 AM   #35 
        - Hey the 2nd's my favorite  Slickriddles   Jun-26-04 10:42 AM   #39 
           - How Can Anyone Not See A Clear Difference?  redstateliberal   Jun-27-04 12:09 AM   #58 
  - Everything that guy just said is bullshit  TheWizardOfMudd   Jun-26-04 02:02 AM   #2 
  - I understand your point (don't agree)  WI for Kerry   Jun-26-04 02:02 AM   #3 
  - And just how have your principles served you  mellowinman   Jun-26-04 02:05 AM   #4 
  - You are mistaken  Snoggera   Jun-26-04 02:06 AM   #5 
  - Call me when we get the perfect candidate...  TreasonousBastard   Jun-26-04 02:11 AM   # 
  - "Kerry begging and pleading with John McCain..."  scarletwoman   Jun-26-04 02:11 AM   #6 
  - That's where I quit reading his post and scrolled down to see what  Kimber Scott   Jun-26-04 11:51 PM   #56 
  - I agree with Newcastle  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:12 AM   #7 
  - Do you agree with this statement of his?  Snoggera   Jun-26-04 02:14 AM   #8 
     - yes  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:15 AM   #9 
        - Do you agree that Kerry claims there is nothing wrong with the Patriot act  TheWizardOfMudd   Jun-26-04 02:16 AM   #10 
        - Kerry voted for the Patriot Act, more than likely without reading it  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:31 AM   #12 
           - Perhaps  TheWizardOfMudd   Jun-26-04 02:36 AM   #14 
              - he must have thought that way when he voted for it  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:37 AM   #15 
                 - At the time of the vote  TheWizardOfMudd   Jun-26-04 02:41 AM   #19 
                    - I F***ING DID  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:52 AM   #23 
                    - And * handing the job of Attorney General  26yrTeamster   Jun-26-04 03:05 AM   #29 
                       - I cannot BELIEVE some DUers didn't know about these EVIL F***S  Skittles   Jun-26-04 03:06 AM   #30 
                    - At the time the Patriot Act was passed, we had just been attacked by  merh   Jun-26-04 02:55 AM   #24 
                    - I DISAGREE  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:59 AM   #28 
                       - I will not disagree with you that it wasn't obvious that Bush was  merh   Jun-26-04 03:20 AM   #32 
                          - of course I will vote for Kerry  Skittles   Jun-26-04 10:19 AM   #36 
                          - I understand your frustration and agree that the Dems have  merh   Jun-26-04 10:41 AM   #38 
                             - I don't blame Clinton  Skittles   Jun-26-04 10:56 AM   #40 
                                - The press and the spineless dems share the blame with Clinton.  merh   Jun-26-04 11:36 AM   #45 
                          - Skittles has a very valid point and it isn't JUST Dimson who should've  tnlefty   Jun-26-04 11:46 PM   #54 
                    - I sure as hell did. Skittles is correct. We that think knew. No brag.  wildwww2   Jun-26-04 11:51 PM   #55 
                    - I knew they were.  Arianrhod   Jun-27-04 12:24 AM   #63 
        - Okay, I can accept that  Snoggera   Jun-26-04 02:17 AM   #11 
           - No  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:33 AM   #13 
  - If we vote for Kerry instead of Bush* were whores?  countmyvote4real   Jun-26-04 02:39 AM   #16 
  - he's not saying that at all  Skittles   Jun-26-04 02:56 AM   #27 
     - So who can the Dems hold most accountable if their candidate wins?  countmyvote4real   Jun-26-04 11:29 PM   #51 
  - same shit, different pile.  TrustingDog   Jun-26-04 02:40 AM   #17 
  - Cheney you and the Chenying horse you rode in on...............  HuskerDem   Jun-26-04 02:41 AM   #18 
  - Thanks for sharing your concerns, but you are way off base on the  merh   Jun-26-04 02:41 AM   #20 
  - So by only removing portions of the Puke ACT makes Kerry a whore?  fearnobush   Jun-26-04 02:47 AM   #22 
  - I was also disheartened about the Kerry win...and now quite possibly  Dover   Jun-26-04 02:56 AM   #25 
  - Most people are not outraged  Pastiche423   Jun-26-04 02:56 AM   #26 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-26-04 03:12 AM   #31 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-26-04 03:35 AM   #33 
  - I have seen Kerry..He says the Patriot Act needs a makeover..  vetwife   Jun-26-04 04:33 AM   #34 
  - There is a BIG difference between Kerry and Bush.  JHBowden   Jun-26-04 10:24 AM   #37 
  - Kerry does differ from Bush in a BIG way on the subject of...  JayS   Jun-27-04 12:41 AM   #65 
  - "make no mistake" = bushism  funkybutt   Jun-26-04 10:59 AM   #41 
  - Partisan Hack here  OKNancy   Jun-26-04 11:08 AM   #42 
  - good rant - I agree. n/t  TrustingDog   Jun-26-04 11:25 AM   #43 
  - We just want to work with someone in the White House who is  Sweetpea   Jun-26-04 11:36 AM   #44 
  - Of course I am  GreenPartyVoter   Jun-26-04 11:37 AM   #46 
  - f911 sure didn't make Kerry look like a hero  mdmc   Jun-26-04 11:42 AM   #48 
  - Who is a viable alternative?  Liberal Gramma   Jun-26-04 11:39 AM   #47 
  - Yeah, why are you Democrats bashing Bush instead of Kerry?  Sparkly   Jun-26-04 11:44 AM   #49 
  - Kerry never said that about the Patriot Act  Cocoa   Jun-26-04 11:47 AM   #50 
  - Kerry never begged and pleaded  lumpy   Jun-26-04 11:36 PM   #52 
  - What's going on here is....  Avalon Sparks   Jun-26-04 11:41 PM   #53 
  - "Kerry has not done a damned thing to deserve your vote,"  Lindacooks   Jun-26-04 11:56 PM   #57 
  - You don't remodel when the house is on fire  drdigi420   Jun-27-04 12:10 AM   #59 
  - Well...that was an interesting pack of lies and misrepresentations.  Media_Lies_Daily   Jun-27-04 12:11 AM   #60 
  - Standard Triage  Geo55   Jun-27-04 12:13 AM   #61 
  - I feel your pain too....  unkachuck   Jun-27-04 12:13 AM   #62 
     - There has never, but never. been  lumpy   Jun-27-04 12:35 AM   #64 

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