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Reply #3: the pics of the dead children are a hint I think eom [View All]

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NMDemDist2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-21-04 10:22 AM
Response to Reply #1
3. the pics of the dead children are a hint I think eom
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  -the bush administration makes me sick and ashamed. Over and over and over radwriter0555  May-21-04 10:19 AM   #0 
  - I'm sure I'll get flamed...but  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:20 AM   #1 
  - the pics of the dead children are a hint I think eom  AZDemDist6   May-21-04 10:22 AM   #3 
  - so bad guys never hide around women and children?  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:22 AM   #5 
     - Since when are the Iraqis the bad guys?  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:27 AM   #8 
        - not all Iraquis...but some are...  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:30 AM   #10 
           - People defending their country from marauding invaders are NOT bad people.  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:34 AM   #12 
              - read much history?  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:36 AM   #14 
                 - Hey, bush invaded iraq for oil & halliburton. That makes US the bad guys.  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:44 AM   #17 
                 - I see...have a good weekend...  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:45 AM   #18 
                 - I am thinking that we all would fight if say the Chinese took over-----  izzie   May-21-04 11:07 AM   #29 
  - because, like I said, why should we believe one single word of the bush  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:24 AM   #6 
  - 14 dead children  OKNancy   May-21-04 10:44 AM   #16 
  - could have been a mistake..I agree...  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:47 AM   #21 
     - The Iraqis said there weren't any weapons fired  OKNancy   May-21-04 10:57 AM   #27 
        - if no weapons were fired you're correct...  stopthegop   May-21-04 11:07 AM   #30 
  - In Saudi great groups get together like that.  izzie   May-21-04 10:55 AM   #25 
  - always the defender  Skittles   May-21-04 12:16 PM   #35 
  - lol - given the two stories.....  AgentLadyBug   May-21-04 12:22 PM   #37 
  - I never thought I would understand how  demnan   May-21-04 10:21 AM   #2 
  - I'm with you. This is horrible.  Peak_Oil   May-21-04 10:28 AM   #9 
     - Like HELL WE do. the bush regime is NOT in any way associated with MY  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:32 AM   #11 
        - point of historical fact:  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:34 AM   #13 
        - point of historical fact. hitler was appointed after he lost the election.  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:46 AM   #19 
           - I wouldn't ...pointless to read my post...  stopthegop   May-21-04 10:49 AM   #22 
              - Don't be condescending to me when the facts are on MY side. If you don't  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:57 AM   #26 
        - That's existentially true, but it's not enough.  Minstrel Boy   May-21-04 10:54 AM   #24 
        - Americans have been dumbed down  Karenina   May-21-04 11:28 AM   #32 
           - let's ALL point in Unison to mr Moral Clarity... (fmr) Sec of Ed  salin   May-21-04 12:15 PM   #34 
        - Problem  dutchdemocrat   May-21-04 11:15 AM   #31 
  - I was just thinking very similar thoughts today, reading about Chalabi.  BurtWorm   May-21-04 10:22 AM   #4 
  - I KNOW! Me too! For weeks I was telling people WHO chalabi was  radwriter0555   May-21-04 10:25 AM   #7 
  - Something else I've been trying to tell people: Prison torture began here  BurtWorm   May-21-04 10:39 AM   #15 
  - And yet  HFishbine   May-21-04 11:05 AM   #28 
     - I saw her on Paula Zahn briefly the other night  BurtWorm   May-21-04 12:10 PM   #33 
  - Army vehemently DENIED 1st story "helicopter gunship".  trof   May-21-04 10:46 AM   #20 
  - I think I figured out what is happening with the rightwingers/fundies.  barbaraann   May-21-04 10:54 AM   #23 
  - The Leadership of Bush is revealed to be anything but.  opihimoimoi   May-21-04 12:17 PM   #36 

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