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Reply #18: I'm guessing there would be LESS of a risk to us if Kerry were in there. [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-22-04 11:14 PM
Response to Reply #10
18. I'm guessing there would be LESS of a risk to us if Kerry were in there.
Edited on Thu Apr-22-04 11:14 PM by calimary
Consider this: bush is widely recognized, by now, as having alienated most of the world and turned it, en masse, against this country. He's turned his nose up at hard-won treaties that many countries worked on, for years. He's scoffed at the UN. He hasn't won us ANY friends, AND FURTHERMORE, he's created legions of brand new enemies and people who wish us ill - increasing numbers of whom are increasingly willing to act that out. The basic behavior and mindset of bush to bring all that on is NOT the basic behavior or mindset of John Kerry. John Kerry doesn't act like that. He doesn't swagger. He isn't petty, vindictive or arrogant. He doesn't have a sense of divine entitlement that his royal bushness was apparently born with. He doesn't have a "my way or the highway" attitude that alienates people and turns friends into foes.

It's like an equation: x + y = z. If you establish that x and y are what will give you z, but then you have a + d, you can't expect to get the same result, z, as you would if you added x and y. If you get purple because you add red to blue, how can you expect a purple result if you add yellow and blue? bush brings the negative components to the mix that Kerry does NOT bring. Therefore, you're apt not to get the same result.

Same argument can be applied to those who say if Gore had been in the White House, 9/11 would have happened anyway. I disagree. Gore brought different components, attitudes, and team members to the table than bush did, and they had a very different agenda than bush's henchmen do.

I think things can only improve, world-wide, if we're under new management by next January. I think the world will respond to us if it's Kerry who comes calling, instead of bush. I think they'd be more likely - and willing - to deal with us again if they knew they didn't have to deal with bush anymore.
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