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Bandit Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Mar-16-04 09:12 AM
Response to Original message
9. This is a very important point
We have a war on terror going on and a War on Iraq. They are two seperate wars and people need to be made aware of it. I'm tired of them lumping it all together. The War on Iraq is not a war on Terror in fact it is a War creating more terror. I guess if they want an endless war on terror they have to create more terror to excite the masses into spending more resources. Hence attack a sovereign nation and hope it pisses enough mid-easterners off to create more terrorists. Plan is working.
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  -Can Kerry Cut the Iraq Invasion/War on Terror Linkage? nostamj  Mar-16-04 07:56 AM   #0 
  - I can't believe you buy this war on terrorism BS  leesa   Mar-16-04 08:00 AM   #1 
  - uh.... I don't buy bush's WoT  nostamj   Mar-16-04 08:05 AM   #3 
  - What is being ignored is....  dennis4868   Mar-16-04 08:00 AM   #2 
  - Wesley Clark did a great job of it during his campaign.  leftchick   Mar-16-04 08:14 AM   #4 
  - Kerry and his supporters need to repeat this often:  truthspeaker   Mar-16-04 08:16 AM   #5 
  - Question: if Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terrorism...  Q   Mar-16-04 08:46 AM   #6 
  - maybe he thinks we have to clean up Bush's mess  truthspeaker   Mar-16-04 09:12 AM   #10 
  - why would sending more troops  nostamj   Mar-16-04 09:15 AM   #11 
  - Q: HOw does misportraying Kerry's position help?  sangh0   Mar-16-04 10:23 AM   #19 
  - Well, I guess he could give it a new name, but since he supports the  DuctapeFatwa   Mar-16-04 08:52 AM   #7 
  - About that 2/3s.  Toby109   Mar-16-04 09:05 AM   #8 
  - I'd love to find the FIRST instance of that 2/3s claim  nostamj   Mar-16-04 09:20 AM   #13 
  - This is a very important point  Bandit   Mar-16-04 09:12 AM   #9 
  - He needs to hammer this theme!!  Viking12   Mar-16-04 09:19 AM   #12 
  - yes, but  nostamj   Mar-16-04 09:29 AM   #14 
     - Maybe I'm confused  Viking12   Mar-16-04 09:36 AM   #15 
  - He HAS to do this.  BullGooseLoony   Mar-16-04 09:37 AM   #16 
  - This is a double, double, triple, double type of situation  BabsSong   Mar-16-04 09:38 AM   #17 
  - yes yes yes  nostamj   Mar-16-04 10:16 AM   #18 
  - somebody better come up with something soon  Marianne   Mar-16-04 10:26 AM   #20 
     - "Kerry is rather stuck here"  nostamj   Mar-16-04 10:46 AM   #21 
        - well I am on his side but how can he defend that vote in view of  Marianne   Mar-16-04 06:34 PM   #22 

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