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Reply #23: Exactly - no-one in their right mind can condone terrorism, [View All]

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Matilda Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-12-04 01:16 AM
Response to Reply #22
23. Exactly - no-one in their right mind can condone terrorism,
but it would be good if our leaders could try to understand why it
happens. They just don't can't come to grips with the idea that
millions of people in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America
might be tired of the West carving up their countries to suit their
own agenda. When Osama sent a clear message after 9/11 that Muslims
want the US/UK out of their countries, no-one expected them to pack
up overnight and ship out, but to answer that by invading another
Muslim country without provocation was sending the worst possible
message, as many of us knew. And now there's Haiti, and Venezuela,
and maybe Cuba, and Brazil, and Iran and Syria, and so it goes on.

This has been happening for hundreds of years all over the world,
and surprise, some people have had enough. They want to decide for
themselves what kind of government they will have, and how they will
harvest their resources for their own benefit, and not for multi-
national corporations. It's not so hard to understand, but it
involves putting aside corporate greed, and it won't happen unless
we ordinary people in the West send clear messages to our governments
that we want to see a change of attitude, for all our sakes. It
might not be easy to stop the extremist fundamentalists, but it
is possible to stop millions of ordinary Muslims giving their support
to Osama, but bombing the hell out of one Arab country after another
isn't the way to do it.

That's one reason why I'd like to see someone like Dennis Kucinich
stick around and keep pushing his message, because I really believe
he has the right ideas. It can only be done with the olive branch
and good intentions, not with the bomb.

Rant over.
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  -Where will al-Qaeda bomb next? London, Rome, Copenhagen??? Cascadian  Mar-11-04 09:54 PM   #0 
  - Aznar supporting Iraq had nothing to do with it  mot78   Mar-11-04 09:55 PM   #1 
  - You have to admit they are probably low on the hit list.  Cascadian   Mar-11-04 09:57 PM   #2 
  - John Howard wanted Australians to think they were being targeted in Bali.  Matilda   Mar-11-04 10:20 PM   #5 
  - When?  _Jumper_   Mar-11-04 10:02 PM   #3 
  - I agree  Xanth   Mar-11-04 10:04 PM   #4 
  - makes you really regret  ZombyWoof   Mar-11-04 10:24 PM   #6 
  - Wasn't it Carter who started funding the mujahedeen?  KurtNilsen   Mar-12-04 07:54 AM   #28 
  - I disagree. The big bombings, Bali and Madrid were to target  revcarol   Mar-11-04 10:27 PM   #7 
  - You mean like our government killed 500++ US soldiers in Iraq?  leesa   Mar-12-04 09:06 PM   #36 
     - Dude, where's my car?  Xanth   Mar-12-04 10:53 PM   #40 
  - Why do you think bin Laden had anything to do with it?  leesa   Mar-12-04 02:07 AM   #24 
  - Toronto, I fear.  Minstrel Boy   Mar-11-04 10:30 PM   #8 
  - You know what is scary?  Cascadian   Mar-11-04 10:33 PM   #9 
  - Nahh, our men of pow have far too much integrity for that.  Must_B_Free   Mar-11-04 10:44 PM   #11 
  - Getting attacked doesn't scare me...  Xanth   Mar-11-04 10:50 PM   #13 
     - I'm not afraid for my personal safety,  Minstrel Boy   Mar-11-04 11:15 PM   #18 
        - Could it bring in the Tories to power in Ottawa?  Cascadian   Mar-12-04 08:52 PM   #33 
           - It would certainly give them a boost.  Minstrel Boy   Mar-12-04 09:37 PM   #37 
  - I disagree  _Jumper_   Mar-11-04 10:42 PM   #10 
  - Sorry, terrorists don't think that logically  Muddleoftheroad   Mar-11-04 10:48 PM   #12 
     - Why "the West"?  _Jumper_   Mar-11-04 11:07 PM   #14 
        - They may have targets other than "the West"  ButterflyBlood   Mar-11-04 11:09 PM   #15 
           - What makes you think "the West" is a target?  _Jumper_   Mar-11-04 11:11 PM   #16 
  - Egads Toronto (since that was my and my sister's birth place), Calgary  Valerie5555   Mar-12-04 09:03 PM   #34 
  - I guess I must be crazy.  DrWeird   Mar-11-04 11:12 PM   #17 
  - wake up!  CaptainMidnight   Mar-11-04 11:28 PM   #19 
  - Too many sheeple continue to cling to their illusions...  RBHam   Mar-12-04 09:51 PM   #38 
  - France, maybe Germany  arewethereyet   Mar-11-04 11:33 PM   #20 
  - Trial by Fury  orwell   Mar-12-04 12:28 AM   #21 
  - good question, i have not seen any evidence.  rdfi-defi   Mar-12-04 09:05 PM   #35 
  - The question should be...  HollywoodLiberal   Mar-12-04 12:30 AM   #22 
  - Exactly - no-one in their right mind can condone terrorism,  Matilda   Mar-12-04 01:16 AM   #23 
  - Hi HollywoodLiberal!!  newyawker99   Mar-12-04 02:06 PM   #32 
  - Hopefully a very specific part of Copenhagen  Blayde Starrfyre   Mar-12-04 02:10 AM   #25 
  - If you hope for it, why not place the bomb yourself  tommilator   Mar-12-04 07:39 AM   #27 
  - You guys need to remember the history  sweetheart   Mar-12-04 02:20 AM   #26 
  - Crawford, Texas?  noonwitch   Mar-12-04 08:46 AM   #29 
  - Japan will be next.  Marianne   Mar-12-04 08:55 AM   #30 
  - Marianne...  laylah   Mar-12-04 09:11 AM   #31 
     - Japan was a member of the "coalition of the willing"  _Jumper_   Mar-12-04 10:17 PM   #39 
  - Using the Reichstag Effect  Zorra   Mar-12-04 11:15 PM   #41 
  - Good to see many differing opinions on this.  arrogantatheist1000   Mar-13-04 01:44 AM   #42 

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