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Reply #26: What you're looking for are 'catch phrases' and 'terms'..... [View All]

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ParanoidPat Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Feb-29-04 10:10 PM
Response to Reply #22
26. What you're looking for are 'catch phrases' and 'terms'.....
IMHO, "Voter Verified Paper Ballots" is a good catch phrase just the way it is. Anything more and it gets muddled. "Legitimate audits" is also an effective catch phrase. Terms such as "trustworthy" and "imperative" also work in our favor when used to articulate our argument. It's the skillful use of catch phrases and terms that help us frame the debate. The trick is to use them early and often. :)

Examine the catch phrases used by the Bush* administration to get us into the Iraq war. 'Ruthless dictator', 'gassed his own people', 'rape rooms' and 'weapons of mass destruction' were all chosen for the emotional response they evoke and were repeated as often as possible. Study the speech writers use of both positive and negative adjectives when describing their talking points and contrasting them with ours.

Look at the way they use descriptors like "activist judges". Use the same method to describe their systems. Words like "problematic" and "unauditable" should be used every time you mention their equipment.

Be careful trying to find a 'one size fits all' solution. Multiple catch phrases and terms, both negative and positive, should be developed to frame both our position and theirs. :evilgrin:

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  -BBV: "Proper" paper audit trail Pobeka  Feb-28-04 10:46 AM   #0 
  - Sorry, We have no record of your vote  BeFree   Feb-28-04 10:54 AM   #1 
  - but the key is not the 'paper trail'  nostamj   Feb-28-04 10:58 AM   #2 
  - yeah, get rid of the paper trail  gristy   Feb-28-04 11:03 AM   #3 
  - Paper Trail Trials  Bromd   Feb-28-04 11:08 AM   #4 
  - While your heart is in the right place, your plan is lacking  gristy   Feb-28-04 11:19 AM   # 
  - Ah, the secret ballot  ex_jew   Feb-28-04 12:13 PM   #8 
     - You are attacking me?  gristy   Feb-28-04 12:59 PM   #9 
        - No - I'm attacking people who unthinkingly assume that the secret ballot  ex_jew   Feb-28-04 04:34 PM   #13 
           - OK, but since last June when I started working on the voting issue  gristy   Feb-28-04 06:26 PM   #15 
           - This is interesting thought -- a grey area worth understanding.  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:26 PM   #18 
  - Welcome to DU Bromd!  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:19 AM   #7 
  - Not a receipt  God_bush_n_cheney   Feb-28-04 01:55 PM   #10 
  - For sure!!  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:13 AM   #6 
     - Just don't use certain terms alone, without qualifiers  RedEagle   Feb-28-04 02:44 PM   #11 
        - it also suggests  nostamj   Feb-28-04 02:47 PM   #12 
        - Yeah, I understand the ambiguity you point out.  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:16 PM   #17 
  - Doh! -- yeah. "Proper voter verified paper ballot".  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:12 AM   #5 
     - I suggest a "Proper Audit Trail using Voter Verified Paper Ballots".  ParanoidPat   Feb-28-04 05:42 PM   #14 
        - Yes that says it all, but it's quite a mouthful.  Pobeka   Feb-28-04 11:15 PM   #16 
           - OK, Drop the word 'trail' and make the word 'audit' plural....  ParanoidPat   Feb-29-04 12:35 AM   #19 
              - how about  nostamj   Feb-29-04 12:38 AM   #20 
              - Damn!  ParanoidPat   Feb-29-04 12:45 AM   #21 
              - Ok, OK. 5 second sound byte was the wrong idea.  Pobeka   Feb-29-04 09:39 AM   #22 
                 - What you're looking for are 'catch phrases' and 'terms'.....  ParanoidPat   Feb-29-04 10:10 PM   #26 
  - Voter verifiable, legitimate paper ballots.  Pobeka   Feb-29-04 08:23 PM   #23 
     - less is still more...  nostamj   Feb-29-04 08:41 PM   #24 
        - I know YOU know it's legitimate.  Pobeka   Feb-29-04 09:12 PM   #25 
           - Probably to long, but.....  RedEagle   Mar-01-04 10:22 AM   #27 

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