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Reply #22: How anyone can claim to love Scotland and its people... [View All]

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sweetheart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-11-04 11:26 AM
Response to Reply #21
22. How anyone can claim to love Scotland and its people...
and NOT support nationalism, then i wonder what it is they really stand for, given the results. Its permenent tyrrany of mediocrity endorsed decay as controlled from westminster. Compare scotland to equivalent sized northern european states: Denmark and Finland... Both have similar populations to what scotland has today, yet they have dynamic economies... why? People are the same by and large, and scotland has an outstanding education level. What gives. All factors i gather suggest deliberate strategic disfunction, by the national interests who control scotland from westminster. The country is ruled from afar by the big land owners, and has not sovereign power over its own resources.

Were it joined to the EURO, with an immigrant population from nations all over the earth, it could stabilize its population
decline, and turn in to a northern-european star economy. Everyone i know in scotland is a nationalist, and has concerns over being ruled from afar by false interests that kill scottish boys in wars of the bush empire.

Immigration from america and canada of people who would like to make a new life in scotland, would power a dynamic university-based technology economy in the hub cities.... wow, i have had such visions of what is possible in scotland. Rather, scotland is poor, the rural areas are disinvested, rural poverty in many areas, as EU subsidy farmers and government employment ... innovation has not been inspired in scottish dynamism, and to unleash the spark, the people in edinburgh need full control over their ENTIRE nation and its decision processes. Instead of a poor suburb of england, scotland could blossom with independence, and i myself have given up caring one way or the other, as it is not my vote to say. But after hearing people and why they are nationalist, i agree with them. They are the smartest of the lot, they see what is possible, and they suffer the most disappointment at the opportunity cost of
the jack maconnelll mediocracy.
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