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Reply #29: So the author is a self-confessed liar. From the link: [View All]

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plumbob Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-07-11 10:31 AM
Response to Reply #3
29. So the author is a self-confessed liar. From the link:
Pfarrer said he engaged in 'dramatic reconstruction" of some events in the book where he directly quoted top officials involved in the attack including Admiral William McRaven, who at the time commanded the Joint Special Operations Command that ran the operation.

Anytime I try to use a dramatic reconstruction, people tell me, "STOP LYING!"

It's actually good advice.
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  -Revealed:How Obama was playing golf until 20 minutes before Navy SEALs began mission to take out OBL jakeXT  Nov-07-11 07:33 AM   #0 
  - This goes in the . . .  TomClash   Nov-07-11 07:36 AM   #1 
  - So that pic of the President, VP, Hillary etc.  Kingofalldems   Nov-07-11 07:37 AM   #2 
  - "20 minutes before Navy SEALs began mission"  liberal N proud   Nov-07-11 07:41 AM   #4 
  - Why do you assume the writer tells the truth?  Mass   Nov-07-11 07:46 AM   #12 
     - Not unconditionally  liberal N proud   Nov-07-11 07:58 AM   #17 
  - Hillary said it was an allergy  jakeXT   Nov-07-11 07:41 AM   #5 
  - What really happened to Osama  jakeXT   Nov-07-11 04:57 PM   #31 
  - The Navy Seals have denied that this writer ever spoke to any  sufrommich   Nov-07-11 07:40 AM   #3 
  - So the author is a self-confessed liar. From the link:  plumbob   Nov-07-11 10:31 AM   #29 
  - Bert  Charlemagne   Nov-07-11 07:41 AM   #6 
  - 3 words: COMMANDER IN CHIEF  FarLeftFist   Nov-07-11 07:45 AM   #7 
  - With about 100 layers between him and the Seal Team nt  TomClash   Nov-07-11 07:46 AM   #10 
     - Not really on this operation.  Pirate Smile   Nov-07-11 08:03 AM   #20 
  - Daily Mail? This is a valid source?  Mass   Nov-07-11 07:45 AM   #8 
  - So? I'll bet he was nervous as hell & if golf helps him relax, great.  catbyte   Nov-07-11 07:46 AM   #9 
  - BTW, the playing golf thing was good cover  Kingofalldems   Nov-07-11 07:46 AM   #11 
  - This "SEAL" is rather a stupid man, isn't he? He WAS NOT THERE.  plumbob   Nov-07-11 07:49 AM   #13 
  - "Now watch this shot". nt  Javaman   Nov-07-11 07:51 AM   #14 
  - The Daily Mail??  Botany   Nov-07-11 07:54 AM   #15 
  - Yup. The Daily Fail. At your service.  HuckleB   Nov-07-11 11:07 PM   #33 
  - OBL was never called "Geronimo." The code for mission accomplished was "Geronimo." n/t  Ian David   Nov-07-11 07:57 AM   #16 
  - I would assume the Bert tag came from this internet meme  bigworld   Nov-07-11 08:01 AM   #18 
  - What a pile of crap. Like the President could avoid blame because he was golfing. Anyone who would  Pirate Smile   Nov-07-11 08:01 AM   #19 
  - "he could distance himself;"  greiner3   Nov-07-11 08:03 AM   #21 
  - So, the writer of that book was telling the absolute truth, and had  MineralMan   Nov-07-11 08:06 AM   #22 
  - Ha, HA, ha ha ha ha ha  wellstone dem   Nov-07-11 08:23 AM   #23 
  - Dailymail = National Enquirer. nt  left coaster   Nov-07-11 08:31 AM   #24 
  - Unrec for... never mind  lamp_shade   Nov-07-11 08:42 AM   #25 
  - Obama is such a badass, he can get Osama and golf at the same time.  MjolnirTime   Nov-07-11 09:09 AM   #26 
  - The GOPers are so jealous their drool cup overflows w envy and frustration  opihimoimoi   Nov-07-11 09:48 AM   #27 
  - Golf excuses responsibility?  Occupy_2012   Nov-07-11 10:27 AM   #28 
  - What should he have done? Changed his schedule abruptly so that our enemies would know something  yellowcanine   Nov-07-11 11:32 AM   #30 
  - Another misdirect. The real issue is that he got the Secret Service guy  jtuck004   Nov-07-11 09:28 PM   #32 
  - my guess: Mr. Pfarrer is a birther  Skittles   Nov-08-11 02:33 AM   #34 
  - They got the guy, right?  WilliamPitt   Nov-08-11 09:01 AM   #35 
     - Did they? nt  jakeXT   Nov-08-11 09:19 AM   #36 
        - (facepalm)  WilliamPitt   Nov-08-11 10:01 AM   #37 

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