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Reply #14: Aside from the disastrous effects this would have on seniors, [View All]

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sabrina 1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-13-11 12:40 PM
Response to Reply #5
14. Aside from the disastrous effects this would have on seniors,
what a slap in the face to everyone who worked so hard to try to help Democrats do the exact opposite, to lower the age for medicare.

Talk about betrayal if this is even being considered.
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  -Does President Obama Want to Impose a Crushing Burden on Our Children? (Dean Baker) chill_wind  Sep-13-11 02:47 AM   #0 
  - just like repukes  Skittles   Sep-13-11 02:48 AM   #1 
  - Does Dean Baker want to kick puppies and steal candy from children?  TheWraith   Sep-13-11 03:29 AM   #2 
  - What part is made up?  Demit   Sep-13-11 04:00 AM   #3 
  - Yeah, I got your made up shit right here:  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 10:57 AM   #6 
  - Yeah, he also wants a pony,  Doctor_J   Sep-13-11 11:39 AM   #10 
  - Can you explain what is made up? Baker is not given to making  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 12:37 PM   #13 
     - Hope no one's holding their breath for a better response. Cowardly  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 03:10 PM   #17 
        - Looks like I won't be getting a response, so I did a quick  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 03:16 PM   #18 
           - I meant anything to show the Dean Baker makes stuff up  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 03:20 PM   #19 
              - Using his support of temporary payroll tax cuts in principal  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 04:51 PM   #20 
              - Yes, I got that he was making a correction, not defending the  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 07:12 PM   #22 
                 - FDR: "With those taxes in there, no damn politician can ever scrap  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 08:34 PM   #23 
              - ETA- Yes  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 06:40 PM   #21 
  - What he "wants" is not accessible to us. He did, whether he wanted to or not.  saras   Sep-13-11 04:03 AM   #4 
  - DU: This needs to be better known and discussed.  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 10:50 AM   #5 
  - This disaster makes a tiny dent in the "deficit"  Doctor_J   Sep-13-11 11:37 AM   #8 
  - +1000  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 12:05 PM   #11 
  - Aside from the disastrous effects this would have on seniors,  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 12:40 PM   #14 
  - Strong K&R. We need to be talking about this, loudly.  woo me with science   Sep-13-11 11:30 AM   #7 
  - Thank you, Woo! Supercommittee has a website up now and a contact form:  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 12:08 PM   #12 
  - One thing DC could do to help the next generation is  Doctor_J   Sep-13-11 11:38 AM   #9 
  - Yes, that would be the solution, but it makes you wonder, why  sabrina 1   Sep-13-11 01:36 PM   #15 
  - kick  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 01:44 PM   #16 
  - Any politician that once claimed to favor a public option, or a Medicare buy-in option, and that now  Faryn Balyncd   Sep-13-11 09:14 PM   #24 
     - It's a really lousy idea.  chill_wind   Sep-13-11 10:14 PM   #25 

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