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Reply #10: Novelli says he doesn't want "just a bunch of old people" [View All]

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Snellius Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Nov-26-03 01:10 PM
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10. Novelli says he doesn't want "just a bunch of old people"
There's a great post on the AARP board today:

I just finished reading an article in the online version of the NY Times this morning that I thought was very revealing. It concerns Novelli's thoughts behind AARP's recent change in ideology/strategy. The gist of the article said that Novelli and certain other members on the AARP Board wanted to appeal to the millions of younger baby boomers who are now in their late 40s and 50s and draw them into into their AARP membership. The article said that Novelli "didn't want them to think that we support just a bunch of old people". WOW!!! Now ain't that the truth! -- "JUST A BUNCH OF OLD PEOPLE". That's all we are to this group of marketing thugs. He said that his research indicates that this "younger group" is more receptive to this privatization of the Medicare model. Boy, is he in for a surprise!

Well, Mr. Novelli, I'm one of those baby boomers you spoke of and, frankly, AARP, due principally to likes of people like you, will NEVER lure me into your marketing lair.

My hope is that, when all is said and done and people see how devastating this new Medicare plan of yours is, that these "old people" and the younger, smarter, hipper baby boomers will have long since realized the truth and deserted your marketing-hyped AARP gismo, leaving you to sell snake oil on the street corners.

I urge all of you to find a true and authentic organization that legitimately represents the interests and concerns of the elderly. Drop AARP. To them, you're just "a bunch of old people."

Mike from Mass.
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