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Reply #73: I remember Harry Morgan from Dragnet; RIP Harry [View All]

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MikeH Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Dec-08-11 12:21 AM
Response to Original message
73. I remember Harry Morgan from Dragnet; RIP Harry
Actually I find it hard to believe that Harry Morgan had still been alive up until just now.

I remember him playing Officer Bill Gannon in Dragnet. I liked him in that role, though he did seem to be a yes-man to Sergeant Joe Friday (as played by Jack Webb who died in 1982).

I remember one episode in which Bill Gannon was adding a lot of sugar to his coffee, and he made the comment that sugar was the salt of the earth.
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  -Harry Morgan, Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H, Dies at 96 Freddie Stubbs  Dec-07-11 11:49 AM   #0 
  - So sorry. Will try to watch some today.  elleng   Dec-07-11 11:51 AM   #1 
  - So long, Colonel Potter. Till we meet again. N/T  James48   Dec-07-11 05:39 PM   #55 
  - consummate actor -- RIP  grasswire   Dec-07-11 11:52 AM   #2 
  - I will always remember Harry Morgan as "General Steele" on MASH - "But first, a number.....  GreenTea   Dec-07-11 11:53 AM   #3 
  - I remember the General Steele episode too. He was hilarious.  Frank Cannon   Dec-07-11 01:30 PM   #26 
  - "Steele - three 'e's, not all in a row."  Richardo   Dec-07-11 01:41 PM   #29 
  - "Horse Hockey!" Monkey Muffins!" Loved the show and loved the guy.  neverforget   Dec-07-11 08:15 PM   #69 
  - well, come on boy, it's in your blood.."Hey hey, Uncle Dud, It's a treat to beat you feet on the  red dog 1   Dec-07-11 11:35 PM   #72 
  - Loved him. Very sad. Nt  xchrom   Dec-07-11 11:58 AM   #4 
  - RIP.......  dhill926   Dec-07-11 11:58 AM   #5 
  - as often happens  oldhippydude   Dec-07-11 12:03 PM   #6 
  - RIP Harry.  6000eliot   Dec-07-11 12:04 PM   #7 
  - Sad but, IIRC he was a curmudgeonly old cuss arrested for domestic assault ...  Myrina   Dec-07-11 12:05 PM   #8 
  - ha, no wonder he reminded me of a father figure. nt  Still Blue in PDX   Dec-07-11 12:13 PM   #12 
  - I believe it was due to  FarPoint   Dec-07-11 12:14 PM   #13 
  - Rest in Peace  CRK7376   Dec-07-11 12:06 PM   #9 
  - He was also in my favorite movie: Inherit the Wind.  Liberal Veteran   Dec-07-11 12:08 PM   #10 
  - My 2nd favorite movie  leftynyc   Dec-07-11 02:49 PM   #37 
  - Strange that I remember him so well as Pete Porter.  Still Blue in PDX   Dec-07-11 12:11 PM   #11 
  - I do, too  Lydia Leftcoast   Dec-07-11 01:24 PM   #24 
  - Another Pete and Gladys fan  catchnrelease   Dec-07-11 03:51 PM   #44 
     - iirc that was one of the reasons for creating the spin-off  Tansy_Gold   Dec-07-11 04:45 PM   #54 
        - Ahhh you're right!  catchnrelease   Dec-08-11 02:04 AM   #76 
  - RIP, Mr. Morgan n/t  krispos42   Dec-07-11 12:23 PM   #14 
  - He had a marvelously long run. He will be missed, but his  RushIsRot   Dec-07-11 12:27 PM   #15 
  - It was (mostly) a wonderful life for the native Michigander  Faygo Kid   Dec-07-11 12:33 PM   #16 
  - I remember hearing  Politicalboi   Dec-07-11 12:35 PM   #17 
  - Dementia is ruthless, and this was very sad  The Second Stone   Dec-07-11 01:37 PM   #28 
  - From what I heard, that incident led to his being diagnosed  Ken Burch   Dec-07-11 06:20 PM   #58 
  - A poster upthread suggested that may have been due to Alzheimer's.  No Elephants   Dec-08-11 12:41 AM   #74 
  - RIP  SoapBox   Dec-07-11 12:38 PM   #18 
  - RIP to one of my favorite actors  dbackjon   Dec-07-11 12:48 PM   #19 
  - I also remember him from The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Cat From Outer Space  Roland99   Dec-07-11 12:54 PM   #20 
  - Don't forget the  jaded_old_cynic   Dec-07-11 06:53 PM   #67 
  - At my age now  DreamSmoker   Dec-07-11 12:56 PM   #21 
  - I hear ya!  hamsterjill   Dec-07-11 02:05 PM   #33 
  - I share a birthday with him.  geardaddy   Dec-07-11 01:16 PM   #22 
  - Wait...what? I thought he had died years ago..  Phoonzang   Dec-07-11 01:16 PM   #23 
  - RIP eom  greyghost   Dec-07-11 01:29 PM   #25 
  - best known for playing the acerbic but kindly Colonel Potter  AlbertCat   Dec-07-11 01:32 PM   #27 
  - Oh man - he was great. RIP. Here's a short clip of his rant about ending the war:  slay   Dec-07-11 01:45 PM   #30 
  - One of the great ones. RIP Harry. :(  deacon   Dec-07-11 01:54 PM   #31 
  - A long, productive life. Godspeed, Harry. nt  onehandle   Dec-07-11 02:00 PM   #32 
  - Dragnet, anyone? Anyone remember him there?  MarkCharles   Dec-07-11 02:27 PM   #34 
  - Oh, gosh, yes.  Still Blue in PDX   Dec-07-11 04:33 PM   #50 
  - I believe  Tansy_Gold   Dec-07-11 04:43 PM   #53 
  - Yes, second series casting. Ben Alexander was first.  MarkCharles   Dec-07-11 05:50 PM   #57 
  - Im 29 and I remember him  Charlemagne   Dec-08-11 10:41 AM   #80 
  - Shame on you for reminding me  xxqqqzme   Dec-08-11 11:18 AM   #81 
  - RIP  brucefan   Dec-07-11 02:42 PM   #35 
  - I keep calling him "Harry Potter"  tularetom   Dec-07-11 02:45 PM   #36 
  - Rest in peace you wonderful man.  Arugula Latte   Dec-07-11 02:59 PM   #38 
  - I am not sad at all  booley   Dec-07-11 03:02 PM   #39 
  - Amen to that sister (or brother).  FedUp_Queer   Dec-07-11 06:30 PM   #63 
  - I love Harry Morgan!  lunatica   Dec-07-11 03:14 PM   #40 
  - The Party's Over (Everybody's Gone) Sam Neely  Ian David   Dec-07-11 03:19 PM   #41 
  - I owe all the MASH cast and crew a huge debt of gratitude...  rwsanders   Dec-07-11 03:37 PM   #42 
  - My non-violent nature thanks you for not serving.  No Elephants   Dec-08-11 12:47 AM   #75 
     - I was able to serve four years without being violent  Skittles   Dec-08-11 07:26 PM   #82 
  - Also in the cast of All My Sons, the Arthur Miller play about  Doctor_J   Dec-07-11 03:38 PM   #43 
  - He was a great actor  liberal N proud   Dec-07-11 04:09 PM   #45 
  - awwwww. I loved him.  roguevalley   Dec-07-11 04:12 PM   #46 
  - So sad  dballance   Dec-07-11 04:18 PM   #47 
  - Harry Morgan was one of those stars who bloomed on T.V....  SteveM   Dec-07-11 04:24 PM   #48 
  - I loved him on Pete & Gladys when I was a kid in the early '60s -- may he RIP  aint_no_life_nowhere   Dec-07-11 04:29 PM   #49 
  - R.I.P. Harry. n/t  Tx4obama   Dec-07-11 04:35 PM   #51 
  - He was a childhood friend of my Husband's Great Uncle.  GigiMommy   Dec-07-11 04:37 PM   #52 
  - Rest in Peace, Harry. My condolences to your family  Tuesday Afternoon   Dec-07-11 05:47 PM   #56 
  - So long Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele  DissedByBush   Dec-07-11 06:22 PM   #59 
  - A radish....  FedUp_Queer   Dec-07-11 06:32 PM   #64 
  - He was great as Colonel Potter, but I could never get past thinking of him as Officer Bill Gannon  slackmaster   Dec-07-11 06:26 PM   #60 
  - R.I.P.  BumRushDaShow   Dec-07-11 06:27 PM   #61 
  - kinda preferred the movie than the tv show  PatrynXX   Dec-07-11 06:27 PM   #62 
  - 4 points  roberto IS beto   Dec-07-11 06:44 PM   #65 
  - "To me, that's like a tiptoe through the tulips"  underpants   Dec-07-11 06:46 PM   #66 
  - farewell to a wonderul man and actor  Skittles   Dec-07-11 07:09 PM   #68 
  - "All that good whiskey, shot to hell" "Horse Puckey!"  MrsBrady   Dec-07-11 08:32 PM   #70 
  - "Bull Cookies!" "Pear Pits!"  DinahMoeHum   Dec-07-11 08:54 PM   #71 
  - I remember Harry Morgan from Dragnet; RIP Harry  MikeH   Dec-08-11 12:21 AM   #73 
  - I'm old enough to remember watching "December Bride" on TV  Daphne08   Dec-08-11 04:56 AM   #77 
  - It seems like a lot of people from M*A*S*H are dying  AngryAmish   Dec-08-11 09:17 AM   #78 
  - Col. Potter made M*A*S*H a thoroughly enjoyable show. RIP, Harry  qb   Dec-08-11 10:04 AM   #79 

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