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California demographic shift: More people leaving than moving in [View All]

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alp227 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-29-11 12:23 AM
Original message
California demographic shift: More people leaving than moving in
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Source: LA Times

The proportion of Californians who had moved here from out of state reached a 100-year low of about 20% in 2010, and the decade measured by the most recent census was the first in a century in which the majority of Californians were native-born.

The demographics of California today more closely resemble those of 1900 than of 1950: It is a mostly home-grown population, whose future depends on the children of immigrants and their children, said William Frey, a demographer and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.


Experts point to various causes of the turnaround, most of them rooted in a flagging economy. But exorbitant housing prices too high for many struggling Californians despite a burst housing bubble still play a role.

"There's a lot of concern about driving out working-class families," said Hans Johnson of the Public Policy Institute of California.

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And just look at the vitriol in the comments, including "...non-English speaking immigratation so prevalent, that I can say I am the "only white guy" in my community, and its NOT a joke!" (yes the commenter really spelled "immigration" wrong when complaining about immigrants...hahaha way to screw up your own argument like that) and "...people vote with their feet. Why do you think the Dems are giving illegals special perks? To keep them here." (Apparently that "vote with feet" idea came from this Thomas Sowell column in which he called the state in which he's worked as a professor and scholar since the '70s, "the poster state for the liberal, welfare-state and nanny-state philosophy.")

A more reality-based view of why migration to this state is declining of course is because of the economy; migration here was greater during times of economic booms like the dot-com bubble and Gold Rush.
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  -California demographic shift: More people leaving than moving in alp227  Nov-29-11 12:23 AM   #0 
  - I thought it felt a little roomier lately. . .  Journeyman   Nov-29-11 12:30 AM   #1 
  - Can't wait until we go into population decline...  ellisonz   Nov-29-11 12:51 AM   #2 
  - I actually think it's a good thing.  RandySF   Nov-29-11 01:16 AM   #3 
  - Never understood why there aren't more buildings to bring housing down.  bloomington-lib   Nov-29-11 04:06 AM   #4 
  - That was going to be a main platform in my run for LA Mayor.  harmonicon   Nov-29-11 08:43 AM   #5 
  - You can get houses for CHEAP in Fresno and Merced  XemaSab   Nov-29-11 09:16 AM   #6 
     - And don't forget Hinkley  pinboy3niner   Nov-29-11 09:47 AM   #7 
        - And Hemet  itsrobert   Nov-29-11 12:40 PM   #15 
  - What's going to happen when they run out of water?  Odin2005   Nov-29-11 09:50 AM   #8 
  - Then we just pipe water out of the Great Lakes, silly!  NickB79   Nov-29-11 12:36 PM   #14 
  - Technology will come through  itsrobert   Nov-29-11 12:42 PM   #16 
  - I live in Minnesota, we have more than enough water. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Odin2005   Nov-29-11 07:37 PM   #21 
  - Tone Down the Rhetoric. eom  Kolesar   Nov-29-11 08:06 PM   #22 
  - Well, the ocean is rising nt  ShockediSay   Nov-29-11 02:26 PM   #19 
  - California has plenty of water.  LeftyMom   Nov-29-11 08:07 PM   #23 
  - "burst housing bubble"? Not in LA or SF proper.  KeepItReal   Nov-29-11 10:15 AM   #9 
  - Fewer tax payers will mean higher taxes or spending cuts. It's gonna be tough.  Islandlife   Nov-29-11 10:23 AM   #10 
  - Repukes are holding taxes hostage  KamaAina   Nov-29-11 12:18 PM   #13 
  - Fewer taxpayers also means less stress on the infrastructure  Tempest   Nov-29-11 06:21 PM   #20 
  - You certainly cannot tell it from the freeways...or when out shopping...  SoapBox   Nov-29-11 11:26 AM   #11 
  - I think the crush is over.  xxqqqzme   Nov-29-11 11:56 AM   #12 
  - Please don't credit Sowell with the phrase "vote with your feet." It's been around for much longer  Gormy Cuss   Nov-29-11 12:54 PM   #17 
     - To be more clear, that wingnut comment was SIMILAR to one of Sowell's columns  alp227   Nov-29-11 01:00 PM   #18 

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