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Reply #14: We give them a free pass? What are we supposed to do about them? [View All]

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saras Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-17-11 01:04 PM
Response to Original message
14. We give them a free pass? What are we supposed to do about them?
Seriously. Any concrete suggestions for those who DON'T live in an area with a tea party nutcase to oppose, or who are already doing that?

When they break the law, what can we do to get law enforcement to ENFORCE the law? They usually get a free pass there until they start shooting, and pretty much everyone in the system that makes those decisions is OWNED.

When they cheat on elections, what can we do to get the invalid elections discarded, and proper ones held with honest equipment? Who gives a flying copulation about recounting the defective voting data anyways?

When they exceed, sometimes wildly, the scope of their powers as an elected official, what can we do to force the appropriate branches of government to act against them BEFORE the damage is done?

So far, the only answer I've found is that we can encourage the people in power who are supposedly on our side - that is, elected Democrats and the occasional independent, to use the power which, although they might or might not have, we certainly don't.

Or, in simpler terms...

They're batshit crazy. Right? Why, then, are we pretending that their politics somehow justifies leaving them in power? Why aren't they simply institutionalized long enough to be medicated properly? What do we have to do to get from HERE to THERE? And without some relativistic nonsense that says they have an equal right to define us as crazy.

I can't think of anything to do about Republicans that's legal. It's either blatantly illegal and inappropriate (summary executions) or reserved for some authority that is failing (prosecution and imprisonment). Reasoning is useless. Voting seems useless. Talking people who support them in exchange for money (i.e. jobs) into not supporting them is useless.

Seriously... how do we quickly, legally, remove crazy people from positions of power and responsibility? Never mind their politics.
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