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Reply #34: Many Bond Traders Have Been Shorting U.S. Bonds [View All]

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TomCADem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jul-20-11 11:28 PM
Response to Reply #33
34. Many Bond Traders Have Been Shorting U.S. Bonds
They have been betting on rising inflation and interest rates, and they need the debt crisis to realize their investment.
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  -GOP will nix bipartisan 'Gang of Six' debt proposal because Obama took credit for it, source says RamboLiberal  Jul-20-11 06:31 PM   #0 
  - Obama better hope so. And the shit that is the proposal in question needs to die a quick death  KittyWampus   Jul-20-11 06:33 PM   #1 
  - +10  Myrina   Jul-20-11 06:34 PM   #2 
  - I remember Obama joking about the default GOP postion: "If Obama is for it, We are against it."  emulatorloo   Jul-20-11 06:37 PM   #5 
  - Daily Kos: Senate GOP leadership aide: Obama killed 'Gang of Six' by embracing it  emulatorloo   Jul-20-11 06:35 PM   #3 
  - Maybe that's precisely WHY he embraced it...  rocktivity   Jul-20-11 06:50 PM   #11 
     - Like the Groucho Marx song: "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It"  mac56   Jul-20-11 07:52 PM   #24 
  - The Gang of Six is already under attack. Thank God.  OHdem10   Jul-20-11 06:35 PM   #4 
  - +1  emulatorloo   Jul-20-11 06:37 PM   #6 
  - How It Fails Is Of Little Moment, Ma'am: That It Fails is Essential  The Magistrate   Jul-20-11 06:38 PM   #7 
  - We might now see the outlines of financial feudalism in the Republican party, i.e. who owns whom  patrice   Jul-20-11 06:42 PM   #8 
  - We already know  atreides1   Jul-20-11 07:29 PM   #20 
     - Hoping to get more granularity in whatever has been gleaned from the processes thus far.  patrice   Jul-20-11 07:40 PM   #22 
  - Whatever keeps this God Awful proposal from becoming law  Liberalynn   Jul-20-11 06:44 PM   #9 
  - I dont care HOW it fails, just so it DOES fail.  OwnedByFerrets   Jul-20-11 06:46 PM   #10 
  - I SECOND that emotion! nt  Plucketeer   Jul-20-11 06:54 PM   #13 
  - Double win--It doesn't happen and repubs will be blamed  Kingofalldems   Jul-20-11 06:51 PM   #12 
  - Since then  creeksneakers2   Jul-20-11 06:58 PM   #14 
  - You can't blame them, Obama has cooties.  killbotfactory   Jul-20-11 07:01 PM   #15 
  - Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed it, LOL.  freshwest   Jul-20-11 09:12 PM   #28 
  - Shit! I want it to pass!!!  ejbr   Jul-20-11 07:03 PM   #16 
  - Not a troll, but AM wondering what would happen if someone called their bluff and  patrice   Jul-20-11 07:16 PM   #17 
     - A troll last night wanted it to pass, and would vote for Bachmann to ensure there was a collapse.  freshwest   Jul-20-11 09:14 PM   #29 
        - I don't alert on them either, when I see what I think is a troll. I like to see  patrice   Jul-20-11 09:37 PM   #32 
  - The President is sworn  Turbineguy   Jul-20-11 07:19 PM   #18 
  - So is congress, for what good that does.  RC   Jul-20-11 07:45 PM   #23 
  - The President makes no such oath - his is specific to the  24601   Jul-20-11 09:04 PM   #27 
  - Thanks for the correction!  Turbineguy   Jul-21-11 08:29 AM   #42 
  - Wouldn't executing the Office of the POTUS include preserving the US against its enemies?  No Elephants   Jul-21-11 03:17 PM   #44 
  - He needs to take care of the domestic ones by invoking the 14th on these corporatists.  freshwest   Jul-20-11 09:15 PM   #30 
  - That kid looks like a young John Boehner.  FarLeftFist   Jul-20-11 07:28 PM   #19 
  - Lets be serious: The U.S. IS defaulting...  FarLeftFist   Jul-20-11 07:31 PM   #21 
  - No chance. The GOP allegiance is always to the Super-Rich.  harun   Jul-20-11 11:25 PM   #33 
     - Many Bond Traders Have Been Shorting U.S. Bonds  TomCADem   Jul-20-11 11:28 PM   #34 
     - The House Republicans Are Insisting On The Grover Norquist Amendment...  TomCADem   Jul-20-11 11:30 PM   #35 
     - I disagree. The Super Rich would benefit in any case. Their money is parked elsewhere.  freshwest   Jul-20-11 11:58 PM   #38 
        - Not saying they would go broke but no doubt they would get hurt more  harun   Jul-21-11 12:03 AM   #39 
           - I don't believe there will be a default because of the 14th. This is just manufacturing consent.  freshwest   Jul-21-11 12:25 AM   #41 
  - Repubelickans are dedicated public servants who care about well-run government  krispos42   Jul-20-11 08:21 PM   #25 
  - Too many games to suit me  Mz Pip   Jul-20-11 08:53 PM   #26 
  - What did Jefferson Airplane sing in 'Volunteers'?  BadtotheboneBob   Jul-20-11 09:17 PM   #31 
  - And btw Grace Slick is now a Republican Fundie teabagger nt  K8-EEE   Jul-20-11 11:45 PM   #36 
     - Someone I love speaks of "tax bracket Republicans." Maybe she's one?  No Elephants   Jul-22-11 02:54 AM   #45 
  - There will never be an agreement with this kind of idiotic mentality.  DCBob   Jul-20-11 11:46 PM   #37 
  - Love the Pic!  LetTimmySmoke   Jul-21-11 12:09 AM   #40 
  - Wish it were so, but don't buy it  lark   Jul-21-11 12:37 PM   #43 
  - So, a twelve year old mentality is running the House of Representatives of the United States?  No Elephants   Jul-22-11 03:01 AM   #46 

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