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Reply #8: One Kochroach many more to go? [View All]

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Snoutport Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-11-11 10:35 AM
Response to Original message
8. One Kochroach many more to go?
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  -Railroad executive charged with campaign law violations (WISCONSIN) Ellipsis  Apr-11-11 10:28 AM   #0 
  - A railroad executive intefering in an election - that's just so retro!  hedgehog   Apr-11-11 10:30 AM   #1 
  - And so Wisconsin  Jackpine Radical   Apr-11-11 10:31 AM   #4 
  - Go directly to Jail.  mahatmakanejeeves   Apr-11-11 11:33 AM   #20 
     - but, but, but ...  Bozita   Apr-11-11 12:28 PM   #26 
  - good. nt  xchrom   Apr-11-11 10:30 AM   #2 
  - Dupe  hedgehog   Apr-11-11 10:31 AM   #3 
  - That's just ONE  ewagner   Apr-11-11 10:31 AM   #5 
  - Buyers remorse  catgirl   Apr-11-11 10:34 AM   #7 
  - Busted!  catgirl   Apr-11-11 10:31 AM   #6 
  - One Kochroach many more to go?  Snoutport   Apr-11-11 10:35 AM   #8 
  - to start stomping harder...  movonne   Apr-11-11 10:41 AM   #10 
  - 'Cause we all know how much Walker loves railroads  Blue Owl   Apr-11-11 10:38 AM   #9 
  - $1,000 fine! Wow, that'll really show 'em  Newsjock   Apr-11-11 10:45 AM   #11 
  - Yes but he's been probed!  Ellipsis   Apr-11-11 10:53 AM   #13 
  - Skip the fine. Let him do time  think   Apr-11-11 10:59 AM   #14 
  - I think the OP said $10,000, but even that is chump change  Lifelong Protester   Apr-11-11 11:59 AM   #22 
  - K and R nt  Stuart G   Apr-11-11 10:49 AM   #12 
  - FUCK MAXIMUM.... what is the minimum penalty.... since the GOV WILL COMMUTE anyways lol  goobergoober01   Apr-11-11 11:02 AM   #15 
  - Walker says he wasn't lobbied by Gardner on high-speed line  Ellipsis   Apr-11-11 11:08 AM   #17 
     - Snotty probably wasn't ...  Myrina   Apr-11-11 12:54 PM   #27 
        - Think he's going to squeak? ...get immunity?  Ellipsis   Apr-11-11 01:05 PM   #28 
  - 18 months in the Marion gen pop  Doctor_J   Apr-11-11 11:06 AM   #16 
  - One wonders how common this and other more covert political behaviors are amongst employers, especia  patrice   Apr-11-11 11:09 AM   #18 
  - P.S. Think of the consequences of this type of behavior in America's "Health" "Care" . nt  patrice   Apr-11-11 11:10 AM   #19 
  - buying an election  SemperEadem   Apr-11-11 11:43 AM   #21 
  - walker killed this guys direct rail line from madison to milwaukee  madrchsod   Apr-11-11 12:07 PM   #23 
  - The map of the rail lines is quite interesting.  Ellipsis   Apr-11-11 12:12 PM   #24 
     - yes it is..espically the rail line to chicago...  madrchsod   Apr-11-11 03:11 PM   #29 
  - So is this why Walker gave wanted to convert the  EC   Apr-11-11 12:12 PM   #25 
  - Wake up America THE REPUBLICANS ARE CROOKED AND STEALING YOUR DEMOCRACY!!!  librechik   Apr-11-11 03:15 PM   #30 

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