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Reply #32: But we need to keep those Bush tax cuts in place more. [View All]

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Iris Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-20-10 12:59 PM
Response to Reply #3
32. But we need to keep those Bush tax cuts in place more.

Sadly, I'm afraid these stories could become more and more common.
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  -Young wife, mother of 2 killed by a simple pothole discocrisco01  Dec-19-10 11:06 AM   #0 
  - Very sad indeed  titaniumsalute   Dec-19-10 11:11 AM   #1 
  - not quite the same  trud   Dec-19-10 11:37 AM   #8 
  - I'm from Ohio  titaniumsalute   Dec-19-10 12:15 PM   #12 
  - Only as freaky as friggin tax cuts to the rich.  Mika   Dec-19-10 12:09 PM   #11 
  - How awful.  Tyrs WolfDaemon   Dec-19-10 11:22 AM   #2 
  - Infrastructure!!!  Beaverhausen   Dec-19-10 11:24 AM   #3 
  - There's more money in professional killing. nt  obxhead   Dec-19-10 11:47 AM   #10 
  - we are bleeding our country dry for overseas adventures,  demigoddess   Dec-19-10 02:58 PM   #26 
  - and get a high speed Mag Lev monorail system going to take some pressure  Lorien   Dec-19-10 01:08 PM   #18 
  - But we need to keep those Bush tax cuts in place more.  Iris   Dec-20-10 12:59 PM   #32 
  - A sad story  Angry Dragon   Dec-19-10 11:25 AM   #4 
  - Another reason why 55 mph should be the speed limit in this country. NT  juajen   Dec-19-10 11:25 AM   #5 
  - I agree with you...  Tikki   Dec-19-10 11:30 AM   #6 
  - yes, but I doubt 55 mph would have made any difference in this case. n/t  trud   Dec-19-10 11:35 AM   #7 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-19-10 12:32 PM   #15 
  - I can't drive 55.  LittleGirl   Dec-19-10 12:40 PM   #17 
  - p=mv(2) .nt  Hawkowl   Dec-19-10 03:13 PM   #27 
  - I agree, 55 mph is fast enough  Tumbulu   Dec-19-10 02:09 PM   #23 
  - Public Works Project, anyone?  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-19-10 11:44 AM   #9 
  - +1 No joke!  chill_wind   Dec-19-10 12:29 PM   #13 
  - Really. It's well past time! nt  Lorien   Dec-19-10 01:09 PM   #19 
  - A small price to pay for tax cuts for the rich.  onehandle   Dec-19-10 12:30 PM   #14 
  - May she RIP!  MadMaddie   Dec-19-10 12:34 PM   #16 
  - Results of having an almost entirely red state for decades.  southerncrone   Dec-19-10 01:45 PM   #20 
  - I live in georgia and when I have gone into Alabama  wilt the stilt   Dec-19-10 02:05 PM   #21 
  - Bingo! I believe they are using inferior products  MadMaddie   Dec-19-10 04:09 PM   #28 
  - Alabama received over half a billion $ in stimulus for highway infrastructure  BumRushDaShow   Dec-19-10 02:06 PM   #22 
  - Terrible  Turbineguy   Dec-19-10 02:33 PM   #24 
  - Kicked and recommended.  Uncle Joe   Dec-19-10 02:38 PM   #25 
  - The sad reality of living in a Red State! Will private corporations step up and fix public roads?  Anakin Skywalker   Dec-20-10 05:44 AM   #29 
  - It's fun...  sweetapogee   Dec-20-10 08:10 AM   #30 
  - My cousin died from a pothole too  Nikia   Dec-20-10 09:59 AM   #31 

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