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Reply #18: Thanks Joanne. I didn't see a previous post. [View All]

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Jazzgirl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-11-10 10:26 AM
Response to Reply #17
18. Thanks Joanne. I didn't see a previous post.
Edited on Sat Dec-11-10 08:35 AM by Jazzgirl
I am surprised....not! :-)

Edited again to add NYT link anyway.
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  -Official: Madoff son found dead in NYC apartment IDemo  Dec-11-10 08:24 AM   #0 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Dec-11-10 08:28 AM   #1 
  - Bentley? Forget that cheap shit. Check this out:  Hepburn   Dec-11-10 08:48 AM   #5 
     - How lame. It dosn't look much diffrent then any thing else out there.  Devil_Fish   Dec-13-10 11:07 PM   #63 
  - My favorite sign on Wall Street: "Jump you fuckers"  CanonRay   Dec-11-10 08:29 AM   #2 
  - Sick.  TheCowsCameHome   Dec-11-10 08:50 AM   #6 
  - Mine, too.  femrap   Dec-11-10 09:43 AM   #12 
  - you'll love the song  Po_d Mainiac   Dec-11-10 01:24 PM   #33 
  - You're right, I love it  CanonRay   Dec-11-10 04:26 PM   #49 
  - This saddens me, regardless of what this guy--or his dad--did.  Ruperto31   Dec-12-10 06:04 PM   #59 
  - I didn't see your thread. I just posted an NYT alert.  Jazzgirl   Dec-11-10 08:31 AM   #3 
  - Would it be wrong to protest this funeral?  JVS   Dec-11-10 08:40 AM   #4 
  - Was he as bad as his father is?  tavalon   Dec-11-10 08:54 AM   #7 
  - As bad?  The Backlash Cometh   Dec-11-10 09:00 AM   #9 
  - If you were one of his victims, nothing at all wrong with protesting. [N/T]  Celtic Merlin   Dec-11-10 10:05 AM   #14 
  - There is a Wide Circle of Suspected Co-Conspirators in Madoff Case  Elmore Furth   Dec-11-10 08:54 AM   #8 
  - Supposedly he and his brother turned their father in when he confessed to them  stray cat   Dec-11-10 09:07 AM   #10 
  - My contention is that the old man  customerserviceguy   Dec-11-10 11:33 AM   #30 
  - I don't know  mstinamotorcity   Dec-11-10 09:30 AM   #11 
  - Financial fraud is a very common means of getting into the top 2%.  Frank Booth   Dec-11-10 11:16 AM   #28 
     - Ahhh yes, they are the risk takers  mstinamotorcity   Dec-11-10 12:52 PM   #32 
     - Got any examples? eom  Kolesar   Dec-11-10 05:06 PM   #50 
        - Find a Beverly Hills phone book and pick a name at random.  Frank Booth   Dec-11-10 08:03 PM   #51 
           - that was worse than I could have hoped for...eom  Kolesar   Dec-13-10 07:32 AM   #61 
  - Two years to the day of his father's arrest.  rug   Dec-11-10 09:54 AM   #13 
  - Was he facing prosecution?  liberal N proud   Dec-11-10 10:11 AM   #15 
  - NYT NEWS ALERT: Madoff Son Found Dead of Apparent Suicide, New York Police Say  Jazzgirl   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #16 
  - Official: Madoff's son found dead in apparent suicide  Joanne98   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #17 
  - Thanks Joanne. I didn't see a previous post.  Jazzgirl   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #18 
  - All such events are tragedies  dipsydoodle   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #19 
  - Unless their name is Dick Cheney.  Frisbee   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #20 
     - So will I  dipsydoodle   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #25 
  - Is their estate "estate tax" free?  jerseyjack   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #21 
  - As in Ken Lay's "death," it might protect the stolen funds from recovery  rfranklin   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #22 
     - The trustee, Irving Picard, dropped about 200 suits into the hopper prior to the 12/11 deadline  FarCenter   Dec-11-10 11:05 AM   #27 
  - So, so, so poor...  InkAddict   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #23 
  - Which one of Madoff's victims should get to tell him?  Uben   Dec-11-10 10:26 AM   #24 
  - Now if we could all of the families of all of the thieves...  Doctor_J   Dec-11-10 10:47 AM   #26 
  - sad - don't ever think the things you do don't have an effect on your children.  cbdo2007   Dec-11-10 11:20 AM   #29 
  - There is a lot more than meets the eye  Quantess   Dec-11-10 12:18 PM   #31 
  - Madoff Son Found Dead  LuvNewcastle   Dec-11-10 01:37 PM   #34 
  - I hope his son did not see him. nt  ZombieHorde   Dec-11-10 01:37 PM   #35 
  - Yeah, me too.  LuvNewcastle   Dec-11-10 01:37 PM   #36 
  - His son is 2.  boppers   Dec-11-10 09:11 PM   #54 
  - Maybe the timing was tied to this....  radhika   Dec-11-10 01:37 PM   #37 
     - I'm thinking there's more to this story, too.  LuvNewcastle   Dec-11-10 01:49 PM   #38 
  - Bernie Madoff's Son Mark Reported Dead [Updated](Suicide)  spotbird   Dec-11-10 02:14 PM   #39 
  - I don't think he killed himself. I think he was killed.. Suicides happen alone  glowing   Dec-11-10 02:14 PM   #40 
  - Could be, like the rest of it,  spotbird   Dec-11-10 02:14 PM   #41 
  - Jeffry Picower  spotbird   Dec-11-10 02:14 PM   #43 
  - I'll weep for his afterlife redemption, Fuck him. Fuck them all.  Catherina   Dec-11-10 02:14 PM   #42 
  - I feel bad for anyone who goes through the mental torture they do before deciding  polly7   Dec-11-10 02:20 PM   #44 
  - As bad as Bernie was, his grandkids don't deserve this  Taverner   Dec-11-10 02:38 PM   #45 
  - Never mind  bluestateguy   Dec-11-10 03:27 PM   #46 
  - I cannot celebrate this...  laylah   Dec-11-10 03:58 PM   #47 
  - But why ruin a good compost pile? n/t  Po_d Mainiac   Dec-11-10 04:15 PM   #48 
  - I'm with you  qanda   Dec-12-10 05:44 AM   #55 
  - Suicide sucks; that is all. (nt)  Posteritatis   Dec-11-10 08:04 PM   #52 
  - When the result of bullying or mental instability, I agree  Po_d Mainiac   Dec-11-10 08:58 PM   #53 
     - Legal Question....  WinterParkDonkey   Dec-12-10 05:33 PM   #56 
  - He did this while his two year-old son slept in a room in the same apartment?  PurityOfEssence   Dec-12-10 05:38 PM   #57 
  - Bernie chalks up another victim - hope he's OK with it being his  24601   Dec-12-10 06:01 PM   #58 
  - I might be suicidal, too  bmbmd   Dec-12-10 06:43 PM   #60 
  - Fishy. nt.  sam kane   Dec-13-10 12:00 PM   #62 

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