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Reply #35: Some of that is as much (if not more) myth as fact, even though even historians repeat it. [View All]

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jobycom Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Oct-08-10 03:03 AM
Response to Reply #34
35. Some of that is as much (if not more) myth as fact, even though even historians repeat it.
I think I even repeated it in this thread. :) Not that I was ever a full-blown historian, just a grad student of history. :(

People didn't drink from rivers, they drank from wells. Cities were more of a problem than rural areas, and a traveler generally didn't drink water because you generally try not to drink bacterial cultures different from the one you're used to, but there was fresh water to drink. Some places even had indoor plumbing and running water, even back in the eleventh and twelfth century--the monastery of Cluny, for instance.

Even so, they drank wine in the cities because it generally improved health. It did kill off bacteria that popped up in food from time to time. And of course a city was more likely to have travelers who weren't used to the water. And of course, wine is more fun than water. Ale and beer were the same, except of course they were made from the water.

And of course, the Renaissance isn't medieval--it's generally marked as the end of the Middle Ages, as Europe began to emerge from the Hell of the Fourteenth Century, with its constant wars and the Plague.

There was the whole "12th Century Renaissance" era, but that was largely stolen from Islamic Spain and Italy. There was more art, thought, and culture at most points in the Middle Ages than medieval culture was given credit for. That's largely because the name and the whole definition of the "Middle Ages," or as it was sometimes called, the "Dark Ages," came from the Renaissance, as people looked back at the last hundred years of Hell and decided the entire period between the fall of Rome and the emergence of the Renaissance must have been just like the Fourteenth Century.
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  -Study O.K.'s Light Drinking During Pregnancy. Too Good to Be True? HuckleB  Oct-06-10 04:42 PM   #0 
  - anything in excess, *IS* excess  karnac   Oct-06-10 04:51 PM   #1 
  - enabling  Broderick   Oct-06-10 04:57 PM   #3 
  - The study was done in Britain.  HuckleB   Oct-06-10 05:02 PM   #4 
  - Big Deal. Medieval peasant women drank beer and ale every day while pregnant.  jobycom   Oct-06-10 04:57 PM   #2 
  - in the middle of the 1800's things changed......  karnac   Oct-06-10 05:11 PM   #7 
  - you would rather they had drunk dirty water and died from water-borne disease?  bread_and_roses   Oct-06-10 06:41 PM   #15 
  - Never implied otherwise.  jobycom   Oct-06-10 06:56 PM   #19 
  - Ha - don't forget the mortality rate of newborns back then must have been huge.  cbdo2007   Oct-07-10 12:37 PM   #30 
  - In medieval days, you couldn't drink the water in the cities because it was so polluted.  CTyankee   Oct-07-10 01:55 PM   #34 
     - Some of that is as much (if not more) myth as fact, even though even historians repeat it.  jobycom   Oct-08-10 03:03 AM   #35 
        - I am very interested in the 14th century now, but more from an art perspective...or  CTyankee   Oct-08-10 07:28 AM   #36 
           - Ooo, pretty! Now that's a cool church.  jobycom   Oct-08-10 02:48 PM   #40 
              - Yeah, that market was a real hallmark of the Florentine republic.  CTyankee   Oct-08-10 04:21 PM   #42 
  - i honestly don't miss it  mrs_p   Oct-06-10 05:04 PM   #5 
  - I can't give up coffee for more than a day, myself, even if I can't be pregnant.  HuckleB   Oct-06-10 05:11 PM   #8 
  - Yeah, for me it wasn't even an issue.  laundry_queen   Oct-06-10 05:12 PM   #9 
  - I drank one cup (black) a day  Dappleganger   Oct-06-10 06:24 PM   #14 
  - wasn't willing to take the chance. not even drinking during breastfeeding  ejpoeta   Oct-06-10 05:07 PM   #6 
  - And drink heavily during pregnancy if you want to produce the 43rd president of the US  mitchum   Oct-06-10 05:14 PM   #10 
  - +1 ROFL  Better Today   Oct-06-10 06:52 PM   #18 
  - Anyone who can't quit for 9 months  ProudDad   Oct-06-10 06:15 PM   #11 
  - That hasn't been true, in my experience.  HuckleB   Oct-06-10 06:19 PM   #12 
  - I was in my 6th month  emilyg   Oct-06-10 06:21 PM   #13 
     - We traveled to Vienna and Prague when my wife was about six months.  HuckleB   Oct-06-10 06:57 PM   #20 
  - But the point is science is saying there is no need to completely abstain  Book Lover   Oct-06-10 07:04 PM   #22 
  - My post is not judgemental!  ProudDad   Oct-07-10 12:25 PM   #29 
     - As a woman who drank while pregnant, I disagree with your assertion  Book Lover   Oct-07-10 01:41 PM   #33 
  - and anyone who doesn't have a "problem" with alcohol  nodehopper   Oct-08-10 08:19 AM   #37 
  - Common sense. nt.  marybourg   Oct-06-10 06:46 PM   #16 
  - Moms to Be: PLEASE DO NOT DRINK  marias23   Oct-06-10 06:52 PM   #17 
  - Thank you. It's good to hear from a medical professional  MineralMan   Oct-06-10 07:03 PM   #21 
  - what chance?  nodehopper   Oct-08-10 08:22 AM   #38 
  - also if you feel so strongly about it,  nodehopper   Oct-08-10 08:25 AM   #39 
  - The absolute prohibition against alcohol in pregnancy is a relatively recent, and probably temporary  bread_and_roses   Oct-06-10 07:06 PM   #23 
  - That's a very good point, or a collection of good points.  HuckleB   Oct-07-10 11:45 AM   #28 
  - I think you're right about the timing of the absolute prohibition and the reason.  Gormy Cuss   Oct-08-10 02:51 PM   #41 
  - "no alcohol whatsoever" was a typical american overreaction  maxsolomon   Oct-06-10 07:29 PM   #24 
     - This (nm)  Book Lover   Oct-06-10 08:21 PM   #25 
     - Thank you.  enlightenment   Oct-06-10 09:48 PM   #26 
     - You're probably right.  HuckleB   Oct-06-10 10:21 PM   #27 
     - I LOVE it when people use your type of flawed reasoning  joeglow3   Oct-07-10 12:38 PM   #31 
        - do you really LOVE it?  maxsolomon   Oct-07-10 01:13 PM   #32 

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