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Reply #28: Ah...I see "Duh!" Magazine has a new issue out. [View All]

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Roland99 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-09-10 11:45 AM
Response to Original message
28. Ah...I see "Duh!" Magazine has a new issue out.
I've been saying this for years. Noticed it when my daughter was in Middle School. Kids that were 11, 12 years old looked like high school seniors (or older!)

Aside from the obesity and plastics potential causes listed in the article, look at all the hormone-injected beef and crap added to milk and who knows what preservatives and things like aspertame are doing. And, for that matter, the greater amount of RF in our everyday lives from cell phones, laptops, cell towers, etc.

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  -Study: Age that girls hit puberty keeps dropping theHandpuppet  Aug-09-10 08:41 AM   #0 
  - And chemicals causing boys to become feminized  SpiralHawk   Aug-09-10 08:43 AM   #1 
  - I think that some of it has to do with milk  MARALE   Aug-09-10 08:47 AM   #3 
  - See my post below--It's probably not milk per se  Lydia Leftcoast   Aug-09-10 10:08 AM   #9 
  - I think it's the soy in EVERYTHING.  BonnieJW   Aug-09-10 10:23 AM   #16 
     - But East Asians have been eating (and drinking) massive amounts of soy  wickerwoman   Aug-09-10 05:28 PM   #56 
        - Not "massive" amounts of soy  Lydia Leftcoast   Aug-10-10 12:18 AM   #65 
           - YMMV.  wickerwoman   Aug-10-10 02:14 AM   #66 
           - There may be something harmful about large amounts of soy in infancy  Lydia Leftcoast   Aug-10-10 09:45 AM   #68 
           - Right  marions ghost   Aug-10-10 06:56 PM   #71 
  - You are 100% correct! The same hormones that make cows produce milk longer,  DailyGrind51   Aug-09-10 10:09 AM   #10 
  - Doubtful for the same reason that you receive no immuno-benefit from cow's milk. nt  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 02:55 PM   #46 
  - I think you're on to something there. I know a lot of milk drinkers will deny it but I've  superconnected   Aug-09-10 10:34 AM   #19 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Aug-09-10 10:14 AM   #13 
  - Girl Power!  Evasporque   Aug-09-10 10:27 AM   #17 
  - And girls should be more feminine too.  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 10:36 AM   #20 
  - Ahhh.... the "zero sum" trap.  LanternWaste   Aug-09-10 01:56 PM   #42 
  - Give me a break.  undeterred   Aug-09-10 05:52 PM   #58 
     - Or maybe they should be more masculine.  Lightning Count   Aug-10-10 11:16 AM   #70 
  - I'm not opposed to the femination of boys either - ala The book Gate to Womens Country  superconnected   Aug-09-10 10:36 AM   #21 
  - I'd like to point out that all those hormones that cause this shift  Veilex   Aug-09-10 12:41 PM   #34 
  - This is a really sexist post  XemaSab   Aug-09-10 02:12 PM   #44 
  - Boys who play with dolls/tea sets are practicing to be contributing parents.  uppityperson   Aug-09-10 11:05 AM   #24 
  - they say this about "lavender" scented baby shampoo and other lavender stuff.  cbdo2007   Aug-09-10 01:14 PM   #37 
  - Eat clean food  SpiralHawk   Aug-09-10 08:46 AM   #2 
  - Don't forget all the household stuff.  uberblonde   Aug-09-10 09:01 AM   #4 
  - Do you know how hard it is even to eat food without GMO's now a days since they  superconnected   Aug-09-10 10:42 AM   #23 
  - Like to see a complete study !  NikRik   Aug-09-10 09:08 AM   #5 
  - yes, man made hormones are in everything - meat, fish, water  ensho   Aug-09-10 09:48 AM   #6 
  - Could be environmental/media induced.  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 09:53 AM   #7 
  - Hmm  Johonny   Aug-09-10 10:12 AM   #11 
     - Exactly right.  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 10:13 AM   #12 
  - Kids drank more milk and fewer soft drinks and juices in my day. Maybe it's  Lydia Leftcoast   Aug-09-10 10:06 AM   #8 
  - i remember once reading an article about men becoming sterile  iamthebandfanman   Aug-09-10 10:16 AM   #14 
  - Actually, this trend has been happening for about 100 years.  TheWraith   Aug-09-10 10:19 AM   #15 
  - it's obesity. that's what the today show said this morning.  ejpoeta   Aug-09-10 10:33 AM   #18 
  - Possibly. Fat does result in hormone changes.  TheWraith   Aug-09-10 10:40 AM   #22 
  - yes body weight (fat) is a factor in the onset of puberty  Rosa Luxemburg   Aug-09-10 05:03 PM   #51 
  - You can re-watch the story here as reported from NBC Nightly News  alp227   Aug-09-10 07:50 PM   #61 
  - Not quite. From the article:  Lorien   Aug-09-10 12:03 PM   #31 
  - What's your excuse for the mass increase in the last decade?  superconnected   Aug-09-10 02:01 PM   #43 
  - BGH  L0oniX   Aug-09-10 11:07 AM   #25 
  - re: BGH  BadgerKid   Aug-09-10 11:54 AM   #29 
  - Ah well they also say that aspartame and sucralose are safe too.  L0oniX   Aug-09-10 12:22 PM   #33 
     - Pasteurization is the difference. nt  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 12:57 PM   #35 
  - Plus - since that makes cows fatter, I bet it makes humans fatter too.  superconnected   Aug-09-10 05:12 PM   #53 
  - Soy, bisphenol A, and maybe other hormone disruptors. nt  valerief   Aug-09-10 11:23 AM   #26 
  - Sodium Laurel Sufate among them, which is in damn near every cleanser  Lorien   Aug-09-10 12:01 PM   #30 
     - Yeah! That's every-friggin-where. nt  valerief   Aug-09-10 12:05 PM   #32 
  - It's probably due to some combination of many of the causes mentioned in this thread.  gauguin57   Aug-09-10 11:35 AM   #27 
  - I quit climbing trees and being a tomboy when I started my period, I was 12.  superconnected   Aug-09-10 05:16 PM   #55 
  - Ah...I see "Duh!" Magazine has a new issue out.  Roland99   Aug-09-10 11:45 AM   #28 
  - Wow - breasts on 7 year olds - this is scary.  superconnected   Aug-09-10 12:59 PM   #36 
  - Genetics, diet, power of suggestion?  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 01:25 PM   #38 
  - Not genetics - not with that much difference in 10 years. Hormones in milk most likely.  superconnected   Aug-09-10 01:28 PM   #39 
     - So Black girls drink that much more milk than White girls?  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 01:35 PM   #40 
        - Genetics do NOT kick in, in 10 years. That's not even close to a generation.  superconnected   Aug-09-10 01:51 PM   #41 
        - "Genetics do NOT kick in, in 10 years"  Lightning Count   Aug-09-10 02:32 PM   #45 
        - No, but African American parents  wickerwoman   Aug-09-10 05:39 PM   #57 
  - And . . . more MALES are developing breasts . . . !!!  defendandprotect   Aug-09-10 04:49 PM   #50 
  - anecdotal...  FirstLight   Aug-09-10 04:27 PM   #47 
  - I started when I was 10 (in 1990)  tammywammy   Aug-09-10 09:44 PM   #62 
  - another theory  greymattermom   Aug-09-10 04:39 PM   #48 
  - Pollution of planet and our foods -- hormones and chemicals in animal-eating ....  defendandprotect   Aug-09-10 04:48 PM   #49 
  - Exposure to more light = hormonal changes  mainer   Aug-09-10 05:06 PM   #52 
  - for boys is this the case?  Rosa Luxemburg   Aug-09-10 05:15 PM   #54 
     - For boys, there's nothing equivalent to menarche  mainer   Aug-09-10 06:32 PM   #59 
        - actually Tanners Stages in boys  Rosa Luxemburg   Aug-09-10 06:43 PM   #60 
  - No comments on exercise? Based on other reports the main factor.  happyslug   Aug-09-10 10:05 PM   #63 
  - One thing not mentioned so far is "sexual abuse" by the media.  Salander   Aug-09-10 10:21 PM   #64 
     - That may be so, but there was a lot of sexual abuse going on in the past.  raccoon   Aug-10-10 06:26 AM   #67 
        - I'm talking about media porn-- hard and soft  Salander   Aug-10-10 11:05 AM   #69 

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