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Reply #17: Apparently he doesn't just point blame in one direction [View All]

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salin Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-25-04 07:21 AM
Response to Reply #5
17. Apparently he doesn't just point blame in one direction
so is fair in his critique. One major difference appears to be response. Weekly highest level meetings with the president post the 1998 bombings (and the thwarting of the Millenium bombings); versus the moving down the priority list (not even in the DOJ/thus FBI) top ten funding priorities under the Ashcroft budget sent it just days before 9-11. This is after Ashcroft is made aware of the growing threat including a directive to stop flying commercial flights.

Further more antiterrorism activities were to be taken on by Dick Cheney (head of a task force) - who was so busy with his Energy Task Force that he had not held the first task-force meeting prior to 9-11. Contrast that to weekly meetings with the highest level folks.

But nonetheless, apparently Clarke does mete out criticism towards the Clinton administration, so your criticism doesn't quite pan out.

Keep in mind too, that bush/cheney will only testify in closed sessions with the hand-picked chairmen of the task force and for limited time (too busy, as opposed to how often the repubs drug Clinton before congress... who... wasn't too busy?!)... contrasted to testimony before the full committee by both Clinton and Gore - who I believe have made themselves broadly (timewise) available.

So who seems to be interested in getting as much info out there so this can be addressed, compared to attempting to cut off any substance from inquiry? Who tried for more than a year to prevent a commission/study into 9-11 from EVER HAPPENING? Follow the actions of the principals. The actions say much, much more than the carefully selected "words" to the press.
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