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Reply #62: Notice to Alcoholics and Cigarette Smokers: No More 911 Service For You! [View All]

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NashVegas Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Dec-15-09 12:31 PM
Response to Reply #39
62. Notice to Alcoholics and Cigarette Smokers: No More 911 Service For You!
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  -Body Found on Mt. Hood, 2 Climbers Still Missing tonysam  Dec-13-09 11:18 AM   #0 
  - Damn, I hope they're OK  petronius   Dec-13-09 11:23 AM   #1 
  - idiots climb when weather is closing in and then my tax dollars go to finding them. Cliimbing  ORDagnabbit   Dec-13-09 11:26 AM   #2 
  - i hate being a coldhearted bitch....  unabelladonna   Dec-13-09 11:36 AM   #6 
  - Mountain Weather's a bitch...  jimnasium   Dec-13-09 12:42 PM   #14 
  - It was just supposed to be a short trip. nt  ZombieHorde   Dec-14-09 10:21 PM   #44 
  - relax douschebag, Your "tax dollars" are not being used  pasto76   Dec-13-09 12:02 PM   #10 
  - What you said  stevedeshazer   Dec-13-09 12:22 PM   #12 
  - Well said, Sergeant.  tabasco   Dec-13-09 04:15 PM   #21 
  - sorry charlie but you're wrong... the sheriffs office is in on it and they arent volunteers.  ORDagnabbit   Dec-14-09 12:24 AM   #32 
  - Who goes mountain climbing in Oregon in DECEMBER?  psychopomp   Dec-15-09 12:02 AM   #51 
  - Yeah, I hate it when my tax funded fire departments are used for rescuing people - such a waste!  devilgrrl   Dec-13-09 02:36 PM   #18 
  - The Coast Guard is a waste. People with coastal cruisers deserve to die.  BrightKnight   Dec-16-09 11:47 AM   #70 
  - My sentiments exactly! Mt Hood is only 80 miles from my house so  Garam_Masala   Dec-13-09 09:37 PM   #30 
  - Your head must explode when fire fighters save people and buildings in bad neighorhoods  devilgrrl   Dec-14-09 05:41 PM   #36 
  - You are not smart enough to see the difference  Garam_Masala   Dec-14-09 06:47 PM   #38 
     - How many climbers get lost on Mt. Hood a year? What? 2? 5? 10 at the most.  devilgrrl   Dec-14-09 08:32 PM   #39 
        - Let them get lost at their own expense...  Garam_Masala   Dec-14-09 10:14 PM   #42 
        - Yes, I'm sure wilderness rescues are just busting budgets nationwide  devilgrrl   Dec-14-09 11:34 PM   #49 
           - A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step  Garam_Masala   Dec-14-09 11:54 PM   #50 
              - The first step might be to read the posts here on DU  depakid   Dec-15-09 05:44 AM   #55 
                 - Naw I will stick to the beauty, camaraderie, exercise & fun  Garam_Masala   Dec-15-09 02:39 PM   #65 
        - Notice to Alcoholics and Cigarette Smokers: No More 911 Service For You!  NashVegas   Dec-15-09 12:31 PM   #62 
  - The girl who is missing has dedicated her life to saving others.  ZombieHorde   Dec-14-09 10:23 PM   #45 
  - I know the girl who is missing. She is my wife's childhood friend.  ZombieHorde   Dec-14-09 10:20 PM   #43 
  - Nonsense, she deserves to die....  WriteDown   Dec-15-09 12:27 PM   #58 
  - When and if a  LanternWaste   Dec-16-09 09:36 AM   #69 
  - They never found those two climbers who were lost up there  tonysam   Dec-13-09 11:29 AM   #3 
  - IF I were one of the searchers...I think I would NOT want helicopter  windbreeze   Dec-13-09 11:35 AM   #4 
  - More here  tonysam   Dec-13-09 11:35 AM   #5 
  - There are surely easier ways to get a Christmas tree  proud2BlibKansan   Dec-13-09 11:46 AM   #7 
  - Do people climb at this time of year because they have time off or something?  EFerrari   Dec-13-09 11:52 AM   #8 
  - some routes are only in condition in the winter  jobendorfer   Dec-13-09 02:22 PM   #17 
     - Looks like they were ascending Reid headwall  depakid   Dec-13-09 03:19 PM   #20 
  - I don't understand why some climbers don't pay closer attention to the weather report.  kestrel91316   Dec-13-09 11:53 AM   #9 
  - That's what I want to know especially since  Generator   Dec-13-09 03:17 PM   #19 
  - Portland Mountain Rescue  pasto76   Dec-13-09 12:13 PM   #11 
  - Why didn't they rent a locater device for $5?  oregonjen   Dec-13-09 12:41 PM   #13 
  - Or Spend the Money for a Good Jacket?  NashVegas   Dec-15-09 12:33 PM   #63 
     - It might save lives but passive RF reflectors / tags are not in civilian gear.  BrightKnight   Dec-16-09 12:42 PM   #71 
  - Off topic but my cousin was lost on Mt Hood six years ago.  Brother Buzz   Dec-13-09 01:01 PM   #15 
  - I am so sorry  laylah   Dec-13-09 01:04 PM   #16 
  - I'm so sorry.  Th1onein   Dec-13-09 06:36 PM   #23 
  - Actually right on topic ....  Trajan   Dec-13-09 07:40 PM   #25 
  - I'm supposed to drive through there tomorrow around noon.  Th1onein   Dec-13-09 06:33 PM   #22 
  - I reluctantly drove 26 and 20\22 in winter conditions ....  Trajan   Dec-13-09 07:39 PM   #24 
  - Must have tire chains. Stop at Les Schwab. I'd skip the trip if you can.  Trocadero   Dec-13-09 08:19 PM   #26 
  - You have to have them in your car, not necessarily on it.  Th1onein   Dec-15-09 12:24 AM   #52 
  - I drive it once a week (PDX->Bend, over Hood)  boppers   Dec-13-09 08:41 PM   #27 
     - never, never leave your car and go wandering around in the woods  Trocadero   Dec-14-09 12:15 AM   #31 
  - Once several students and two teachers from Oregon Episcopal School died on Mt. Hood  Lydia Leftcoast   Dec-13-09 09:12 PM   #28 
  - yeah, December, nice month to pick for mountian climbing in the NW.  superconnected   Dec-13-09 09:23 PM   #29 
  - No sympathy. If you live like you are seeking the Darwin Award, then no crying when you get it.  NoodleyAppendage   Dec-14-09 10:19 AM   #33 
  - Certain routes are far safer during winter  depakid   Dec-14-09 03:48 PM   #35 
  - Your kind will evolve into cowardly sloths. n/t  tabasco   Dec-14-09 09:29 PM   #40 
  - My kind will live on to evolve...that's the point! n/t  NoodleyAppendage   Dec-14-09 10:06 PM   #41 
     - Others, despite the losses, will evolve.  tabasco   Dec-15-09 05:45 AM   #56 
  - If you knew her you would feel differently.  ZombieHorde   Dec-14-09 10:31 PM   #46 
  - That's great. And, if she didn't go up on a mountain in winter those charitable works would con't.  NoodleyAppendage   Dec-14-09 10:56 PM   #47 
     - I don't know if you have, but please don't post comment like these on the news articles.  ZombieHorde   Dec-14-09 11:10 PM   #48 
     - You don't think any are on DU?  WriteDown   Dec-15-09 12:30 PM   #61 
        - I reread all ofthe posts and I did not notice any one mentioning a connection to these three people.  ZombieHorde   Dec-15-09 07:01 PM   #66 
           - I just meant the general....  WriteDown   Dec-15-09 10:39 PM   #67 
              - Oh OK, we were talking about two different things.  ZombieHorde   Dec-15-09 10:56 PM   #68 
     - If she died in a mudslide in the summer, then it would be okay  WriteDown   Dec-15-09 12:29 PM   #60 
     - If that's the most empathetic reply you can muster when addressing a poster with a personal  Gormy Cuss   Dec-15-09 12:43 PM   #64 
  - We should all just sit at home and be glued to the television...  WriteDown   Dec-15-09 12:28 PM   #59 
  - I have a Mt Hood view  jaksavage   Dec-14-09 10:48 AM   #34 
  - Update: Dead climber fell, then died of hypothermia  depakid   Dec-14-09 06:23 PM   #37 
  - Wow! Lot of LIBERTARIAN responses here! Ayn Rand would be proud! What planet is this?  devilgrrl   Dec-15-09 01:47 AM   #53 
  - "It's Planet "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!"  depakid   Dec-15-09 05:36 AM   #54 
  - The latest  tonysam   Dec-15-09 10:35 AM   #57 

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