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Reply #69: Most likely theory right now is that he was faking his "murder." [View All]

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Ishka Kibble Donating Member (77 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Nov-24-09 08:46 PM
Response to Reply #58
69. Most likely theory right now is that he was faking his "murder."
If he died of cancer or suicide, the two insurance policies he'd just taken out, which would have paid out $600,000 to his son - who is destitute - if Mr. Sparkman died in an accident or was murdered.

So the theory is that he committed suicide and did his best to make it look like murder. A lot of people here seem to think it's not possible to hang oneself in such a way, but that only shows their limited experience with the force of the will to die that seizes some people, and their lack of understanding of how the mechanics of auto-erotic asphyxiation can go so terribly wrong - witness David Carradine.

Mr. Sparkman had nothing, and I'm not even sure that he had any kind of medical insurance that might have covered his cancer treatment. I also don't know if his cancer was even close to remission, or had he been told he was terminal. His life had been an odd patchwork of odd jobs here and there, with no real stability. At the time of his death, his teenage son was living with other adults, not with his adoptive father, which seems odd and sad to me. The boy had nothing when told that his father had died - he said he had sixteen dollars to his name. So it sounds like Mr. Sparkman didn't provide a stable home for the kid, which is too bad.

It would seem, from what I've read, that Mr. Sparkman was simply trying, by giving his life, which probably didn't mean a whole lot to him anyway, so that his son would be able to collect on those insurance policies. If he could make his death look like a suicide, the boy would have received a fat payoff from the insurance companies; unfortunately for Mr. Sparkman, too many people had the exact same plan, and investigators are familiar with the pattern.

With an incontestability clause that - in most states - lasts two years, suicide would not have allowed a payout to the boy.

A sad, sad situation.
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