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Reply #22: I'd say they owe us [View All]

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DissedByBush Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-21-09 07:23 PM
Response to Reply #10
22. I'd say they owe us
We lost 53,000 in WWI protecting Europe
We lost 291,000 in WWII protecting Europe and the Pacific
We lost 34,000 protecting South Korea from a Chinese-driven communist takeover

Kennedy at least started our loss of 47,000 in Vietnam to protect them from another Chinese-driven communist takeover ("pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of liberty").

That's almost half a million Americans dead when we could have just stayed out of it and let other countries get taken over by force of arms.
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  -Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil NOW tense  Oct-21-09 06:40 PM   #0 
  - Blood oil...  JuniperLea   Oct-21-09 06:41 PM   #1 
  - Fuck you, Pickens.  sakabatou   Oct-21-09 06:41 PM   #2 
  - The Head Financier of the Swift Boat Veterans = a POS  saigon68   Oct-22-09 09:04 AM   #62 
  - typical mindset of the tycoon  knowbody0   Oct-21-09 06:42 PM   #3 
  - Which means, the more soldiers that die, the more oil you can have. n/t  rooboy   Oct-21-09 06:42 PM   #4 
  - I wonder what the proper ratio should be  Canuckistanian   Oct-21-09 09:30 PM   #44 
  - Sure, it's ours. We stole it fair and square.  RC   Oct-21-09 06:43 PM   #5 
  - Let's ask the Iraqi people about that and see what they say . . .  Jack Rabbit   Oct-21-09 06:45 PM   #6 
  - Sounds like he needs some shoes thrown in his general direction.  tridim   Oct-21-09 06:49 PM   #7 
  - Typical. n/t  tazkcmo   Oct-21-09 06:49 PM   #8 
  - Fuck that asshole.  DinahMoeHum   Oct-21-09 06:54 PM   #9 
  - If entitlement is based on lives sacrificed  sandnsea   Oct-21-09 06:58 PM   #10 
  - LOL! nt  Peace Patriot   Oct-21-09 07:06 PM   #13 
  - I'd say they owe us  DissedByBush   Oct-21-09 07:23 PM   #22 
  - 2 mil in Vietnam, mil in Iraq  sandnsea   Oct-21-09 07:43 PM   #28 
  - I guess we're effective  DissedByBush   Oct-21-09 11:02 PM   #50 
     - Don't include me in your we  sandnsea   Oct-21-09 11:04 PM   #51 
  - The first two wars were "TRUE" wars.  pnorman   Oct-21-09 09:30 PM   #43 
  - Korea isn't as clear-cut.  proteus_lives   Oct-22-09 01:50 AM   #56 
  - LOL if basing your argument on body counts dictates what a nation should get  Javaman   Oct-23-09 08:57 AM   #67 
  - Plus the money we send to countries, food, et al... and 'government subsidy' to corporations that  Deja Q   Oct-23-09 04:55 PM   #69 
  - I was groping for the right phrase, but I'll settle for yours.  pnorman   Oct-21-09 09:01 PM   #41 
  - wouldn't the Native Americans have a claim on two continents  L. Coyote   Oct-22-09 12:41 AM   #54 
  - If anybody was entitled, it would be the families of those killed  Chemisse   Oct-21-09 07:05 PM   #11 
  - thanks Chemisse...  Johnyawl   Oct-21-09 07:09 PM   #14 
  - + 1000  northernlights   Oct-21-09 08:25 PM   #35 
  - Pickens thinks he is entitled to the lives of American  The Second Stone   Oct-21-09 08:53 PM   #38 
  - Entitled to the resources of another nation... where have I heard this before...  Fearless   Oct-21-09 07:06 PM   #12 
  - what else are they entitled too, pick?  d_b   Oct-21-09 07:09 PM   #15 
  - If the oil companies agreed to give the families of fallen soldiers free oil products for life...  Erebus67   Oct-21-09 07:12 PM   #16 
  - Please tell me your joking.  Arctic Dave   Oct-21-09 07:36 PM   #25 
  - well, they did ask us to invade their country and kill all those folks, after all....  mike_c   Oct-21-09 07:15 PM   #17 
  - Yes, America deserves a reward for its efforts  BOG PERSON   Oct-21-09 07:15 PM   #18 
  - The Fat Cat plan for all ventures  Brother Buzz   Oct-21-09 07:16 PM   #19 
  - what the _%#@___!  livingonearth   Oct-21-09 07:20 PM   #20 
  - I heard this one awhile back...  givemebackmycountry   Oct-21-09 07:22 PM   #21 
  - Hanging's too good for the SOB.  Vidar   Oct-21-09 07:27 PM   #23 
  - During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq  Cirque du So-What   Oct-21-09 07:29 PM   #24 
  - The US illegally invaded Iraq, a sovereign nation, ALL based on lies & greed.....  GreenTea   Oct-21-09 07:36 PM   #26 
  - Velkor says Pickens 'entitled' to dine on feces and expire  Lilith Velkor   Oct-21-09 07:43 PM   #27 
  - Invaders are "entitled"? Hitler would be happy to hear this.  WinkyDink   Oct-21-09 07:48 PM   #29 
  - Considering that after the violent denationalization of Hussein's  polly7   Oct-21-09 07:48 PM   #30 
  - So, Boonie hasn't really switched from oil to natural gas despite what he says  muntrv   Oct-21-09 07:51 PM   #31 
  - there entitled to it in there company coffee pots  skoalyman   Oct-21-09 08:12 PM   #32 
  - Sounds to me like he has more gas than most. nt  rhett o rick   Oct-21-09 10:58 PM   #49 
  - Heartless  classysassy   Oct-21-09 08:19 PM   #33 
  - Get Lost, Boone.....  Paladin   Oct-21-09 08:20 PM   #34 
  - Why Not Be Honest? The Spoils Of War  NashVegas   Oct-21-09 08:35 PM   #36 
  - t-bone....  unkachuck   Oct-21-09 08:49 PM   #37 
  - maybe we should just give him the dead bodies of the fallen, instead of the dead dinosaurs?  robinlynne   Oct-21-09 08:55 PM   #39 
  - THE TROOPS ARE ENTITLED, NOT THE CORPS  HowHasItComeToThis   Oct-21-09 08:57 PM   #40 
  - So I'm guessing that translates to...  Mythbuster   Oct-21-09 09:16 PM   #42 
  - And to think . . .  gratuitous   Oct-21-09 10:32 PM   #45 
  - Wonder how many in Congress agreed....  Solly Mack   Oct-21-09 10:34 PM   #46 
  - how many oil company execs risked their lives on the battlefield...?  dysfunctional press   Oct-21-09 10:41 PM   #47 
  - So its not the troops that lost their lives that are entitled to compensation, but CorpAmerica.  rhett o rick   Oct-21-09 10:57 PM   #48 
  - In return, are the orphans of Iraq entitled to you Mr. Pickens? Hows about we  Malikshah   Oct-21-09 11:33 PM   #52 
  - I heard an interview yesterday with the CEO of a company building...  slipslidingaway   Oct-21-09 11:42 PM   #53 
  - This is a huge improvement on Christians entitled to Pagan continents  L. Coyote   Oct-22-09 12:43 AM   #55 
  - Pickens says U.S. firms 'entitled' to Iraqi oil  unhappycamper   Oct-22-09 06:48 AM   #57 
  - Surprise. Pickens has not changed after all. (not that I am surprised, but so many people here  Mass   Oct-22-09 06:48 AM   #58 
  - No doubt that the oil is what they were after  madokie   Oct-22-09 06:48 AM   #59 
  - Uh, wrong! nt  and-justice-for-all   Oct-22-09 06:51 AM   #60 
  - US soldiers died and US taxpayers funded the whole thing, so naturally, the US OIL COMPANIES  City Lights   Oct-22-09 06:57 AM   #61 
  - Yeah, like German firms were entitled to Poland's oil after Germany conquered  Zorra   Oct-22-09 06:11 PM   #63 
  - Say goodbye to the little bit of credibility you had with your massive wind farm plans, T Boon.  truthisfreedom   Oct-22-09 06:17 PM   #64 
  - so, our soldier's were dying for private interests, and you think that's just fine  fascisthunter   Oct-22-09 07:01 PM   #65 
  - Read my sig line. nt  Javaman   Oct-23-09 08:54 AM   #66 
  - How many oil comany execs lost their lives there? What makes THEM entitled?  denverbill   Oct-23-09 11:32 AM   #68 
  - US troops killed more Iraqis than anyone else did, so US oil companies should get the oil.  Prometheus Bound   Oct-23-09 07:48 PM   #70 
  - that's pretty damn evil nt  G_j   Oct-23-09 07:59 PM   #71 
  - Jeeez...  Regret My New Name   Oct-23-09 08:24 PM   #72 
  - Form a platoon of oil company CEOs  daleo   Oct-24-09 01:16 AM   #73 

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