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Reply #8: Oh, for God's sake. [View All]

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mwb970 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Feb-27-09 10:16 AM
Response to Original message
8. Oh, for God's sake.
When will we be delivered from these fools?
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  -Senator (Jim DeMint) calls Obama 'worlds best salesman of socialism' sabra  Feb-27-09 10:04 AM   #0 
  - Wrong Jim. Your epic GOP fail was the best argument for socialism.  phantom power   Feb-27-09 10:07 AM   #1 
  - Raving from another Chimpanzee enabler  saigon68   Feb-27-09 10:13 AM   #5 
  - EXACTLY  Beavker   Feb-27-09 11:53 AM   #28 
  - It still is, but in lip service only. In practice, not a one of them accept responsibility for ANY  No Elephants   Feb-28-09 07:55 AM   #49 
  - Look how well the GOP's unbridled capitalism has worked!!  Myrina   Feb-27-09 10:07 AM   #2 
  - What the GOP wants is socialism for themselves and their rich buddies  subsuelo   Feb-27-09 12:21 PM   #31 
     - Absolutely  Art_from_Ark   Mar-02-09 11:29 PM   #54 
  - Shhhh. Jim, be quiet. The grownups are talking.  jobycom   Feb-27-09 10:07 AM   #3 
  - Runaway Capitalism is the MOTHER of PLANETARY ABUSE  opihimoimoi   Feb-27-09 10:09 AM   #4 
  - Ah, if only!  Jackpine Radical   Feb-27-09 10:15 AM   #6 
  - DeMint wants a government just big enough ...  DBoon   Feb-27-09 10:15 AM   #7 
  - Oh, for God's sake.  mwb970   Feb-27-09 10:16 AM   #8 
  - too late  florida08   Feb-27-09 10:17 AM   #9 
  - Tens of trillions of dollars in losses rung up by reckless, incompetent capitalists  indepat   Feb-27-09 10:21 AM   #10 
  - Can someone tell me what's wrong with "Western European-style socialism"?  gauguin57   Feb-27-09 10:24 AM   #11 
  - It isn't perfect but I will take it over the crap we have been going through any day.  harun   Feb-27-09 01:52 PM   #37 
  - Do you know why they are using the word "socialism" all the time?  RDANGELO   Feb-27-09 10:26 AM   #12 
  - And since that's not really taking, I'm noticing  bigworld   Feb-27-09 10:30 AM   #14 
  - Desperate Fear Monger Jim DeMint, soon to be Ex Senator of SC,  CitizenPatriot   Feb-27-09 10:26 AM   #13 
  - Amazing how all of a sudden all these fucking clowns are worried  acmavm   Feb-27-09 10:45 AM   #15 
  - Wait...isn't this the guy who thought that single mothers shouldn't be teaching in schools  RFKHumphreyObama   Feb-27-09 10:56 AM   #16 
  - What a joke.  960   Feb-27-09 11:02 AM   #17 
  - ROFL. My sentiments exactly. He's only slightly left of center.  kestrel91316   Feb-27-09 11:33 AM   #25 
  - DeMint  malletgirl02   Feb-27-09 11:06 AM   # 
  - That is quite a compliment coming from a clueless twit that probably  dkofos   Feb-27-09 11:06 AM   #18 
  - SomeGuyinEagan calls Jim DeMint "salesman of douchebaggery" (eom)  SomeGuyInEagan   Feb-27-09 11:07 AM   #19 
  - Not exactly.  KamaAina   Feb-27-09 06:57 PM   #43 
     - You are right ... I bow to your more accurate appraisal.  SomeGuyInEagan   Feb-28-09 01:48 PM   #51 
  - Trillions of tax dollars for War 'n Wall Street = free market capitalism  SOS   Feb-27-09 11:08 AM   #20 
  - My response to the neanderthals who throw the word "socialism" around,  kestrel91316   Feb-27-09 11:13 AM   #21 
  - I'll take "Obama Socialism" over a NOPer theocracy any day  radfringe   Feb-27-09 11:18 AM   #22 
  - And if we are on the brink of  Politicalboi   Feb-27-09 11:25 AM   #23 
  - The GOP is trying to spark a civil war, folks  Doctor_J   Feb-27-09 11:31 AM   #24 
  - With the help of CNBC  Beavker   Feb-27-09 11:56 AM   #29 
  - A caller to hartmann just said that Fox News is taking polls on  Doctor_J   Feb-27-09 12:22 PM   #32 
  - They will fail or lose. Or it will just amount to a lot of noise. nt  eilen   Feb-28-09 07:07 AM   #46 
  - Republicans=Lemon Socialists  Dappleganger   Feb-27-09 11:37 AM   #26 
  - HAH  TheModernTerrorist   Feb-27-09 11:50 AM   #27 
  - "Socialism" like this group practiced? They never claimed anything as their own  Maeve   Feb-27-09 12:18 PM   #30 
  - Oh noooo... the Socialist word. Run everybody  fascisthunter   Feb-27-09 12:23 PM   #33 
  - And DeMint is the world's best salesman of demented rhetoric.  damntexdem   Feb-27-09 12:52 PM   #34 
  - Sen. Jim DeMint; Failed Salesman of Republic Party Mantra  LynnTheDem   Feb-27-09 12:58 PM   #35 
  - Senator Demented Doesn;t know what socialism is even if it bit him in the ass.  Odin2005   Feb-27-09 01:39 PM   #36 
  - After GOP rule America would welcome socialism. n/t  scytherius   Feb-27-09 01:53 PM   #38 
  - Is He Getting Ready to Run For President?  Vogon_Glory   Feb-27-09 03:47 PM   #39 
  - Jesse Helms is alive and well and living in Senator DeMented.  LeftishBrit   Feb-27-09 03:57 PM   #40 
  - Lenin and Stalin would support large banks?  Zynx   Feb-27-09 03:58 PM   #41 
  - De Mint : "Take it to the Streets"......  badgervan   Feb-27-09 04:33 PM   #42 
  - "Oh noes, socialism."  area51   Feb-28-09 12:35 AM   #44 
  - Chavez must be fuming.  Frank Booth   Feb-28-09 12:51 AM   #45 
  - The GOP has nothing but wisecracks. They should be ashamed. nt  Vinca   Feb-28-09 07:22 AM   #47 
  - Thank God!  Onlooker   Feb-28-09 07:23 AM   #48 
  - Socialism means bailing out banks and investment companies? Who knew?  No Elephants   Feb-28-09 07:56 AM   #50 
  - You know what? I hope they keep trying to paint Obama as a socialist.  Zhade   Mar-01-09 07:47 PM   #52 
  - Embittered college student calls Jim deMint...  BreweryYardRat   Mar-01-09 11:31 PM   #53 

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