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Reply #79: And sadly, I think it crosses party lines. [View All]

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closeupready Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Feb-25-09 01:42 PM
Response to Reply #76
79. And sadly, I think it crosses party lines.
Consider the recent debacles Obama had with several of his nominees. And also, I would have thought this topic would have generated more outrage, but instead, we have people here actually defending the Swiss and those who have accounts there. :wtf:
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  -Group of Rich Americans Sues UBS to Keep Names Secret in Tax Case Joanne98  Feb-25-09 07:05 AM   #0 
  - Traitors. Every last one of them.  trotsky   Feb-25-09 07:20 AM   #1 
  - The Congress which gave The FED the power over our currency are traitors!!  Honest1   Feb-25-09 01:44 PM   #81 
  - Do you know why the fed was created?  Confusious   Feb-26-09 01:36 AM   #114 
  - To find ways to serve the banksters that were more stable than prior versions.  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 09:33 AM   #145 
  - Natural Born Right?  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:28 AM   #123 
  - Presumption of guilt, I see? Hang'em high?  JackRiddler   Feb-25-09 01:47 PM   #82 
     - I am surprised it took this long to get a knotted underwear response.  trotsky   Feb-25-09 02:18 PM   #86 
     - Are you saying you like cheap-shock rhetoric because it might be answered?  JackRiddler   Feb-25-09 03:14 PM   #95 
        - LOL, no.  trotsky   Feb-25-09 04:33 PM   #102 
           - Do you think that's a role I ever play?  JackRiddler   Feb-25-09 06:46 PM   #106 
              - At least the billionaires have someone to stick up for them this time.  trotsky   Feb-25-09 07:00 PM   #107 
              - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 07:03 PM   #108 
              - Traitors is not Bush rhetoric. It is a word.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:36 AM   #124 
                 - Insane. This is the nightmare view of Democrats.  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 09:10 AM   #140 
                    - No offense, but your post here is totally not topical, and an interesting side discussion, perhaps,  closeupready   Feb-26-09 09:18 AM   #142 
                       - No offense taken, as I feel securely on topic.  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 09:31 AM   #144 
                          - Do you deny the likelihood that SOME of the 52,000 are US tax evaders?  closeupready   Feb-26-09 09:40 AM   #148 
                             - No. Do you deny the likelihood that SOME  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 09:48 AM   #149 
                                - And the answer is that the Swiss gave the US the means/legitimate authority in  closeupready   Feb-26-09 10:04 AM   #150 
                                   - Have a look again where the discussion grew bizarre, above...  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 10:21 AM   #151 
     - how dare you be rational!  sui generis   Feb-26-09 09:14 AM   #141 
        - If the pitchforks were coming for the recent purveyors of torture and aggressive war...  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 09:28 AM   #143 
  - Seems you'd have to put your name on a lawsuit?  safeinOhio   Feb-25-09 07:22 AM   #2 
  - I was thinking that too.  dipsydoodle   Feb-25-09 07:29 AM   #4 
  - Swiss laws are different  melm00se   Feb-25-09 09:03 AM   #18 
  - Even their cheese has holes in it. n/t  rucky   Feb-25-09 09:39 PM   #110 
  - No  jberryhill   Feb-25-09 09:43 AM   #27 
  - But the Judges who tried the case all knew her real name  happyslug   Feb-25-09 12:22 PM   #69 
     - That doesn't make it discoverable by anyone else  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 08:06 AM   #135 
  - They'll probably use the courtroom equivalent of a 527. n/t  ColbertWatcher   Feb-26-09 01:12 AM   #112 
  - I know  rpannier   Feb-26-09 04:02 AM   #122 
  - you fucking snakes.  Soylent Brice   Feb-25-09 07:29 AM   #3 
  - Swiss banking law is so strict.It is even illegal for a Swiss bank to tell YOU you have an account -  Wizard777   Feb-25-09 07:34 AM   #5 
  - Numbered accounts  Baby Snooks   Feb-25-09 09:47 AM   #29 
     - Yes, but if you ever lose that number. Your money is lost.  Wizard777   Feb-25-09 11:14 AM   #58 
        - I don't see why their bank laws trump our tax laws  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 11:42 AM   #66 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 01:52 PM   #84 
        - SO WHAT?!?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 02:42 PM   #90 
           - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 03:05 PM   #94 
           - But we're requiring them to commit a crime under Swiss law.  Wizard777   Feb-26-09 07:09 AM   #133 
              - Treaties /nt  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 08:07 AM   #136 
              - Okay which provision of which treaty?  Wizard777   Feb-26-09 08:18 AM   #138 
                 - Article 26 of the Swiss-U.S. Income Tax Convention of October 2, 1996  closeupready   Feb-26-09 09:39 AM   #147 
              - The fact that we can pull USB's license to do business in the U.S.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 10:43 AM   #160 
        - I agree with above poster. If you earn your money here, but hide  Left Coast2020   Feb-26-09 01:13 AM   #113 
        - "My registered agent is..."  Baby Snooks   Feb-25-09 01:42 PM   #80 
        - No they can't tell anyone, no one, nobody. Not even God in a prayer.  Wizard777   Feb-25-09 02:16 PM   #85 
        - If Switzerland starts requiring cooperation of American banks regarding Swiss citizens  Greyhound   Feb-26-09 02:50 AM   #118 
  - someone should force the Court to expose their names as it  UpInArms   Feb-25-09 07:37 AM   #6 
  - 52,000 of them  Mari333   Feb-25-09 07:38 AM   #7 
  - Wow 52,000? And I bet there are some very interesting names in that bunch of traitors!  1776Forever   Feb-25-09 08:28 AM   #9 
     - One of the problems is that not all of the accounts are illegal  ProgressiveProfessor   Feb-25-09 08:50 AM   #14 
     - Well then let the Justic Dept. weed the "bad" ones out and forgive the rest!  1776Forever   Feb-25-09 08:54 AM   #16 
     - Correct  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 05:24 PM   #183 
     - Why would anyone go to the trouble of having an overseas account...  JJ   Feb-25-09 10:03 AM   #35 
     - If you lived there?  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:26 AM   #39 
     - Me too.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:44 AM   #127 
     - We have about $5,000 dollars in a Dutch bank.  mainer   Feb-26-09 10:26 AM   #154 
        - If you surrender, we will go easy on you.  closeupready   Feb-26-09 10:41 AM   #159 
     - Why else would they have the annual meeting in Davos?  Dover   Feb-25-09 11:20 AM   #60 
     - Probably a lot of people hiding money from spouses and/or other relatives.  wickerwoman   Feb-26-09 02:24 AM   #116 
     - Cos they don't want to put their money into Citibank?  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 10:25 AM   #153 
        - plus, there are non-US citizens who have accounts here in the US  mainer   Feb-26-09 02:15 PM   #176 
     - Some are perfectly legal  Baby Snooks   Feb-25-09 10:13 AM   #37 
        - Get your facts straight.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:47 AM   #128 
           - FDIC doesn't cover above $250,000 per account shareholder.  mainer   Feb-26-09 10:22 AM   #152 
     - 52,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!  Divine Discontent   Feb-25-09 01:10 PM   #76 
     - And sadly, I think it crosses party lines.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 01:42 PM   #79 
        - exactly - don't be defending people ripping us off... sheesh. eom  Divine Discontent   Feb-25-09 02:24 PM   #88 
        - It's unbelievable.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 03:35 PM   #97 
        - Almost makes you wonder about people here.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 03:45 PM   #98 
        - In any good con, the mark has to believe he has a real chance to win.  Greyhound   Feb-26-09 03:01 AM   #120 
     - Anyone want to make a bet that the names Norton, Ellison, Gates, Knight,  Greyhound   Feb-26-09 02:55 AM   #119 
  - I hope they win.  Somawas   Feb-25-09 08:20 AM   #8 
  - Another Apples and Oranges Argument  atreides1   Feb-25-09 08:37 AM   #12 
  - Me betting the gangsters also lose this round against the IRS  nolabels   Feb-25-09 08:52 AM   #15 
  - Not quite.  Somawas   Feb-25-09 09:05 AM   #19 
  - Don't you think having the names of those who are breaking the law  redqueen   Feb-25-09 09:19 AM   #21 
  - They have branches in the US  ozu   Feb-25-09 09:52 AM   #32 
  - Their laws violate international treaties if they protect tax evaders/criminals.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:27 AM   #40 
  - I'm not sure the Swiss Courts have any jurisdiction  Hansel   Feb-25-09 11:45 AM   #68 
  - Um, how can the U.S. enforce its own laws when the Swiss are abetting our criminals?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 03:16 PM   #96 
  - That's our problem, not theirs.  Somawas   Feb-25-09 09:26 PM   #109 
     - Quick, the clue train is leaving the station.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:57 AM   #130 
     - All the U.S. is doing is threatening to pull UBS's license to do business in the U.S.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 10:33 AM   #156 
  - part of the US enforcing it's laws would be to enforce it's tax laws  corpseratemedia   Feb-25-09 04:03 PM   #100 
  - Swiss banking law is extremely morally suspect.  wickerwoman   Feb-26-09 02:33 AM   #117 
  - I'll back the Swiss  rpannier   Feb-26-09 04:42 AM   #126 
  - the US is enforcing it's own laws.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 04:54 AM   #129 
     - Similar to the Cuban embargo, yes?  AngryAmish   Feb-26-09 12:35 PM   #172 
  - astronomical sums of money have been looted from the  ooglymoogly   Feb-25-09 10:34 AM   #44 
     - I wouldn't be surprised  NeoConsSuck   Feb-25-09 03:48 PM   #99 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 02:21 PM   #87 
  - If Switzerland does not consider tax evasion to be a crime then...  LiberalFighter   Feb-25-09 08:29 AM   #10 
  - Just because the US is forcing them too? There used to be a word for those kind of activities.....  ProgressiveProfessor   Feb-25-09 08:46 AM   #13 
  - Um, no, because tax evasion is a crime in every country but Switzerland.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:28 AM   #42 
     - even in Switzerland, some fraudulent tax conduct is criminal...  LanternWaste   Feb-25-09 11:35 AM   #64 
        - Thank you for that cite.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 12:36 PM   #72 
  - Yup.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:27 AM   #41 
  - Man, the hell with that ish. The names should be made public  nc4bo   Feb-25-09 08:37 AM   #11 
  - I wonder if Dick Cheney is on that list?  Kittycat   Feb-25-09 08:57 AM   #17 
  - Nah he converted all his loot into spare blood and organs. And body parts.  glitch   Feb-25-09 09:11 AM   #20 
  - Wouldn't the court documents in the law suite be public record?  liberal N proud   Feb-25-09 09:22 AM   #22 
  - In Switzerland, as in the US, you can sue under a placeholder name  jberryhill   Feb-25-09 09:44 AM   #28 
     - Not sure  liberal N proud   Feb-25-09 09:54 AM   #33 
     - She was "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade /nt  jberryhill   Feb-25-09 10:31 AM   #43 
     - She is Jane Roe.  Wapsie B   Feb-25-09 10:35 AM   #46 
     - Who.....  liberalitch   Feb-25-09 11:20 AM   #59 
        - Yeah, I had read that she had a conversion of sorts.  Wapsie B   Feb-25-09 11:31 AM   #63 
     - jane roe eom  noiretextatique   Feb-25-09 04:50 PM   #104 
  - Again, where is the moral hazard  Fovea   Feb-25-09 09:25 AM   #23 
  - And what would we think if they were Venezuelans trying to keep their money from Hugo Chvez?  Towlie   Feb-25-09 09:26 AM   #24 
  - Are they rich greedy assholes who are hiding money while their country starves?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 12:37 PM   #73 
  - Oh Puhlease - I used to live in Venezuela  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 05:03 AM   #131 
  - Names??? Are we going to get to see the names of those in the suit?  underpants   Feb-25-09 09:35 AM   #25 
  - One name comes to mind  boomerbust   Feb-25-09 09:42 AM   #26 
  - Bingo  sansf   Feb-25-09 11:38 AM   #65 
  - Interesting cases of challenges to Swiss Banks - i.e. The Holocaust and surviving family members  BridgeTheGap   Feb-25-09 09:49 AM   #30 
  - One of the ongoing realities of the Holocaust...  Baby Snooks   Feb-25-09 10:41 AM   #48 
     - Judging from the Swiss generosity ($5 Billion?) to humanitarian causes, I'd say  BridgeTheGap   Feb-26-09 08:28 AM   #139 
  - Misinformation abounds  sui generis   Feb-25-09 09:51 AM   #31 
  - Are you saying that the IRS already knows who these people are,  redqueen   Feb-25-09 10:08 AM   #36 
     - for American citizens  sui generis   Feb-25-09 11:03 AM   #53 
        - I'm in favor of them being required to provide the necessary information for us to enforce our laws.  redqueen   Feb-25-09 11:05 AM   #55 
        - "Rabble"?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 11:45 AM   #67 
        - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Feb-25-09 12:29 PM   #70 
        - yes it's obvious I don't "hate the rich"  sui generis   Feb-26-09 08:15 AM   #137 
           - Jesus Christ so many strawmen in that it should be declared a fire hazard  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 11:29 AM   #164 
              - your tag says everything that needs to be said  sui generis   Feb-26-09 11:53 AM   #165 
                 - You have nothing left but personal attacks at this point  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 12:14 PM   #166 
                    - you put words in everyone's mouth  sui generis   Feb-26-09 12:15 PM   #167 
                       - That's rich. You accusing someone of putting words in another's mouth.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 12:17 PM   #168 
                          - see that ignore button?  sui generis   Feb-26-09 12:22 PM   #169 
                             - Well, if I am stupid I can always improve on my knowledge  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 12:30 PM   #170 
                                - really?  sui generis   Feb-26-09 12:33 PM   #171 
                                   - I'm basing it off of what you posted and I am not taking it offline  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 12:44 PM   #173 
                                      - what is the "it" you are basing "it" on?  sui generis   Feb-26-09 12:55 PM   #174 
                                         - Okay. Let's start with one of your more offensive strawman arguments in reply #67  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 01:15 PM   #175 
                                            - I am evil  sui generis   Feb-26-09 03:40 PM   #177 
                                               - You pile strawman on top of strawman but still refuse to address the actual points  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 03:57 PM   #178 
                                                  - no  sui generis   Feb-26-09 04:09 PM   #179 
                                                  - So, if the poor person opens an account with USB  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 04:28 PM   #180 
                                                  - speaking of blathering, little miss kitty  sui generis   Feb-27-09 08:38 AM   #191 
                                                  - I can honestly say  Hello_Kitty   Feb-27-09 10:30 AM   #192 
                                                  - the sound of people agreeing with you is DEAFENING  sui generis   Feb-27-09 12:55 PM   #194 
        - Only if they're aware of them..  Baby Snooks   Feb-25-09 01:51 PM   #83 
  - I would give a lot to learn the names on that list. There would be no  Jefferson23   Feb-25-09 10:00 AM   #34 
  - "Group"? Is that like, a mob?  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:13 AM   #38 
  - More like a "cabal."  DemoTex   Feb-26-09 09:35 AM   #146 
  - I can understand why they don't want their names disclosed.  Buns_of_Fire   Feb-25-09 10:35 AM   #45 
  - it's not just a tax issue, it's illegal to have foreign bank accounts  natrat   Feb-25-09 10:37 AM   #47 
     - No it's not. It's illegal to use it to evade taxes, yes.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 10:43 AM   #50 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 01:13 PM   #77 
     - So pack up your shit and move to Switzerland if you don't want to pay taxes.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 01:18 PM   #78 
     - Oh good lord, you have employees?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-25-09 02:44 PM   #91 
     - Bull (nt)  Posteritatis   Feb-25-09 04:33 PM   #101 
  - no the IRS doesn't have the names  florida08   Feb-25-09 10:42 AM   #49 
  - isn't there a new law where it costs you like 50% to move your money out of the US?  natrat   Feb-25-09 10:56 AM   #51 
  - Funny. The rich suing the rich. n/t  daggahead   Feb-25-09 11:00 AM   #52 
  - It's *almost* as though "the rich" wasn't a monolith or something! (nt)  Posteritatis   Feb-25-09 04:34 PM   #103 
  - Wait a minute..  NorCalDem   Feb-25-09 11:03 AM   #54 
  - Self delete. nt  Hansel   Feb-25-09 11:07 AM   #56 
  - Trostki's right - TRAILTORS. we could pay for stimulus package if we started collecting all the  JohnWxy   Feb-25-09 11:11 AM   #57 
  - I'll bet a lot of interesting banking goes on during Davos meetings.  Dover   Feb-25-09 11:24 AM   #61 
  - You know, I never thought about that! But you're absolutely right.  closeupready   Feb-25-09 12:41 PM   #74 
  - What a shady system. Their economy is based on helping tax  acmavm   Feb-25-09 11:24 AM   #62 
  - I wonder if any from the bush junta is on the list of tax cheats? What about  alfredo   Feb-25-09 12:35 PM   #71 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Feb-25-09 12:47 PM   #75 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 02:25 PM   #89 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Feb-25-09 02:48 PM   #92 
  - I don't recall seeing this FT article, 'Harbours of Resentment', from last December. Strong language  closeupready   Feb-25-09 02:51 PM   #93 
  - doesn't be party to the suit reveal that they have hidden assets there?  yurbud   Feb-25-09 05:05 PM   #105 
  - remember that the USA requires expatriates to keep paying taxes  Lethe   Feb-25-09 11:23 PM   #111 
  - Get your facts straight.  wolfgangmo   Feb-26-09 05:14 AM   #132 
     - ....up to $80,000 of local foreign wages and salary is excluded  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 08:05 AM   #134 
        - Oh boo hoo. And what the hell does that have to do with wealthy tax cheats?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 10:39 AM   #158 
           - It's remarkable, isn't it, that even after establishing here that UBS conceded  closeupready   Feb-26-09 10:48 AM   #161 
           - They think they're upholding lofty principles  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 10:53 AM   #162 
           - Sure whatever works, because money IS power in many ways.  closeupready   Feb-26-09 11:17 AM   #163 
           - I hate to break up the stupid party here, but  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 05:14 PM   #181 
              - Please explain why this is relevant to the OP?  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 05:35 PM   #184 
              - It is relevant to the post to which I was responding  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 06:36 PM   #186 
              - Wow, where did I say that applied to you? Since you are correct, I guess  closeupready   Feb-26-09 08:21 PM   #190 
           - Are these words not visible to you in my post?  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 05:18 PM   #182 
              - Nice.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 05:40 PM   #185 
                 - And I know...  jberryhill   Feb-26-09 06:37 PM   #187 
                    - I didn't call you stupid.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 07:31 PM   #188 
  - Are they keeping the plaintiff's names secret?  McCamy Taylor   Feb-26-09 01:57 AM   #115 
  - Does UBS have a charter to operate in the US?  vssmith   Feb-26-09 03:39 AM   #121 
  - That's exactly what the Justice Dep't threatened them with.  Hello_Kitty   Feb-26-09 10:34 AM   #157 
  - Lets coin the phrase ........"illegal americans"  TWiley   Feb-26-09 04:39 AM   #125 
  - This thread illustrates the triumph of talk radio rhetoric on the left.  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 10:29 AM   #155 
  - Okay, let's make peace, we can all agree: TAX BONO NOW!  JackRiddler   Feb-26-09 07:38 PM   #189 
  - The US should seize all of their assets.  960   Feb-27-09 11:22 AM   #193 

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