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Reply #21: Does That Make Cheney The "Vacuum Cleaner"?........nt [View All]

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global1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Dec-29-08 09:50 PM
Response to Reply #1
21. Does That Make Cheney The "Vacuum Cleaner"?........nt
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  -Ex-aides say Bush never recovered from Katrina DogPoundPup  Dec-29-08 07:35 PM   #0 
  - interesting. I like what Wilkerson said of Cheney:  superconnected   Dec-29-08 07:41 PM   #1 
  - Let's not forget - morality vacuum. n/t  truedelphi   Dec-29-08 08:37 PM   #14 
  - Yeah but Cheney can't fill that one. n/t  hootinholler   Dec-30-08 07:32 AM   #34 
  - Does That Make Cheney The "Vacuum Cleaner"?........nt  global1   Dec-29-08 09:50 PM   #21 
  - No, I think the term 'Incubus' is more apt.  cryingshame   Dec-29-08 10:11 PM   #23 
     - Or the Suck-u-Bush n/t  Xipe Totec   Dec-30-08 02:02 AM   #28 
  - All those vacuums - and he thinks he's no Hoover! n/t  dotcosm   Dec-29-08 11:56 PM   #27 
  - Yeah, when you let Americans drown, it tends to have that effect. (n/t)  Naturyl   Dec-29-08 07:41 PM   #2 
  - We funny Americans, we don't care about the million Iraqi civilians who have died...  olddad56   Dec-29-08 08:06 PM   #9 
  - What a coincidence. Many of the people who were in its path have never recovered, either.  tanyev   Dec-29-08 07:44 PM   #3 
  - Aww, we all feel so bad for the cowwupt widow pwesident.  truthisfreedom   Dec-29-08 07:46 PM   #4 
  - in answer to your question: Do we still have time to impeach?  radfringe   Dec-30-08 04:41 AM   #32 
  - Jr was a useful tool for the RW zealots to manipulate...  Az_lefty   Dec-29-08 07:49 PM   #5 
  - I wonder if America will ever recover from Bush.  superconnected   Dec-29-08 07:50 PM   #6 
  - Torture camps were just fine though, fake terror threats were lots of fun as well!  specimenfred1984   Dec-29-08 07:54 PM   #7 
  - Well, New Orleans sure as hell hasn't recovered from Bush.  MineralMan   Dec-29-08 07:59 PM   #8 
  - doesnt say much about bush or us, does it?  lionesspriyanka   Dec-29-08 08:08 PM   #10 
  - heart bleeds!  2QT2BSTR8   Dec-29-08 08:26 PM   #11 
  - Bush never recovered from Being installed as Prez in the 2000 Coup  Phred42   Dec-29-08 08:29 PM   #12 
  - Poor Bush  BecauseBushSaysSo   Dec-29-08 08:32 PM   #13 
  - If you start with a pathological personality, you get a pathological President.  higher class   Dec-29-08 08:46 PM   #15 
  - screw that POS - here's a guy who never recovered from Katrina (warning graphic)  UpInArms   Dec-29-08 08:49 PM   #16 
  - Oh, they're not going the cheney, rice, pickles route?  zidzi   Dec-29-08 08:51 PM   #17 
  - the juxtaposition of the admn saying "all is fine" with news media showing it was nowhere near fine  uppityperson   Dec-29-08 08:58 PM   #18 
  - they waited 5 days for black on white violence their talk radio  certainot   Dec-29-08 09:37 PM   #19 
  - Here are some photos ~  cliss   Dec-29-08 09:40 PM   #20 
  - Oh no!  comrade snarky   Dec-29-08 10:03 PM   #22 
  - Neither have the citizens of New Orleans.  diane in sf   Dec-29-08 11:17 PM   #24 
  - No, the invasion of Iraq was.  David__77   Dec-29-08 11:46 PM   #25 
  - Katrina was the beginning of the end game.  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Dec-29-08 11:51 PM   #26 
  - BullSHIT!  SillyFlower   Dec-30-08 02:05 AM   #29 
  - Poor poor spoiled babies  tavalon   Dec-30-08 03:35 AM   #30 
  - snort  Solly Mack   Dec-30-08 04:04 AM   #31 
  - NO! They're re-writing history: It was messing with SOCIAL SECURITY.  Festivito   Dec-30-08 04:47 AM   #33 
  - Spot the disinformation (new game):  Peace Patriot   Dec-30-08 08:21 AM   #35 
  - Your between the lines literacy is excellent  lunatica   Dec-31-08 01:08 AM   #52 
  - I don't think Bush ever recovered from being born. nt  sutz12   Dec-30-08 08:50 AM   #36 
  - Ex-Bush aides say he never recovered from Katrina  Suji to Seoul   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #37 
  - He never recovered from being installed as Prez in the Coup of 2000  Phred42   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #38 
  - neither have those floating dead bodies....  hlthe2b   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #39 
  - My EXACT thoughts.  Happyhippychick   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #46 
  - Yeah, well...  SpankieJane   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #40 
  - What, never got his check from FEMA?  tanyev   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #41 
  - funny....  nebenaube   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #42 
  - agreed.  Soilent Brice   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #44 
  - Katrina may have knocked the bully pulpit out from under Junior**, but Cindy Sheehan...  ClassWarrior   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #43 
  - For real. He was done after that point. Why we allowed him to stay in the WH  BlueIris   Dec-30-08 10:10 AM   #45 
  - On religious-right leaders:  cambie   Dec-30-08 10:02 PM   #51 
  - Everything is political to Rove  TOJ   Dec-30-08 10:27 AM   #47 
  - Welcome to your New Imperial Throne, junior.....  Broadslidin   Dec-30-08 10:40 AM   #48 
  - more likely, he* never recovered from being dropped on his* head as a child.nt  Javaman   Dec-30-08 10:46 AM   #49 
  - George or Reggie?  KamaAina   Dec-30-08 05:35 PM   #50 

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