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Bush assails US Congress on trade pacts [View All]

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Judi Lynn Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Nov-22-08 08:59 PM
Original message
Bush assails US Congress on trade pacts
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Source: Agence France-Presse

Bush assails US Congress on trade pacts
Sat Nov 22, 10:34 am ET

LIMA (AFP) US President George W. Bush on Saturday sharply assailed the US Congress for going into recess without approving free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea.

"It is extremely disappointing that the United States Congress adjourned without passing these three good agreements," Bush said in a speech in Lima to the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

"And I urge all those who support free trade to continue in pressing the case for the Congress to pass free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama and South Korea," said Bush, who leaves office January 20.

Read more:

Bush dislikes our Congress.
How can we make it up to him?
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  -Bush assails US Congress on trade pacts Judi Lynn  Nov-22-08 08:59 PM   #0 
  - There is something wrong with that boy.  rwheeler31   Nov-22-08 09:05 PM   #1 
  - Oh crap. The shithead is still there. nt  Sarah Ibarruri   Nov-22-08 09:05 PM   #2 
  - bush and cheney hate american workers.  Double T   Nov-22-08 09:06 PM   #3 
  - the trade deal with Columbia is good for the US  policypunk   Nov-22-08 09:22 PM   #4 
  - Heard much the same thing about Mexico and NAFTA  DJ13   Nov-22-08 09:26 PM   #5 
  - protectionism has never saved a single american job  policypunk   Nov-22-08 09:40 PM   #9 
     - Protectionism has saved American jobs and businesses since our nation's founding.  w4rma   Nov-22-08 10:10 PM   #16 
     - Sounds like Repug bull shit to me.  IsItJustMe   Nov-23-08 12:47 AM   #18 
     - The dollar has risen against other currencies. You are behind the times.  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 03:12 AM   #20 
     - It is impossible for a country to lose its "competitive advantage" in the free trade sense.  Unvanguard   Nov-23-08 10:37 AM   #28 
        - And with regard to what products does America have a competitive advantage  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 03:01 PM   #32 
        - Everything we export. That's how trade works.  Unvanguard   Nov-23-08 03:19 PM   #33 
           - And precisely what do we export other than debt and military equipment  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 03:39 PM   #34 
           - Plenty of stuff  Zorro   Nov-23-08 04:26 PM   #37 
              - Parts of these things are constructed here but often with parts  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 10:44 PM   #55 
              - Last figures I saw was that Germany was the biggest exporting country, the US was second and  pampango   Nov-24-08 08:59 AM   #57 
           - Factories have closed across America.  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 10:10 PM   #54 
        - The Comparative Advantage argument is corporatist BS  Odin2005   Nov-23-08 05:16 PM   #43 
           - Nonsense. It follows quite logically.  Unvanguard   Nov-23-08 07:35 PM   #47 
     - BS. Read "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations" by David Landes.  Odin2005   Nov-23-08 04:46 PM   #42 
  - Sure, it's terrific if you stand against the workers. Democrats don't. n/t  Judi Lynn   Nov-22-08 09:32 PM   #6 
  - farmers and ranchers aren't workers?  policypunk   Nov-22-08 09:36 PM   #7 
     - It's easy to believe you know exactly what this means to everyone concerned, and still  Judi Lynn   Nov-22-08 10:02 PM   #14 
     - California used to be a wonderful source for garlic.  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 03:14 AM   #21 
  - Discussions already under the bridge at D.U. regarding this "free trade" machination you advocate.  Judi Lynn   Nov-22-08 09:46 PM   #10 
     - The FTA with Colombia will basically reduce barriers to US products  Zorro   Nov-22-08 11:06 PM   #17 
        - You're seriously misinformed, or you are seriously attempting to disinform, yourself:  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 03:01 AM   #19 
        - As a working class hero of the proletariat AND a union member  Zorro   Nov-23-08 11:49 AM   #31 
           - Oh! Well, that's different. If the editors of the New York Times stand behind it, by all means  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 03:51 PM   #36 
              - I daresay my Senators and Representatives are quite aware of the FTA issues  Zorro   Nov-23-08 04:36 PM   #38 
                 - Democrats stand firmly against the practise of killing union workers. Period. n/t  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 04:39 PM   #40 
                    - Colombia Free Trade and Labor Unions: Myth vs. Fact  Zorro   Nov-23-08 05:21 PM   #44 
                       - For any DU'ers who are actually interested, the link to Zorro's material is the US gummint  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 08:43 PM   #50 
                          - Still waiting for the hard evidence that contradicts those listed facts  Zorro   Nov-23-08 09:13 PM   #51 
        - Shining example of how well farmers do with FTA's with the U.S.  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 07:04 AM   #25 
           - Then eliminate US agricultural subsidies.  Unvanguard   Nov-23-08 10:39 AM   #29 
              - You bet. Should have been done long, long ago. n/t  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 03:47 PM   #35 
  - "I want mah free trade agreement annah wannit now!"  seafan   Nov-22-08 09:40 PM   #8 
  - Bush just can't admit what a horrendous president he has been.  JDPriestly   Nov-23-08 03:19 AM   #22 
     - He has to be the oddest President we've had, other than Nixon.  Judi Lynn   Nov-23-08 03:49 AM   #23 
        - 'Surly, backbiting, destructive, disrespectful ...'.. Jeb is just like him, but without the charm.  seafan   Nov-23-08 08:53 AM   #26 
  - Just what we need with so many people here out of work.  OhioChick   Nov-22-08 09:47 PM   #11 
  - The drunken buffoon has got some nerve.  liberalmuse   Nov-22-08 09:49 PM   #12 
  - Just Get The Fuck Out Of Our White House!  santamargarita   Nov-22-08 09:59 PM   #13 
  - Who was on the trade delegation, Chimpy?  gratuitous   Nov-22-08 10:06 PM   #15 
  - If it's called a free trade agreement I don't want it.  Lasher   Nov-23-08 06:13 AM   #24 
  - Thank God Congress has finally gotten the hint from U.S. citizens  judesedit   Nov-23-08 10:41 AM   #30 
  - We've had enough "free trade"  BreatheOnMe   Nov-23-08 04:39 PM   #39 
  - The Globalists can take their Free Trade and shove it up their asses. n/t  Odin2005   Nov-23-08 04:44 PM   #41 
  - Shove it up their asses without lubrication!  IndianaGreen   Nov-23-08 05:22 PM   #45 
     - ACK!!! Must get disgusting image out of head...  Odin2005   Nov-23-08 07:45 PM   #48 
  - Canada and Colombia sign free-trade agreement  Zorro   Nov-23-08 05:25 PM   #46 
  - Nancy and Harry you just say out loud that the Bush admin is over  TOJ   Nov-23-08 07:46 PM   #49 
  - Fuck off, chimpy  sakabatou   Nov-23-08 09:22 PM   #52 
  - Can't wait for Jan. 20 when Bushit's off the stage & getting hounded by lawsuits for the rest of his  wordpix   Nov-23-08 10:05 PM   #53 
  - Yeah free trade has worked so well for the USA  workinclasszero   Nov-24-08 08:45 AM   #56 

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