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Reply #16: They are allowed (arguably) to influence policy, but cannot support a candidate [View All]

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marshall Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-10-08 08:19 AM
Response to Reply #2
16. They are allowed (arguably) to influence policy, but cannot support a candidate
Since both Obama and McCain came out against gay marriage (with differing degrees of wiggle room) the churches can't be said to have undermined one candidate in place of another.

The rules will have to be changed if churches are to be kept completely out of public policy debate.
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  -Catholics, Mormons allied to pass Prop. 8 Newsjock  Nov-10-08 12:26 AM   #0 
  - And it is time for the multi-billionaire Catholic and Mormon  MadMaddie   Nov-10-08 12:42 AM   #1 
  - I agree ... in 2000 I found pro Bush fliers on my car  sjdnb   Nov-10-08 12:47 AM   #3 
  - If you think they're powerful now, wait till you start taxing them.  thraxis   Nov-10-08 08:11 PM   #25 
     - The secret is to create a special tax category just for non-human entities  bean fidhleir   Nov-11-08 07:04 AM   #27 
     - So then, that would include American Atheists and Atheists' Alliance?  thraxis   Nov-11-08 10:32 AM   #29 
  - Why the fuck are relgious institutions influencing policy?  Skip Intro   Nov-10-08 12:44 AM   #2 
  - The * administration gave them the right  MadMaddie   Nov-10-08 12:53 AM   #4 
  - I hope he does, but I can't see how he does it. n/t  Skip Intro   Nov-10-08 01:01 AM   #5 
  - hey maddie...  bliss_eternal   Nov-10-08 01:11 AM   #6 
     - Hey You!  MadMaddie   Nov-10-08 07:23 PM   #24 
  - They are allowed (arguably) to influence policy, but cannot support a candidate  marshall   Nov-10-08 08:19 AM   #16 
  - they have no right they simply had the means  GinaMaria   Nov-10-08 08:42 AM   #18 
  - . .. .  sfexpat2000   Nov-10-08 01:15 AM   #7 
  - Funny I thought the Catholics thought Mormons were a false church  Endangered Specie   Nov-10-08 02:08 AM   #8 
  - the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  GinaMaria   Nov-10-08 08:43 AM   #19 
  - Hmm, Glad To Know That Stigmas of Poverty, Hunger, And (Non-gay) Persecution  wellst0nev0ter   Nov-10-08 02:29 AM   #9 
  - Catholics and Morons allied to pass Prop. 8?  LatteLibertine   Nov-10-08 03:05 AM   #10 
  - Its not my dioceses  Proud-D   Nov-10-08 04:28 AM   #11 
  - I was born a Catholic - but I don't consider myself one, because of this kind of thing...  Indi Guy   Nov-10-08 04:54 AM   #12 
  - Ditto  laptoprepairguy   Nov-10-08 09:04 AM   #21 
  - Thank you.  Zhade   Nov-10-08 04:58 AM   #14 
  - How in the FUCK is this not illegal?  Zhade   Nov-10-08 04:55 AM   #13 
  - I don't know what the tax code says  prostock69   Nov-10-08 06:07 AM   #15 
  - Churches can take positions on issues. They only cannot specify which candidate. But, with  No Elephants   Nov-10-08 08:33 AM   #17 
  - I have a friend who goes to Catholic church  Frances   Nov-10-08 09:03 AM   #20 
  - We need to make this about our families. The most devout Catholic  sfexpat2000   Nov-10-08 11:56 AM   #23 
  - Vote YES on 8. "I'm the hitler youth pope and I approved this message". nt  msongs   Nov-10-08 09:10 AM   #22 
  - Fucking Catholic Church, man.  gauguin57   Nov-10-08 09:04 PM   #26 
  - Thanks for reminding me about the kleenex..........  illuminaughty   Nov-12-08 12:15 AM   #36 
  - Tax their asses already!  PassingFair   Nov-11-08 07:14 AM   #28 
  - How do we do that?  AngryOldDem   Nov-11-08 11:50 AM   #30 
     - I guess the same way that corporations are taxed.  PassingFair   Nov-11-08 03:37 PM   #32 
        - Don't forget property taxes n/t  MountainLaurel   Nov-11-08 08:26 PM   #35 
  - Let's remove their tax status. links below:  Sivafae   Nov-11-08 03:27 PM   #31 
  - ## PLEASE DONATE TO DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND! ##  DU GrovelBot   Nov-11-08 03:37 PM   #33 
  - Ugh  JetCityLiberal   Nov-11-08 04:09 PM   #34 

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