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Reply #6: If she can't face the supine sleeping dogs of our Fourth Estate [View All]

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gratuitous Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-23-08 10:22 AM
Response to Original message
6. If she can't face the supine sleeping dogs of our Fourth Estate
How in the world is she going to deal with real problems? Untested and unready, that's Sarah Palin.
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  -Palin bans reporters from meetings with leaders (CNN pulls TV crew) maddezmom  Sep-23-08 10:18 AM   #0 
  - What do you have to hide, Palin?  sakabatou   Sep-23-08 10:19 AM   #1 
  - Awww. such a cute little fascist already kicking out the press  DS1   Sep-23-08 10:19 AM   #2 
  - Now that made me laugh.  TheEuclideanOne   Sep-23-08 10:26 AM   #12 
  - Even the sufficiently deferential?  billyoc   Sep-23-08 10:20 AM   #3 
  - I certainly would hope Presidents Karzai and Uribe are deferential.  terrya   Sep-23-08 10:22 AM   #4 
  - Billyoc, Palin's demand for deference from the media was her fatal error.  Efilroft Sul   Sep-23-08 11:09 AM   #29 
  - Well yeah . . .  Simply Fugue   Sep-23-08 10:22 AM   #5 
  - that's right...  dennis4868   Sep-23-08 11:45 AM   #43 
  - If she can't face the supine sleeping dogs of our Fourth Estate  gratuitous   Sep-23-08 10:22 AM   #6 
  - "UNtested and UNready"  KansDem   Sep-23-08 11:17 AM   #33 
  - Does anyone really want 4 more years of this foolishness?  Prag   Sep-23-08 10:22 AM   #7 
  - She doesn't want anyone to see her giving wedgies to  babylonsister   Sep-23-08 10:23 AM   #8 
  - Somebody -- might have been Mark Twain -- once said that you should never  ocelot   Sep-23-08 10:23 AM   #9 
  - Right...because camera crews and photographers couldn't possibly talk  Solly Mack   Sep-23-08 10:24 AM   #10 
  - All hail the Second Coming of Dick Cheney  Rob H.   Sep-23-08 10:25 AM   #11 
  - Simple solution. The visual media should stay away. No words = no photo ops.  TooBigaTent   Sep-23-08 10:33 AM   #13 
  - Yes! Follow the lead of the Spanish press in 2003  RufusTFirefly   Sep-23-08 11:32 AM   #39 
  - oh, please crews....  CitizenPatriot   Sep-23-08 10:34 AM   #14 
  - So can the photographers......  Albert_Camus   Sep-23-08 10:37 AM   #15 
  - What we won't hear from her meeting on Tuesday,,,  benld74   Sep-23-08 10:42 AM   #16 
  - insulated and isolated  Supersedeas   Sep-23-08 10:43 AM   #17 
  - This is really crazy...  butterfly77   Sep-23-08 10:48 AM   #18 
  - Yes, this has gotten completely ridiculous. They expect to keep her under wraps for six more weeks?  faygokid   Sep-23-08 10:59 AM   #22 
     - This is no time for none...  butterfly77   Sep-23-08 11:40 AM   #40 
  - bullying the press may have worked for Cheney  depakid   Sep-23-08 10:50 AM   #19 
  - Of course they won't allow reporters.  Bette Noir   Sep-23-08 10:58 AM   #20 
  - thanks to cnn no one is going to see the moose ...  madrchsod   Sep-23-08 10:59 AM   #21 
  - What about Fox "News"? Certainly they will cover it for her.  AlinPA   Sep-23-08 11:03 AM   #26 
  - Screw Her... the Press Has Every Right to Pester Her...  fascisthunter   Sep-23-08 11:01 AM   #23 
  - Looks like Fox "News" will be the TV coverage for her. nt  AlinPA   Sep-23-08 11:02 AM   #24 
  - Nothing like a fascist in high heels and wearing lipstick  IndianaGreen   Sep-23-08 11:02 AM   #25 
  - This is the woman the Repubs are touting as the USA's Thatcher?  Mike Daniels   Sep-23-08 11:05 AM   #27 
  - Fine. Media should not give her one more minute of coverage until she allows access.  wanpete   Sep-23-08 11:08 AM   #28 
  - You know what Palin reminds me of more and more? A laRouchie.  bushmeister0   Sep-23-08 11:13 AM   #30 
  - C'mon media..grow a pair.. Camp McCain wants "privacy" & "deference"..GIVE IT TO THEM  SoCalDem   Sep-23-08 11:13 AM   #31 
  - They fucked up...  WCGreen   Sep-23-08 11:15 AM   #32 
  - Bravo  BonnieJW   Sep-23-08 11:22 AM   #34 
  - Why don't they just say  BecauseBushSaysSo   Sep-23-08 11:22 AM   #35 
  - Big mistake on their part, The media is getting pissed. They will point  appleannie1   Sep-23-08 11:24 AM   #36 
  - She's like Dick Cheney...without a brain  bluestateguy   Sep-23-08 11:25 AM   #37 
  - The Media  rg123   Sep-23-08 11:30 AM   #38 
  - Palin bans reporters from meetings with world leaders  mcjackson   Sep-23-08 11:43 AM   #41 
  - Press Shows Spine, InSane/Failin Cave  smb   Sep-23-08 11:45 AM   #42 
  - CNN did what every news organization should have done as soon as Bushies started managing news  yurbud   Sep-23-08 11:48 AM   #44 
  - Sarah is the new Bush  jec6897   Sep-23-08 11:55 AM   #45 
  - They did an about-face  kskiska   Sep-23-08 12:06 PM   #46 
  - George Bush with tits  sellitman   Sep-23-08 12:39 PM   #47 

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