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Pale Blue Dot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jul-21-08 08:33 AM
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48. Layoffs 7/21
Sorry I'm late today. I'm going to have to make myself up a spreadsheet to keep track of this. I could just make it easier on myself and just post daily that anyone in transporation, newspapers, or local government is in deep, deep trouble.

City of Leesburg, Fl - 41 jobs lost total
LEESBURG - City officials arranged for employee layoffs to help meet budget constraints after other workers decided this week to accept early retirement buyouts.

The city received notifications Thursday from 12 who chose to take early retirement. The option included reduced penalties for drawing on pensions early and extended health-care coverage, City Manager Jay Evans said.

"It helps us determine the number of layoffs needed to balance the budget," said Evans, referring to this week's early retirement announcements.

The layoffs, estimated at nine, were planned late this week. In addition, 20 vacant positions will be eliminated and three other employees will move into new positions.

Portland Press Herald - Portland, ME - ?? jobs lost (4th round of layoffs)
The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram announced today it would have to cut more employees to compensate for a projected $1.2 million shortfall in advertising revenue in the second half of the year.

This would be the fourth round of layoffs the papers have undergone in the last year. The last round was announced in May and took effect July 1.

In that round, the paper cut 36 jobs. Of those, 25 employees accepted voluntary severance packages, six employees were laid off and another five jobs vacated by prior resignations were left unfilled.

Publisher Charles Cochrane said the decline in ad revenue has proven to be greater than was projected when the last round of cuts was planned.

"The economy has continued to worsen, and our business results are reflecting that. June advertising volumes were even worse than we had forecast, and it is now certain that July will also come in below expectations," said Cochrane in a company-wide memo.

Baltimore Sun - Baltimore, MD - 100 jobs lost
BALTIMORE: The (Baltimore) Sun completed its latest round of job cuts Friday by eliminating about 100 positions.

Fifty-five of those jobs were in the newsroom, according to union leaders, but the mass layoffs feared by many there were largely averted.

Judy Berman, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore Sun Media Group, declined to give an exact number of eliminated jobs but said the company had met its goal for cutting the work force by about 100 with a minimum of layoffs.

The 171-year-old newspaper, owned by Chicago-based Tribune Co., had about 280 newsroom employees before this round of cuts.

Howell Township - Howell, NJ - 8 jobs lost
By a vote of 3 to 0, the Township Council adopted the 2008 municipal budget last week. The budget calls for zero tax rate increase, keeping the municipal tax rate stable at 26.6-cents per $100 of assessed property value.

Though the $43.76 million budget is a little over $1 million more than last year, eight township employees have already had their jobs eliminated.

Mayor Joseph DiBella, Deputy Mayor Mike Howell and Councilman Robert Walsh all voted in favor of the budget, while Councilwomen Cynthia Schomaker and Angela Dalton were absent from the meeting.

Abbott Laboratories - North Chiocago, IL - "very small number" of jobs lost
NORTH CHICAGO -- Abbott Laboratories will lay off a "very small number" of employees in coming weeks as part of what a company spokesman termed a departmental restructuring.
Abbott spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch, while declining to say how many employees will be affected, said Friday that the company is "making a few changes in our diagnostics unit (to) improve our business efficiency."
The cuts will include management-level employees at Abbott Park.
Late last year, the company laid off some 1,200 people from manufacturing jobs in California and Ireland. That number represented less than 2 percent of Abbott's global work force of 65,000.
News of the latest cuts came two days after the company announced strong worldwide sales and net income during the second quarter, which ended June 30.

Vance Air Force Base - OK - 42 jobs lost
The latest layoffs at Vance Air Force Base will mean 42 employees will lose their jobs Aug. 4.

Danny R. Ohnesorge, program manager for CSC Applied Technologies LLC, primary contractor at Vance, has confirmed the affected employees have been informed they will be laid off as of Aug. 4. He said the layoffs would occur across the board but would include positions in aircraft maintenance, civil engineering, information technology and community services, as well as what he called the overhead portion of the contract, involving employees in administrative positions.

Of the 42, three will involve salaried, non-union employees, Ohnesorge said. Of the 30 employees laid off during an earlier reduction in force in June, three also were salaried.

Ohnesorge said, as far as he knows right now, no further layoffs are planned.

Virginia Regional Medical Center - 41 jobs lost
A shortage of physicians is prompting job cuts at the Virginia Regional Medical Center.

According to our partners at the Timberjay Newspaper, nurses have been hit the hardest, with a total of 41 affected by full or partial layoffs.

In addition to the cuts, hospital administrators have asked nurses to voluntarily reduce their hours or take extra days off.

Meanwhile, hospital officials are working to boost revenues, which sharply dropped in March, and hope the layoffs will prove temporary.

City of Atlanta, GA - ?? jobs cut
ATLANTA (MyFOX Atlanta) The mayor of Atlanta cut more jobs Friday and this time some high-ranking executives were among those city employees who got pink slips.

Most of those cuts axed un-filled positions. Franklin said the cuts ruined the dream of previous Mayor Campbell to have 2000 police officers in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta's Fire Department was also hard hit.

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin J. Cochran said the department will decommission one fire station, eliminate 34 firefighter positions and layoff 27 fire recruits.

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