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Reply #69: Look Barack. Don't be backpeddling now. Just don't do it [View All]

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Catherina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-19-08 08:13 PM
Response to Original message
69. Look Barack. Don't be backpeddling now. Just don't do it
"Sometimes during campaigns the rhetoric gets overheated and amplified," he conceded, after I reminded him that he had called NAFTA "devastating" and "a big mistake," despite nonpartisan studies concluding that the trade zone has had a mild, positive effect on the U.S. economy.

Does that mean his rhetoric was overheated and amplified? "Politicians are always guilty of that, and I don't exempt myself," he answered.

That won't cut it with the working class, you know the little guys who gave you every penny we could to fight disgusting sell-out nonesense like NAFTA. This is two Obama disappointments in one day. I'm not happy.

Your statement Robcon that "NAFTA is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Clinton Administration" is sick shit.
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  -Obama: NAFTA not so bad after all robcon  Jun-19-08 06:32 AM   #0 
  - Attacking trading with Canada is lame...  dkf   Jun-19-08 06:33 AM   #1 
  - "Bitter Asians"  janetblond   Jun-19-08 06:47 AM   #5 
  - "mild, positive effect"  ulysses   Jun-19-08 06:34 AM   #2 
  - Why, to the people that make money from it  DiverDave   Jun-21-08 01:13 AM   #117 
  - This is disappointing to me. But,  closeupready   Jun-19-08 06:37 AM   #3 
  - HA!  odelisk8   Jun-19-08 09:44 AM   #23 
  - Where did you get those numbers, I'm curious?  closeupready   Jun-19-08 09:47 AM   #24 
  -  plasticsundance   Jun-19-08 10:50 AM   #32 
     - It's hard for many to accept  depakid   Jun-21-08 01:52 AM   #118 
  - Yeah, he does seem to be the 'take the money and run' kinda guy.  acmavm   Jun-19-08 10:28 AM   #26 
  - There's some BS right there. Unless you mean that he's running for president.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 09:55 PM   #79 
     - I'm curious as to how you define "moderates." These Chicago School economists are far from  ryanmuegge   Jun-20-08 11:00 AM   #98 
        - She called the Democratic Presidential Candidate a "Take the money and run" guy  Dr_eldritch   Jun-20-08 01:51 PM   #107 
        - you admitted to being a lifelong registered REpublican. you STILL ARE ONE by your OWN ADMISSION  FarceOfNature   Jun-20-08 02:08 PM   #108 
        - Wow... you're completely unhinged.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-20-08 04:34 PM   #111 
        - You honestly think that the Chicago School economists who advise Obama are  ryanmuegge   Jun-21-08 08:00 PM   #126 
        - Do you any proof to your assertions?  Bandit   Jun-21-08 10:42 AM   #120 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-19-08 03:09 PM   #53 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Jun-19-08 05:21 PM   #56 
  - Get off it. Those are individual donations. Is all your research this bizarre? n/t  Catherina   Jun-19-08 08:20 PM   #70 
  - Sure they are. cui bono.  SergeyDovlatov   Jun-19-08 11:52 PM   #85 
  - Betcha he does..!.nt  Patchuli   Jun-19-08 08:36 PM   #71 
  - Nonsense  Wabbajack_   Jun-19-08 10:55 AM   #33 
  - He's not courting us anymore, he's after the moderate conservative  marshall   Jun-21-08 08:55 PM   #130 
  - and figuring to how we can make this work for all people  Warren Stupidity   Jun-19-08 06:45 AM   #4 
  - "ALL THE PEOPLE" in the richest 1.5%...that is, screw the people make'n $4.50 a day and have to pay  sam sarrha   Jun-19-08 07:36 AM   #10 
  - people will excuse anything he says!  nodehopper   Jun-19-08 07:38 AM   #11 
  - Tuna and Top Ramen ain't so bad, if you're really, really hungry...tastes like shit,  Zorra   Jun-19-08 09:34 AM   #21 
  - I honestly can't figure out  nodehopper   Jun-19-08 10:37 AM   #29 
  - Except that tuna is loaded with Mercury and no you can't really live on it. nt  ToeBot   Jun-20-08 01:18 AM   #90 
  - Right On  redstorm20   Jun-19-08 09:41 AM   #22 
  - Bingo, NAFTA has done a whole lot of bad, if Obama plans on fixing it  superconnected   Jun-19-08 02:08 PM   #45 
  - Yep, the denial and excuses around here are of epic proportions. I'm SO sick of the b.s.! nt  TheGoldenRule   Jun-19-08 02:27 PM   #48 
  - You didn't get the memo.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 06:40 PM   #59 
  - Totally agree. Always question everyone, this includes our nominee. n/t  frickaline   Jun-20-08 11:50 AM   #103 
  - So let's figure out how to make this work for the billionaire and the peasant land he steals?  readmoreoften   Jun-20-08 12:57 AM   #88 
     - Sheesh  Warren Stupidity   Jun-20-08 05:45 AM   #91 
        - Well yes, but that's not trying to make a FREE trade agreement workable.  readmoreoften   Jun-20-08 01:08 PM   #106 
  - Careful And Probably Bogus Phrasing By The Writer  MannyGoldstein   Jun-19-08 06:49 AM   #6 
  - I want to see a verbatim transcript.  formercia   Jun-19-08 10:30 AM   #27 
  - I hope you're right, Manny...  OhioChick   Jun-19-08 07:14 PM   #66 
  - Thus beginneth the corporate sellout.  Somawas   Jun-19-08 06:50 AM   #7 
  - Oh Blah, Blah...  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 09:54 PM   #78 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jun-19-08 07:05 AM   #8 
  - Will Obama support the North American Union and the NAFTA superhighway? Are neocons advising him?  jody   Jun-19-08 07:34 AM   #9 
  - he has a milton Friedman disciple as economic adviser.. is there any doubt what's come'n..??  sam sarrha   Jun-19-08 07:39 AM   #12 
     - Not in my opinion but that won't bother those who have cushy jobs or who have yet to worry about  jody   Jun-19-08 07:55 AM   #14 
     - Since I'm out of time, and don't have much  lonestarnot   Jun-19-08 10:58 AM   #34 
     - this article is a good place to start  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 01:59 PM   #43 
        - Holy fucking cow.  lonestarnot   Jun-19-08 05:57 PM   #57 
     - watch out, that's dangerous talk around here...  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 01:56 PM   #42 
     - I found this out last week, on NPR i do believe.  ThePowerofWill   Jun-19-08 03:18 PM   #54 
  - Remember that old movie about politicians "Back to the Center"?  pattmarty   Jun-19-08 07:46 AM   #13 
  - "The Economy".. laugh out loud. As if it were monolithic and affected  Bread and Circus   Jun-19-08 07:59 AM   #15 
  - You gotta read the whole article  agentS   Jun-19-08 08:03 AM   #16 
  - That's why in a local TV poll  doc03   Jun-19-08 08:29 AM   #17 
  - LOL, you gotta be kidding me. So John McCain is your savior. Good luck with that one. What is in  IsItJustMe   Jun-20-08 08:21 AM   #92 
  - Grrrr.  Orsino   Jun-19-08 08:46 AM   #18 
  - Did he ever say that he was a liberal?  Freddie Stubbs   Jun-19-08 09:33 AM   #19 
  - Of course not.  Orsino   Jun-19-08 09:59 AM   #25 
     - I agree. But, I am still hopeful considering his background. Remember.....  pattmarty   Jun-19-08 10:43 AM   #30 
        - I think he has some liberal sympathies...  Orsino   Jun-19-08 12:38 PM   #39 
           - I don't see how people can get so excited about this guy  Art_from_Ark   Jun-19-08 10:40 PM   #82 
  - Is neoliberal close enough? nt  Marie26   Jun-19-08 07:14 PM   #65 
  - He's a Centrist. I like him a lot and you know why? He reminds me of Bill Clinton.  onehandle   Jun-19-08 09:33 AM   #20 
  - I don't agree with you on Clinton, and I'm just guessing most here feel the same.  pattmarty   Jun-19-08 10:44 AM   #31 
  - I find this very disturbing. Nafta has decimated the economy of this nation.  pegleg   Jun-19-08 10:35 AM   #28 
  - don't forget the dissolution of environmental protectionism,  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 02:09 PM   #46 
  - how many of those so quick to go for Barack's jugular...  knixphan   Jun-19-08 11:55 AM   #35 
  - I'm vocal about Obama because I believe he might "hear" us in time..  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 02:16 PM   #47 
  - According to this article the majority of Democrats does NOT support NAFTA:  Judi Lynn   Jun-19-08 11:57 AM   #36 
  - FUCK NAFTA  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 02:04 PM   #44 
  - WOW is that a deceptive headline  underpants   Jun-19-08 11:58 AM   #37 
  - "a mild, positive effect on the U.S. economy."  bvar22   Jun-19-08 12:07 PM   #38 
  - Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. nt  tidy_bowl   Jun-19-08 01:25 PM   #40 
  - Nice "Hit Piece" Robcon  fascisthunter   Jun-19-08 01:25 PM   #41 
  - Fortune Magazine? Yes. That would be a "hit" piece......meant for those  FrenchieCat   Jun-19-08 02:30 PM   #49 
  - Deleted sub-thread  Name removed   Jun-19-08 02:59 PM   #50 
  - who did the non-partisan study, the Heritage Foundation?  yurbud   Jun-19-08 03:04 PM   #51 
  - or was it University of Chicago Economics Dept, neoliberal ground zero?  yurbud   Jun-19-08 03:06 PM   #52 
  - Wonderful.  brentspeak   Jun-19-08 05:06 PM   #55 
  - For one; He never said NAFTA 'was a good thing'. You're reading deliberate implications.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 10:00 PM   #80 
  - wow. he's fighting hard to lose my vote.  QuestionAll   Jun-19-08 06:20 PM   #58 
  - I no longer identify as a Democrat  alarimer   Jun-19-08 06:53 PM   #61 
  - Then find some other hobby than politics. This doesn't make him a liar.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 07:04 PM   #62 
  - Why should ANYONE pander to the right, just for votes?  alarimer   Jun-20-08 11:09 AM   #99 
     - That's ignorant.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-20-08 09:02 PM   #114 
  - Yeah, I'm pretty much done. I've been saying it. This is my last dem vote.  readmoreoften   Jun-20-08 12:54 AM   #86 
  - Today has been a hard day.  Zachstar   Jun-19-08 08:58 PM   #73 
  - Oh jeebus... go here;  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 09:50 PM   #75 
     - you're entitled to your opinion- but i'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evil parties.  QuestionAll   Jun-20-08 09:42 AM   #94 
        - The Democratic party is 'evil'?  Dr_eldritch   Jun-20-08 08:55 PM   #113 
           - the elected democrats are moreso than not.  QuestionAll   Jun-21-08 07:58 AM   #119 
              - So Obama is 'evil'. Right.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-21-08 02:09 PM   #121 
                 - he may be more one of the nots than the moreso...  QuestionAll   Jun-21-08 02:21 PM   #122 
                    - It only 'remains to be seen' because you haven't really looked.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-21-08 04:39 PM   #124 
  - Meaning he is just a liar like all the rest.  alarimer   Jun-19-08 06:48 PM   #60 
  - "NAFTA is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Clinton Administration"  OhioChick   Jun-19-08 07:05 PM   #63 
  - So he's saying that he lied to Ohio voters.  Marie26   Jun-19-08 07:08 PM   #64 
  - "campaign rhetoric"  FarceOfNature   Jun-19-08 09:53 PM   #77 
  - Obama backs off NAFTA attack ahead of McCain visit to Canada  CHIMO   Jun-19-08 07:52 PM   #67 
  - What an ass!  texshelters   Jun-19-08 07:55 PM   #68 
  - I'm sure he has a great ass, but that's no excuse to lie.  Dr_eldritch   Jun-19-08 09:52 PM   #76 
  - Look Barack. Don't be backpeddling now. Just don't do it  Catherina   Jun-19-08 08:13 PM   #69 
  - I will admit Obama has been really disappointing me lately.  Zachstar   Jun-19-08 08:55 PM   #72 
     - I'm glad I'm not alone. He needs to stop this nonesense immediately  Catherina   Jun-19-08 10:09 PM   #81 
        - Im going to call the campaign Friday to let them know that Obama needs to stop this.  Zachstar   Jun-19-08 11:14 PM   #83 
  - I will vote for him because I have to  burrowowl   Jun-19-08 09:43 PM   #74 
  - Just more proof Obama is a part of the system..  JackDragna   Jun-19-08 11:50 PM   #84 
  - Just remember to be really supportive of the next Zapatista uprising.  readmoreoften   Jun-20-08 12:55 AM   #87 
  - who is he shining on, us or rich?  yurbud   Jun-20-08 12:59 AM   #89 
  - NAFTA is a trimuph of Democratic Party policy.  robcon   Jun-20-08 09:39 AM   #93 
  - so is that why South America is turning against us? They were too stupid to see that neoliberalism  yurbud   Jun-20-08 10:08 AM   #95 
  - Yes, heartless conservative idiots do think that.  Zhade   Jun-21-08 08:32 PM   #128 
     - Calling robcon a name is your whole argument?  Psephos   Jun-21-08 09:57 PM   #131 
  - Just guessing here... us. n/t  lumberjack_jeff   Jun-20-08 11:11 AM   #100 
  - Is there a single person that really believed him in Ohio?  cobalt1999   Jun-20-08 10:12 AM   #96 
  - WTF?  seawolf   Jun-20-08 10:49 AM   #97 
  - NAFTA would not, in itself, be so bad, if America had the same  DailyGrind51   Jun-20-08 11:18 AM   #101 
  - Let's talk his mild statement up so we can divide the Democratic party  Overseas   Jun-20-08 11:44 AM   #102 
  - Flip your statement on its head: Why risk dividing the party in favor of neoliberal economics?  Romulox   Jun-20-08 11:57 AM   #105 
  - THIS is the reason Obama didn't want to campaign in Michigan: He'd have to make too many promises  Romulox   Jun-20-08 11:56 AM   #104 
  - "NAFTA not so bad after all"  RUMMYisFROSTED   Jun-20-08 02:21 PM   #109 
  - Except for made-up headline.  RUMMYisFROSTED   Jun-20-08 02:29 PM   #110 
  - exactly... so disturbing, but expected!  themartyred   Jun-21-08 08:30 PM   #127 
  - Whatta shock!  Dr_eldritch   Jun-20-08 04:36 PM   #112 
  - What? You mean the OP posted yet another conservative lie?  Zhade   Jun-21-08 08:33 PM   #129 
  - McCain promotes NAFTA in Canadian trip  ohio2007   Jun-20-08 09:39 PM   #115 
  - Chicago School economics team- What did you expect?  JCMach1   Jun-20-08 11:54 PM   #116 
  - Dissapointed in Obama on NAFTA and FISA backtracking  EndElectoral   Jun-21-08 02:57 PM   #123 
  - the dlc cometh  xxqqqzme   Jun-21-08 04:45 PM   #125 

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