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Reply #45: Kitchen Sink backfire.... [View All]

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mcollier Donating Member (887 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Mar-07-08 09:22 AM
Response to Reply #38
45. Kitchen Sink backfire....
Seems more like "Shock and Awe" We know how well that went in the long run....

Cheating may get you an immediate advancement, but in the end your good name will be forever a dirty word....

Betrayal is the hardest to forgive, even more so when there is no acknoledgement of the wrong done.
Sadly to say, that while Hillary has tried to win, she really has lost in many ways....

Hillary did show her disgusting hypocritical characteristics indistinguishable from the worst of the Republican smear machine. And siding with John Mccain over Barack Obama, We've seen this type of "I wanna challenge you to a duel" line that was snapped at Chris Matthews by a "Democrat".... Now that Hillary has been embraced by the far right, how can we expect her to fight for democrats when she is fighting against democrats along side the republicans.

All Hillary supporters, I appreciate your attention to this matter... I ask you to join the Obama team to help take our country in an new direction, one of openness, honesty, integrity, hope, respect, wise judgment and prosperity... Together we can make the difference. We all have worked hard to get power back to the people. With Barack Obama, we have that opportunity...

Thanks All,


PS.. For those few clearly angry posters, note taken, we do need to demand more and show strong backbones. Let's channel this hot energy at those who taught Hillary's Leadership Team all they know - The Republican wolves in sheep clothing.
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  -Archivists block release of Clinton papers RamboLiberal  Mar-07-08 01:30 AM   #0 
  - I wonder if Scooter Libby's name is in those docs?  ingin   Mar-07-08 01:32 AM   #1 
  - OF COURSE THEY ARE-Libby represented Marc Rich in the pardoning process.  mod mom   Mar-07-08 11:22 AM   #61 
  - Well, they were acting on the Clintons' legal agents instructions. n/t  sfexpat2000   Mar-07-08 02:11 PM   #72 
  - These decisions always manage to be one step removed from Clinton responsibility  DJ13   Mar-07-08 01:35 AM   #2 
  - It could work two ways.  peace13   Mar-07-08 09:12 AM   #43 
  - Is this what we'd get with another Clinton Presidency? Another Bush Presidency?  SleeplessinSoCal   Mar-07-08 02:25 AM   #3 
  - Yes.  Zhade   Mar-07-08 02:35 AM   #4 
  - Yes, a vote for Clinton or McCain is a vote  southern_belle   Mar-07-08 06:27 AM   #14 
  - Bullshit! Either ignorant or totally mis informed. A ridiculous statement.  bjobotts   Mar-07-08 03:07 PM   #77 
  - Same shit, different players.  No Surrender   Mar-07-08 07:07 AM   #18 
  - "Same shit" refers to the money party which has two faces no matter whose  bjobotts   Mar-07-08 03:18 PM   #79 
  - Kind of demoralizing, isn't it? But then again, you will get posters on here saying they all do it  IsItJustMe   Mar-07-08 07:27 AM   #23 
  - Yep. Bush-lite is as Bush-lite does. (nt)  Voltaire99   Mar-07-08 07:29 AM   #24 
  - You have GOT to be kidding!  Cherchez la Femme   Mar-07-08 05:34 PM   #86 
  - Separated at birth ...  Mme. Defarge   Mar-07-08 08:56 AM   #40 
  - No. She will be defeated by McCain  earthlover   Mar-07-08 01:46 PM   #69 
     - Get real. After the Bush disaster no republican will win the WH.  bjobotts   Mar-07-08 03:25 PM   #80 
  - If she loses it, I won't feel sorry for her because of this.  The Backlash Cometh   Mar-07-08 02:48 AM   #5 
  - hmmmm...interesting n/t  NM Independent   Mar-07-08 03:04 AM   #6 
  - More secretive government  frog92969   Mar-07-08 03:09 AM   #7 
  - This is consistent with the Presidential Records Act of 1978  Lasher   Mar-07-08 03:13 AM   #8 
  - That's what we need.... More of the Same  eilen   Mar-07-08 04:10 AM   #10 
  - It's actually not the same, that's a bum rap.  Lasher   Mar-07-08 04:30 AM   #12 
     - It's different when the ex-President's wife is running for President  EmperorHasNoClothes   Mar-07-08 06:43 AM   #16 
        - And the president who signed the executive order has a clone running for president  Lasher   Mar-07-08 10:02 AM   #48 
  - No, it is not consistant. The operative word is :"allows"  Divernan   Mar-07-08 07:18 AM   #22 
     - Have we thought that,  polmaven   Mar-07-08 10:06 AM   #49 
     - funny the Hillary campaign is not worried about privacy re Resko....  earthlover   Mar-07-08 01:49 PM   #70 
        - Don't we KNOW who was pardoned?  polmaven   Mar-07-08 02:27 PM   #74 
     - I might enhance my humble communication skills if I were to refer to a dictionary more often.  Lasher   Mar-07-08 10:30 AM   #55 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-07-08 03:59 AM   #9 
  - So far, everywhere I see you...  frog92969   Mar-07-08 04:23 AM   #11 
  - We should all have that much rant in us...  Oldenuff   Mar-07-08 05:17 AM   #13 
     - "Follow the money" is right  frog92969   Mar-07-08 12:09 PM   #66 
  - Well said, Unicron!  No Surrender   Mar-07-08 07:10 AM   #19 
  - where`s obama`s state senate records?  madrchsod   Mar-07-08 06:34 AM   #15 
  - Obama says he didn't bother keeping his records  LiberalFighter   Mar-07-08 07:04 AM   #17 
     - Where's your little linkie, sweetie? With your Bankie?  Divernan   Mar-07-08 07:14 AM   #21 
     - Try this... Obama records requests prove fruitless  LiberalFighter   Mar-07-08 04:30 PM   #83 
     - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-07-08 08:04 AM   #27 
        - Whoa.  Ordr   Mar-07-08 08:11 AM   #29 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-07-08 08:24 AM   #31 
           - I mostly agree with you.  Ordr   Mar-07-08 08:30 AM   #32 
        - You're definitely going to have to be more careful on calling out DUers  MessiahRp   Mar-07-08 08:17 AM   #30 
        - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-07-08 08:41 AM   #34 
           - Well, my hat is off to you.  Ordr   Mar-07-08 08:43 AM   #36 
           - I thought Obama was the one who wanted to"reach across the aisle" and play nice.  madmom   Mar-07-08 01:10 PM   #68 
           - You're overboard! Way overboard!  Blue State Native   Mar-07-08 08:51 AM   #39 
        - You need to calm down  theHandpuppet   Mar-07-08 09:02 AM   #41 
        - After reading that, I just HAD to go find an appropriate avatar for you.  kgfnally   Mar-07-08 09:03 AM   #42 
  - Judicial Watch dismisses privacy concerns;people were convicted-Its matter of public record:  Divernan   Mar-07-08 07:11 AM   #20 
  - Nicely done, Divernan  dixiegrrrrl   Mar-07-08 08:07 AM   #28 
  - Although Pres. Clinton could have removed the redactions,  plantwomyn   Mar-07-08 10:10 AM   #50 
  - Ok, maybe a stupid question but  shadowknows69   Mar-07-08 07:49 AM   #25 
  - No surprise from me. We are just luckey that clinton NEVER got the line item veto  still_one   Mar-07-08 07:52 AM   #26 
  - I wish we would just  Malidictus Maximus   Mar-07-08 08:40 AM   #33 
  - Agreed!  Gala328   Mar-07-08 08:49 AM   #37 
  - Outrage  Gala328   Mar-07-08 08:42 AM   #35 
  - So much for "FULLY VETTED" huh? How Bush like! What are they hiding? -eom  Justitia   Mar-07-08 08:51 AM   #38 
  - Kitchen Sink backfire....  mcollier   Mar-07-08 09:22 AM   #45 
  - The Obama camp better get on a conference call and make a big deal out of this. This is ridiculous.  malik flavors   Mar-07-08 09:21 AM   #44 
  - Gees, I didnt realize I'd logged into Free Republic  ShaneGR   Mar-07-08 09:33 AM   #46 
  - i like how you refuted the OP..  frylock   Mar-07-08 11:00 AM   #58 
  - So many new posters, WELCOME. Do smell the spin of ops.  Festivito   Mar-07-08 09:47 AM   #47 
  - Isn't that convenient  dbonds   Mar-07-08 10:12 AM   #51 
  - Clinton and McCain  Ladyinblack   Mar-07-08 10:22 AM   #52 
     - More and more...  dbonds   Mar-07-08 11:04 AM   #60 
        - The light dawns.  AngryOldDem   Mar-07-08 02:50 PM   #76 
  - If they have nothing to hide, then why are they hiding everything?  JPZenger   Mar-07-08 10:28 AM   #53 
  - How much money did Marc Rich donate to the Clinton Library?  JackORoses   Mar-07-08 10:29 AM   #54 
  - Wow sounds familar. I guess Clinton is like a Bush third term too. :(  Political Heretic   Mar-07-08 10:52 AM   #56 
  - She's sooo electable! As if the Repukes won't pounce on this if she's the nominee. More of the  williesgirl   Mar-07-08 11:00 AM   #57 
  - More of the same. We need Obama!!!!!!!!  kwenu   Mar-07-08 11:02 AM   #59 
  - aren't we tired of these royal families, can't we have someone  alyce douglas   Mar-07-08 02:17 PM   #73 
  - So much for a open government  DiverDave   Mar-07-08 11:27 AM   #62 
  - They all know that using the financial clout of criminals for campaign  KCabotDullesMarxIII   Mar-07-08 11:31 AM   #63 
  - How did Bill Clinton ever win 2 terms  Sees Clearly   Mar-07-08 11:44 AM   #64 
  - Ya, the Clinton bashing got old about 2 weeks ago, and they wonder why they're losing support  ShaneGR   Mar-07-08 11:59 AM   #65 
  - Thank you. nt  enlightenment   Mar-07-08 01:04 PM   #67 
  - Wow, what a complete surprise......  mrone2   Mar-07-08 02:08 PM   #71 
  - It's amazing how some people see only what they want to see,..  madmom   Mar-07-08 02:31 PM   #75 
  - That's wrong. The archivists are acting on Clinton's legal agent's instructions.  sfexpat2000   Mar-07-08 03:08 PM   #78 
     - bush signed executive order #13233, which trumps anything Clinton can do.  madmom   Mar-07-08 03:46 PM   #81 
        - No. The archivists are acting on the Clinton legal agent's directions.  sfexpat2000   Mar-07-08 03:51 PM   #82 
           - This was taken to court and the bush admin. blocked ..  madmom   Mar-07-08 05:01 PM   #85 
              - I don't think so.  sfexpat2000   Mar-07-08 09:45 PM   #87 
  - Am I imagining something  Cherchez la Femme   Mar-07-08 04:57 PM   #84 

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