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Reply #28: no shit. and i wonder what the hell kind of horse trading went on in the senate [View All]

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orleans Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-06-07 07:48 AM
Response to Reply #20
28. no shit. and i wonder what the hell kind of horse trading went on in the senate
for this shit to get passed.

i'm afraid it was our horse--and her name was Civil Liberties
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  -Bush Signs Law To Expand Warrantless Surveillance Purveyor  Aug-05-07 06:28 PM   #0 
  - oh good. i feel so much fucking safer already.  orleans   Aug-05-07 06:29 PM   #1 
  - hey bush.. now that we have your warrantless attention  C_U_L8R   Aug-05-07 06:30 PM   #2 
  - well he didn't waste anytime with that now did he?  proud patriot   Aug-05-07 06:31 PM   #3 
  - Hey King George, spy on this!  Greeby   Aug-05-07 06:37 PM   #4 
  - If I could recommend individual posts...  Cooley Hurd   Aug-05-07 06:40 PM   #5 
  - Wasn't that Barbara back there  thunder rising   Aug-05-07 06:49 PM   #6 
  - Now watch as the lists of terrorists expands  MikeNearMcChord   Aug-05-07 06:50 PM   #7 
  - Every Dem that voted for this dog...  Tandalayo_Scheisskopf   Aug-05-07 06:56 PM   #8 
  - another disgusting step in the march towards fascism...  ixion   Aug-05-07 10:08 PM   #9 
  - Bush Signs Law Widening Reach for Wiretapping  orleans   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #10 
  - Disgusting.  Maat   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #11 
  - No kidding. Another in a never-ending series of national disgraces.  calimary   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #13 
     - Boy, do I hear you.  Maat   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #15 
     - My son just turned 18.  Sonicmedusa   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #23 
     - Makes me want to look too.  Sonicmedusa   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #22 
  - That's really great! I feel so much safer now..  leeman67   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #12 
  - if you've got time in between the 2  tenaciousradical   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #14 
  - ..  Maat   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #17 
  - K&R  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #16 
  - Why worry about the laws being put into place ...  Maat   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #19 
     - I agree with that  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #21 
        - I agree - is all I can say.  Maat   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #25 
        - I just wish my Grandparents were here to see this  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #26 
        - the experience is so different than the theory  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #35 
           - It's true about hate  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #39 
              - Will do...tomorrow night  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #41 
  - just how in the hell do they  tenaciousradical   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #18 
  - what terrorists?  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #24 
  - He'll work on a Sunday for that...  Viva_La_Revolution   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #20 
  - no shit. and i wonder what the hell kind of horse trading went on in the senate  orleans   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #28 
  - Just what I was thinking. How quick he signed that into law...Couldn't wait til Monday morning.  redirish28   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #29 
  - So---seems Congress gave them even more than requested??!! my gawd!!  rodeodance   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #27 
  - Surveillance without Warrants  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #30 
  - "It's entirely in their hands."  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #32 
     - Deep****  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #33 
        - You got that right  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #34 
           - ...carted off  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #36 
              - I like the idea of Cuba  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #38 
              - Miami Boat Ride  wjmj   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #40 
                 - Sounds awesome  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #42 
              - Yeah, when folks dig up "Escape From New York" DVD in our rubble many years from now ...  calipendence   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #44 
                 - oh god--now there's a happy fucking thought. argh. you could be right. n/t  orleans   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #45 
                    - And maybe they'll find the statue of liberty like it is in Planet of the Apes...  calipendence   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #46 
                       - okay--i admit i never saw planet of the apes. so i don't get this one. n/t  orleans   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #47 
                          - It's probably not a spoiler for most people here...  calipendence   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #52 
                             - oh--i saw that on google images -- didn't know the background of it. n/t  orleans   Aug-06-07 09:29 AM   #54 
  - It bypasses the courts!------There is NO separation of powers anymore!  rodeodance   Aug-06-07 07:48 AM   #31 
  - Bingo!  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #37 
  - So now the REPUKE WAR CRIMINALS can listen in on Democrats and anyone else that OPPOSES them...  TankLV   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #43 
  - Good thought  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #51 
  - Just pray it's not retroactive, it would be just like this bunch of....  Sam Ervin jret   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #48 
     - i don't think you can make a law retroactive...well, maybe you can  orleans   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #49 
     - They're gonna use it as such  Hydra   Aug-06-07 07:49 AM   #50 
  - Thank God we captured the House and Senate in 2006!!  Jeff In Milwaukee   Aug-06-07 08:46 AM   #53 
  - Hey, where are all the people that are lecturing everyone? You  acmavm   Aug-06-07 12:34 PM   #55 

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