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OKthatsIT Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-29-07 01:08 AM
Response to Original message
Hillary is perfect!
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  -Report: NOW to endorse Clinton's WH bid ProudToBeLiberal  Mar-27-07 09:08 PM   #0 
  - Meh...  ocelot   Mar-27-07 09:17 PM   #1 
  - I don't support her  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 09:19 PM   #2 
  - you know you like it :P  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 09:20 PM   #5 
     - I agree with you  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 09:26 PM   #7 
     - You're right about having a litmus test on roe v. wade  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 09:32 PM   #10 
     - Agreed on the Hillary is great  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 09:43 PM   #14 
     - Of course, to vote for Hillary they also have to be "pro war," right?  coalition_unwilling   Mar-28-07 11:10 AM   #65 
     - I won't vote for someone just because she's a woman.  ocelot   Mar-27-07 09:36 PM   #11 
        - I would :)  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 09:41 PM   #13 
        - I also hope we elect a woman president someday.  ocelot   Mar-27-07 09:44 PM   #17 
        - Any democrat is going to protect Roe Vs. Wade!  catgirl   Mar-28-07 10:12 AM   #55 
           - How many Iraqi women have died because of her enabling? n/t  coalition_unwilling   Mar-28-07 11:10 AM   #66 
        - That is exactly what I look for, how they stand on the issues  still_one   Mar-28-07 01:16 AM   #44 
  - Deleted message  Name removed   Mar-27-07 09:20 PM   #3 
  - Thank you for electing George W. Bush in 2000 nt  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 09:22 PM   #6 
  - DLC! DLC!  onehandle   Mar-27-07 09:20 PM   #4 
  - I don't want another Clinton  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 09:28 PM   #8 
     - She's not my first choice. Not even in the top three.  onehandle   Mar-27-07 09:31 PM   #9 
        - Me too; with clothes pin secured on my nose if the  pokercat999   Mar-28-07 06:32 AM   #50 
  - And the GOP candidate, Rudy...will win. It is only hope that we can keep Congress. eom.  Purveyor   Mar-27-07 09:40 PM   #12 
  - eh, you're a pessimist and I'm an optimist.  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 09:43 PM   #15 
  - If she gets the nomination we will NOT win the White House  buff2   Mar-27-07 09:43 PM   #16 
  - Hillary will not sell in the Midwest  IndianaGreen   Mar-27-07 10:25 PM   #25 
  - Whoops  Centered   Mar-28-07 09:10 AM   #53 
  - Boy do you have a lot to learn.  William769   Mar-27-07 11:09 PM   #35 
  - So Much For The White House  iamjoy   Mar-27-07 10:08 PM   #18 
  - there is a fundamental difference  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 10:15 PM   #19 
     - You May Be Right  iamjoy   Mar-27-07 10:24 PM   #24 
     - Who are all these people who are genuinely excited about Hillary?  ocelot   Mar-27-07 10:34 PM   #27 
     - For example our own DUers, here's a link :)  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 10:46 PM   #29 
     - OK, I counted about a dozen different names there.  ocelot   Mar-27-07 10:50 PM   #30 
        - Are you a college student?  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 10:54 PM   #31 
        - Nope, I'm an old hippie and former anti-Vietnam war protester.  ocelot   Mar-27-07 10:55 PM   #33 
           - And who really cares.  William769   Mar-27-07 11:10 PM   #36 
           - Obviously not you. But I was asked.  ocelot   Mar-27-07 11:31 PM   #37 
           - maybe we have a generational gap? nt  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-28-07 12:32 AM   #40 
        - btw I counted over 50.  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 10:55 PM   #32 
     - Well, I know a lot of people  ElizabethDC   Mar-27-07 11:03 PM   #34 
     - This Minnesotan is excited about her. Frankly I'm happy to see so many top Dems  electron_blue   Mar-28-07 10:59 AM   #62 
     - No, people are genuinely excited about Obama and Kucinich.  coalition_unwilling   Mar-28-07 11:13 AM   #68 
     - I know of no one who is passionate or excited  Nedsdag   Mar-29-07 01:33 PM   #91 
        - That's well put -- that's the sense I'm getting from the people I know, too.  AliceWonderland   Mar-29-07 02:13 PM   #93 
  - Let's see, NARAL supports John Edwards while LGBTs are pissed at Hillary  IndianaGreen   Mar-27-07 10:19 PM   #20 
  - I honestly don't see Hillary getting the nomination  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 10:22 PM   #21 
  - I don't know who the anti-Hillary candidate is going to be, but Edwards  IndianaGreen   Mar-27-07 10:24 PM   #23 
  - The NARALpart is a bit misleading  ProudToBeLiberal   Mar-27-07 10:29 PM   #26 
  - I don't support her, one Clinton was enough -- time for a real change!!  Imagevision   Mar-27-07 10:23 PM   #22 
  - Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton will lead to Jeb Bush running against Hillary in 2012  IndianaGreen   Mar-27-07 10:39 PM   #28 
  - maybe we can import the  BayCityProgressive   Mar-27-07 11:45 PM   #38 
  - Yeah!  BigDDem   Mar-28-07 10:04 AM   #54 
     - Well.  Nedsdag   Mar-29-07 01:34 PM   #92 
  - now that is a big surprise  DanWithAngel   Mar-27-07 11:57 PM   #39 
  - They could have stayed neutral  catgirl   Mar-28-07 11:49 AM   #77 
  - Fuck them  ButterflyBlood   Mar-28-07 12:51 AM   #41 
  - Good for her. nt  Miss Chybil   Mar-28-07 01:01 AM   #42 
  - so is now voting for Clinton because she is a woman, or because she is best for the country?  still_one   Mar-28-07 01:15 AM   #43 
  - I suspect she is best for the country based on issues and brains - but I am waiting on single payer  papau   Mar-28-07 02:10 AM   #48 
     - I hope so, though I prefer any of the others on Iraq besides Clinton  still_one   Mar-28-07 01:25 PM   #80 
  - First quarter donation totals out soon and will tell us if Hillary is loved n/t  papau   Mar-28-07 01:17 AM   #45 
  - by very wealthy donors who expect something in return. n/t  w4rma   Mar-28-07 01:28 AM   #46 
     - the limits are a couple of thousand - average is much less - but only Dean has had  papau   Mar-28-07 02:08 AM   #47 
        - I think you'll find that the anti-Hillary candidate that emerges will also be able to do the same.nt  w4rma   Mar-28-07 08:42 AM   #51 
        - Only Dean? What about Kucinich? n/t  coalition_unwilling   Mar-28-07 11:17 AM   #69 
  - Would It Have Killed Them To Wait Until AFTER Primaries????  Demeter   Mar-28-07 05:55 AM   #49 
  - I'm now know it was right to stop donating to NOW years ago.  ShortnFiery   Mar-28-07 10:19 AM   #56 
  - Whats the difference between her and Giuliani other than the plumbing.?  donco   Mar-28-07 09:00 AM   #52 
  - I give up, what is it?  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 10:49 AM   #59 
  - The type of judges they would appoint?  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-28-07 10:52 AM   #61 
     - Rudy is hardly a Rick Santorium. nt  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 11:20 AM   #71 
     - He has stated that he would appoint 'Strict Constructionist' Judges To Supreme Court  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-28-07 11:25 AM   #74 
        - That is what he is saying to get the idiots on the right to vote for him, that is NOT  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 11:26 AM   #75 
           - And Bush had a record of working with Democrats as Governor of Texas  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-28-07 12:00 PM   #79 
              - He didn't need to in DC, remember! We'll see what he does now after  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 02:56 PM   #82 
     - LOL!  paulk   Mar-28-07 05:27 PM   #85 
  - This is great news.  robcon   Mar-28-07 10:45 AM   #57 
  - I guess NOW isn't worried about children dying in Iraq. I will never vote for Hillary. Looks like  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 10:48 AM   #58 
  - So she won't get the NACDII (National Association of Children Dying in Iraq)  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-28-07 11:06 AM   #64 
  - I will. It's the great thing about being a liberal as opposed to being stuck as a one party  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 11:11 AM   #67 
     - You didn't learn anything from the Nader 2000 experience, did you?  Freddie Stubbs   Mar-28-07 11:18 AM   #70 
        - That old dog doesn't hunt anymore. I place principle first. It is my vote and  VegasWolf   Mar-28-07 11:23 AM   #73 
           - now that's taking a stand!  paulk   Mar-28-07 05:31 PM   #86 
              - The back of the t-shirt says:  BigDDem   Mar-29-07 08:52 AM   #90 
  - Or women dying in Iraq either - so much for NOW standing  coalition_unwilling   Mar-28-07 11:21 AM   #72 
  - "3rd party time"  BigDDem   Mar-28-07 03:40 PM   #84 
  - Who next? Code Pink?  diamidue   Mar-28-07 10:50 AM   #60 
  - I have already stopped giving money to Emily's List because I  PassingFair   Mar-28-07 11:02 AM   #63 
  - Meh, indeed.  Orsino   Mar-28-07 11:28 AM   #76 
  - This may be the perfect example of special interest politics in action, something both sides of the  DuaneBidoux   Mar-28-07 11:50 AM   #78 
  - NOW is free to waste their endorsement as they see fit.  Zhade   Mar-28-07 02:25 PM   #81 
  - Edwards' advisor Kate Michelman is a former head of NARAL.  JohnLocke   Mar-28-07 03:13 PM   #83 
  - Inevitable, given that NOW's leftist agenda is, at best, incomplete  entanglement   Mar-28-07 10:50 PM   #87 
  - N.O.W. IS CENTRIST - GLOBALIST - BANKER FUNDED  OKthatsIT   Mar-29-07 01:08 AM   #88 
  - In really "good" company  ProudDad   Mar-29-07 02:00 AM   #89 

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