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Reply #5: Only someone on the inside [View All]

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DoYouEverWonder Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-29-06 05:56 AM
Response to Reply #4
5. Only someone on the inside
could have had access to weapons grade anthrax.

Considering the fact that after 5 years the case has gone nowhere, but amazingly the killer never struck again, should be enough evidence that the government is hiding something or rather someone.

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  -Scientists find 'anthrax blocker' DoYouEverWonder  Aug-29-06 05:22 AM   #0 
  - I'm sure Chimpy had that in 2000...  bahrbearian   Aug-29-06 05:25 AM   #1 
  - The FBI knows who the anthrax killer is but is keeping it a secret  katinmn   Aug-29-06 05:45 AM   #2 
  - Yup.  Vidar   Aug-29-06 05:51 AM   #3 
  - Where's your proof.  drm604   Aug-29-06 05:52 AM   #4 
     - Only someone on the inside  DoYouEverWonder   Aug-29-06 05:56 AM   #5 
     - It's fairly widely known  katinmn   Aug-29-06 06:03 AM   #6 
     - Proof? We don't need no stinking proof!  seriousstan   Aug-29-06 10:01 AM   #15 
  - So now it's easier for the government to attack us with it ... n/t  Kailassa   Aug-29-06 06:37 AM   #7 
  - And some pharmaceutical company can make tons of money  tanyev   Aug-29-06 07:26 AM   #8 
  - And Cheney will own a heap of shares in it.  Kailassa   Aug-29-06 07:52 AM   #9 
  - This subthread is so ....  happydreams   Aug-29-06 05:44 PM   #19 
  - Any word on who was responsible for the anthrax attacks?  TechBear_Seattle   Aug-29-06 08:14 AM   #10 
  - You mean the one where they shut down the Hart Office Building  DoYouEverWonder   Aug-29-06 08:16 AM   #11 
  - Yeah, that's the one!  TechBear_Seattle   Aug-29-06 08:24 AM   #12 
  - See posts #2 and #6  katinmn   Aug-29-06 09:23 AM   #13 
  - While some Big Pharmaceutical will get even richer, anthrax will  Ilsa   Aug-29-06 09:37 AM   #14 
  - Anyone know what it's made of?  Marrah_G   Aug-29-06 03:08 PM   #16 
  - You were given an experimental anthrax vaccine?  katinmn   Aug-29-06 05:20 PM   #17 
  - Not an experimental  Marrah_G   Aug-29-06 09:15 PM   #20 
     - Wow, sure sounds like you've been through the mill  DoYouEverWonder   Aug-29-06 09:22 PM   #21 
     - Much  Marrah_G   Aug-29-06 09:31 PM   #22 
     - I think that's wise. In the past  katinmn   Aug-29-06 09:33 PM   #23 
        - Thanks!  Marrah_G   Aug-29-06 09:37 PM   #24 
  - Welcome to DU :-)  Kailassa   Aug-29-06 11:10 PM   #25 
  - That's a bummer, now ...  happydreams   Aug-29-06 05:42 PM   #18 

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