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onager Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-25-06 12:33 AM
Response to Reply #13
26. I'm fine. Thank you!
And thanks to those who PM'd asking about me. I'm in Alexandria, which is way up north and nowhere near the bombings.

Egypt has been expecting something like this, especially with the holidays right now. Both Monday and Tuesday are official government holidays here. Sunday was Easter for the Coptic Xians.

There have been warnings about something like this happening for months, from both the Egyptian and Israeli governments. Those Sinai resorts are also very popular with Israeli tourists. Especially the one that was bombed last summer, Sharm el-Sheikh.

Since Alexandria is on the Mediterranean, it is also a major tourist town for Egypt. I was walking around the streets near the beach just yesterday, before these attacks, thinking horrible thoughts about Death Tolls as I watched the huge crowds milling around.

Alex is probably a less attractive least I hope so. It mostly attracts Egyptians who drive in for the day just to visit the beach.

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