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Reply #18: This reminds me of a story... [View All]

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Solon Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-17-06 07:54 PM
Response to Original message
18. This reminds me of a story...
OK, I was working a clearance tent for Wal-Mart in the front lot of the store. Hot, muggy, about the size and shape of a fireworks tent, and in the summer heat, ugh I hated that. Anyways, one day a customer came up to me and told me he found a wallet on the ground, so he gave it to me, all I did was flip it open to look at the license, so if the person who lost it showed up, I would be able to identify him. I did NOT want to hold onto the wallet, I followed procedure, I told a co-worker to hold the fort and then went inside the store and handed off the wallet to the Cash Office, they are closed off from the rest of the store, and was also secure. As soon as I re-enter the tent, the guy in the picture from the driver's license storms into the tent and is in a near panic, I approach him, and told him I found the wallet, he then informs me that it had 500 dollars in cash in it. I wasn't aware of it, I never opened it up completely, ignorance is the best policy. So I escorted him to the Cash office, with the Driver's license, it was easy to identify him, and so he got it back, with not a dime nor credit card missing.

So, he follows me back out to the clearance tent, insisting that he give me some money to, 50 bucks, for keeping the wallet safe. I refused, at first, but I will say he was insistant, bear in mind that my acceptance of ANY gratuity from a customer is an instant termination offense. So, seeing that he wouldn't feel right not giving me anything, I even told him about the customer who actually found the wallet, but that guy was long gone. So, seeing that the outside camera was on me, I escorted him to just outside its sight and accepted the money, I honestly didn't really care, even though, for a Wal-Mart associate, 50 bucks is a LOT of money. I didn't get in trouble for it, and what Wal-Mart doesn't know won't hurt them. To be honest, I never knew till he told me, how much money was in it, and it wouldn't have really made a difference, he was glad I was honest, but really, I just did what I thought anyone else would have done. Plus, I can't take all the credit, the customer who found the wallet was just as honest, and also did what he thought was best, that's the best anyone can do.

Not to mention I'm honest to a fault, its actually embarrasing, OK, another story, and this one stupid, one time I stopped at the gas station to grab some cigs and some bubble gum. I went to the aisle with the bubble gum in it, grabbed the 25 cent pack, the really small one, and stuck it in my pocket without thinking, I then paid for the cigs at the counter. When I went out to the car and fished for my keys, I felt the package, and went back into the store and paid the damned quarter. I was distracted that day, and wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing, to be honest, I don't know what was more stupid, the fact that I stuck the gum in my pocket without thinking, or the fact that I actually went in and owned up to that fact and paid for it.

One last story, and then I'm done, I was working my normal department, Lawn and Garden, at my store, and one day, going down the aisles, I found a 20 dollar bill just laying in the middle of an aisle. Instead of doing what a NORMAL person would do, I stuck the thing at the bottom of the cash drawer in the cash register in the department. Since it had no name attached, I could, rightfully, claim it as my own, I couldn't really hand it to the cash office, nor just stick it in the cash register as an extra 20 dollars, we get reprimanded if the drawer balance is off by more than 5 dollars, either when short or over. So I stuck it underneath the bill and change holder, where the cheques and big bills go, the bill was safe enough there. My dept. manager basically said, wait till the end of your shift, see if anyone comes around and asks for a missing 20 dollar bill, if they do, give it to them. Well, by the end of my shift, about 7 hours later, no one came to claim it, so I pocketed it, finder's keepers. Don't know if its moral, but the best under the circumstances I believe.
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  -Homeless Man Returns Wallet With $900 deadparrot  Apr-17-06 05:52 PM   #0 
  - Now that's not only integrity, that's class. More class then rich guys  acmavm   Apr-17-06 05:55 PM   #1 
  - Wasn't Katherine Harris whining about spending her 10M inheritance  Kber   Apr-18-06 07:29 AM   #54 
  - Maybe she should thank the homeless guy  BlackHeart   Apr-17-06 05:56 PM   #2 
  - Indeed.  Zhade   Apr-17-06 05:57 PM   #5 
  - I'm quite certain that  rpannier   Apr-17-06 06:43 PM   #12 
  - she gave him $100 as thanks.  salin   Apr-17-06 06:46 PM   #13 
     - And he split the reward with Wesley.  Cobalt Violet   Apr-17-06 10:50 PM   #40 
  - Wonderful story.  Terran1212   Apr-17-06 05:56 PM   #3 
  - So the homeless guy gets a hundred bucks.  Zhade   Apr-17-06 05:57 PM   #4 
  - A hundred bucks is a very generous  BlackHeart   Apr-17-06 06:04 PM   #7 
  - A hundred is a lot to a janitor  DBoon   Apr-17-06 06:22 PM   #10 
  - why should he have to turn it down as proof he has class  JI7   Apr-17-06 10:50 PM   #41 
  - He's homeless he doesn't have "class"  readmoreoften   Apr-18-06 01:04 PM   #74 
  - So send some money to the guy yourself!  Bridget Burke   Apr-18-06 07:26 AM   #53 
  - Oh man...  LanternWaste   Apr-18-06 10:47 AM   #64 
  - Great story.  superconnected   Apr-17-06 06:03 PM   #6 
  - Quite possibly the dumbest human being on earth!  apple_ridge   Apr-17-06 06:04 PM   #8 
  - Oh please...  BlackHeart   Apr-17-06 06:06 PM   #9 
  - I guess, if you think morals = dumb.  missb   Apr-17-06 06:24 PM   #11 
  - So. I'm assuming from your post that you would have kept the money and  Lochloosa   Apr-17-06 06:59 PM   #15 
  - haha..i think (s)he was being a 'devil's advocate'  pretzel4gore   Apr-17-06 07:30 PM   #17 
  - Devil's Advocate  alcibiades_mystery   Apr-17-06 08:05 PM   #21 
  - That reply is not even worth discussing.  Lochloosa   Apr-17-06 08:51 PM   #26 
  - i would have kept the money- but not the cards.  QuestionAll   Apr-17-06 08:40 PM   #25 
     - Yes, found money is found money...but this wasn't found money.  Auntie Bush   Apr-17-06 10:17 PM   #36 
        - he found it in a garbage bin- so yes, it was found money...  QuestionAll   Apr-18-06 01:09 AM   #45 
           - Perhaps he didn't want to be a thief  Bridget Burke   Apr-18-06 07:32 AM   #56 
           - finding and keeping something that's been disdcarded in a dumpster-  QuestionAll   Apr-18-06 12:12 PM   #69 
           - Nice.  theHandpuppet   Apr-18-06 10:26 AM   #59 
              - to me, the key words are "garbage bin"  QuestionAll   Apr-18-06 12:08 PM   #68 
                 - Nobody in their right mind would throw away intact credit...  Solon   Apr-18-06 02:52 PM   #79 
                 - technically- ANY found money should be turned over to authorities...  QuestionAll   Apr-18-06 07:44 PM   #93 
                    - Your only using half of it...  Solon   Apr-19-06 06:07 AM   #103 
                       - any found money should be turned in- identity or not  QuestionAll   Apr-19-06 09:57 AM   #105 
                 - Riiiiiiiiight....  theHandpuppet   Apr-19-06 04:45 AM   #102 
                    - not too many that i know of.  QuestionAll   Apr-19-06 10:01 AM   #106 
  - New DU Feature: Autobiography!  alcibiades_mystery   Apr-17-06 08:04 PM   #20 
  - Oh that's a good one. Kudos.  Zynx   Apr-18-06 12:48 PM   #72 
  - If you are referring to yourself  TheWatcher   Apr-18-06 01:15 AM   #46 
  - please explain n/t  SlavesandBulldozers   Apr-18-06 07:18 AM   #52 
  - Integrity is not what you do when people are looking...  DaDeacon   Apr-18-06 11:34 AM   #66 
  - I'd hate to find out what you think the smartest humans are?  devilgrrl   Apr-18-06 03:13 PM   #81 
  - wow. just wow  BareNakedLiberal   Apr-18-06 04:40 PM   #86 
  - okay everyone...  girl gone mad   Apr-18-06 05:20 PM   #89 
  - that's no better..  President Kerry   Apr-18-06 09:52 PM   #100 
  - Quite possibly the smartest...  GoddessOfGuinness   Apr-18-06 08:35 PM   #95 
  - Nicer than the person who found my wallet and charged gas  LisaM   Apr-17-06 06:47 PM   #14 
  - Great story. Thanks. n/t  Jazz2006   Apr-17-06 07:04 PM   #16 
  - This reminds me of a story...  Solon   Apr-17-06 07:54 PM   #18 
  - i think it's a 'know thyself' thing  pretzel4gore   Apr-17-06 08:31 PM   #23 
  - My son found a $20 bill once  jbnow   Apr-18-06 01:29 AM   #49 
  - Good for you!  robbob   Apr-18-06 10:38 AM   #62 
  - This proves that God is a homeless guy.  Chemical Bill   Apr-17-06 08:00 PM   #19 
  - I like that.....  Mind_your_head   Apr-17-06 08:37 PM   # 
  - You have to watch  OldLeftieLawyer   Apr-17-06 09:16 PM   #31 
  - Once when I was waiting for a bus in downtown Portland at night  Lydia Leftcoast   Apr-17-06 08:06 PM   #22 
  - Good on you, Lydia.  Zhade   Apr-17-06 11:26 PM   #44 
  - How did the thief guess the PIN? -nt  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Apr-18-06 01:36 PM   #76 
     - She processed it as a credit card transaction  Lydia Leftcoast   Apr-18-06 02:27 PM   #77 
  - A janitor with $900 in her wallet? Hmm  HannibalBarca   Apr-17-06 08:37 PM   #24 
  - To walk around with that  benddem   Apr-17-06 08:53 PM   #28 
  - No kidding!  high density   Apr-17-06 08:55 PM   #29 
     - people who don't have much money often don't have bank accounts  JI7   Apr-17-06 10:47 PM   #39 
     - or people with questionable credit  shanti   Apr-18-06 01:17 AM   #47 
     - She's a Thai immigrant  MountainLaurel   Apr-18-06 03:16 PM   #82 
  - I would have kept the money  bluestateguy   Apr-17-06 08:52 PM   #27 
  - I am SO glad you didn't find the purse I lost last year. I tipped the  tinfoilinfor2005   Apr-17-06 09:26 PM   #34 
  - I remember reading a snippet in the paper about a homeless  KCabotDullesMarxIII   Apr-18-06 05:35 PM   #92 
  - Hate to reveal my technical ignorance, but where is the site?  shrike   Apr-19-06 09:30 AM   #104 
  - he must be a homeless by choice/ non-alcholic/druggie  Truth Hurts A Lot   Apr-17-06 11:07 PM   #42 
  - wow that's a good point.  superconnected   Apr-18-06 09:07 PM   #97 
  - $900 would not have resolved his homelessness  MelliMel   Apr-18-06 01:22 AM   #48 
  - Oh, come on....  Bridget Burke   Apr-18-06 07:35 AM   #57 
  - I think you forgot to add 'character'.  LanternWaste   Apr-18-06 10:53 AM   #65 
  - And he gets to know he's better than people who would keep the money.  superconnected   Apr-18-06 09:10 PM   #98 
  - Personal integrity is a wonderful thing.  lumpy   Apr-17-06 09:09 PM   #30 
  - It is, indeed.  Jazz2006   Apr-18-06 02:45 AM   #51 
  - And no one can take it from you  worldgonekrazy   Apr-18-06 03:38 PM   #84 
  - One thing we know for sure: He is definitely not a republican.  Zorra   Apr-17-06 09:21 PM   #32 
  - Not luck. The Republican would have thanked God for  tanyev   Apr-18-06 07:30 AM   #55 
     - LOL. Yep, you're right....I stand corrected. Thanks. n/t  Zorra   Apr-18-06 07:41 AM   #58 
  - 'God' is a Honest Citizen  MrPrax   Apr-17-06 09:21 PM   #33 
  - Anyone interested in donating a few bucks for his kindness:  tinfoilinfor2005   Apr-17-06 10:11 PM   #35 
  - I can't find contact info for the OC Homeless Coalition --  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-06 12:53 PM   #73 
     - I hope I see your followup post if you find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  bushmeat   Apr-18-06 04:36 PM   #85 
        - I think the Orange County Register got the organization wrong  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-06 04:47 PM   #87 
  - I would say to him-keep it, dude.  lizzy   Apr-17-06 10:25 PM   #37 
  - Then why don't you give him $900 of your dollars, dude? /nm  jseankil   Apr-18-06 10:33 AM   #60 
  - that's good karma  Blue_Tires   Apr-17-06 10:46 PM   #38 
  - Good for him.  seawolf   Apr-17-06 11:20 PM   #43 
  - As a homeless person  CheChe   Apr-18-06 02:41 AM   #50 
     - Welcome to DU, CheChe  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-06 12:32 PM   #70 
  - His Parents can be proud of him. Money doesn't buy class.  jseankil   Apr-18-06 10:36 AM   #61 
  - That man deserves to be a national hero.  Gregorian   Apr-18-06 10:39 AM   #63 
  - Screw the statue. Give him a room -- and a job.  Commie Pinko Dirtbag   Apr-18-06 01:28 PM   #75 
  - Or, help these guys out. They're local to him and have had  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-06 05:29 PM   #91 
  - seriously, if you found a wallet with 900 dollars in it, credit cards  superconnected   Apr-18-06 08:58 PM   #96 
     - Absolutely. I meant "greed", in general terms.  Gregorian   Apr-18-06 09:58 PM   #101 
  - If God exists he should be kind to this man  Radioactive   Apr-18-06 11:50 AM   #67 
  - Maybe God IS this man...  GoddessOfGuinness   Apr-18-06 02:58 PM   #80 
  - That does not surprise...  snacker   Apr-18-06 12:46 PM   #71 
  - Ken Lay should be homeless  Cocoa   Apr-18-06 02:46 PM   #78 
  - Disagree. Housed, hosed and poor, yes. I don't mind spending  antifaschits   Apr-18-06 03:23 PM   #83 
  - Once when I was bartending in a strip club,  girl gone mad   Apr-18-06 05:16 PM   #88 
  - I wish I could get there. Today I'm taking a daylong timeout  sfexpat2000   Apr-18-06 05:28 PM   #90 
  - One of the reasons people become homeless is they haven't  ckramer   Apr-18-06 08:30 PM   #94 
     - But... but... they're all drug addicts!!!  BlueInPhilly   Apr-18-06 09:27 PM   #99 

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